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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    Hmm. I think "racism" is a stretch but can certainly sympathise here.

    I think its more just a few ill-advised assumptions from amateur refs at the end of the day, but without a shadow of a doubt islanders can't get away with as much on the subbies field.

    The way they hit is just so spectacular sometimes and refs dont have the benefit of replays etc.
  2. Nath Bill Watson (15)

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    We've got a Fijian guy playing in the centres, he got carded for a perfectly legal tackle against merrylands one day, because the hit was so hard the bloke who copped it basically did a backflip from it.

    He got him in the front of the thigh, I think the ref just assumed he'd lifted him because of the way the guy went flying.
  3. PiggiesLeft Bob McCowan (2)

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    "but without a shadow of a doubt islanders can't get away with as much on the subbies field."

    This is why we can't have nice things
  4. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    I'm not saying that is the way it should be. I'm saying that unfortunately from my oberservations, that is what I have experienced.
  5. Heavyd Ron Walden (29)

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    Div 3 Tips
    1st grade - Blacktown vs ROBS - Both deserving of a 1st grade GF appearance and the stage is set for a tussle worthy of the occasion. In the dry would fancy ROBS but with the amount of rain forecast for the week and up to an inch on Saturday think wet weather footy will favour the Blacktown big boppers. Blacktown to claim the victory of the back of their tight 5.

    2nd grade - Beecroft vs HAC - Again wet weather will most likely suit both these teams and it promises to be a brutal encounter with plenty of yellows and maybe the odd red on offer. If it is a little drier than predicted will go with Beecroft but will Fancy HAC in the slop.

    Colts - Newport vs Iggies - On paper this is a lay down Newport victory but as we know it doesnt work that way. Iggies have a solid set piece and are clinical around the park. Throw in torrential rain and it is anyone's game. I will go with the Breakers only as they have been the standout all year. But I'm nervous as hell. I recall Newport Colts beating the undefeated Hills a couple of years ago in the GF, coming back from a 22 point deficit at halftime. Newport by 1 will do me.

    3rd Grade - Beecroft vs Newport - Another arm wrestle with the game coming down to which team can limit the mistakes. Both have strong forward packs and will be a highly physical battle for a 3td grade clash. Its a coin toss, heads have come up for a Newport victory.
  6. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    1st Grade - Wet, dry, snowing - If Blacktown are their best they are winning this.

    2nd Grade - Beecroft 2's are almost better than their 1's at times. Beecroft to win this, albeit in a tight one.

    Colts - Can't see Newport being troubled here. Newport 30+

    3rd Grade - Will go with Newport here as well. Not that I've ever been at a ground early enough to watch a 3rd grade match.
  7. Tommy Tudehope Ted Fahey (11)

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    Obviously going to pick ROBs in 1st Grade. They have a lot to play for and I think the slightly wider field at T G Milner should favour them in the last 20 minutes.

    Beecroft to do it easy in 2s, Newport to take Colts and 3s. Should be a cracking day of finals. Sadly will be following along on Fuse from London.
  8. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Is it bigger than most Subbies fields?
  9. Tommy Tudehope Ted Fahey (11)

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    Feels like it. ESP the one at Sefton.
  10. Crashy Alex Ross (28)

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    Div 2 predictions
    Based on very little knowledge of the clubs involved.
    1st Grade - Forest vs HH - Hunters Hill have improved into and during the finals and will win a tight one.
    2nds - HH - UNSW - Uni to win this one. Having all grades in the finals means HH can't play silly buggers with the roster.
    colts - Forest vs Pats - the rain will even this up but concord has a pretty good deck so Forest to win this one.
    3rds - Lindfield - dunno why
    4ths - Lindfield - as per my point in 2nds.
  11. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    You're right, that is pretty sad.
  12. Send it Frank Row (1)

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    Div 3 very interesting set of finals with most of the matches able to go both ways.

    1st grade Robs v Blacktown. Real tough one to predict and think it's nearly a perfect 50-50 with the teams swapping wins in the last 2 games. Will side with Blacktown but with no real confidence. This is mainly based on the flawed logic of seeing the ROBS 2s get beaten up by bigger teams in the finals and think maybe Blacktowns size will be too much of a threat for the smaller but skilled ROBS, but am were how poor logic this is, just genuinely not confident in tipping either team.

    2nd grade Beecroft v Hac. Think this will be a close game as well, but going to side with beecroft in this one. Think they have enough size to counter the weight but enough mobility to move the ball. That being said think HAC have been playing smart sticking to their strengths. The other thing with this match will be discpline. Both teams had red cards in the semis, which if occurs in final could flip the script and go to the better disciplined team.

    Colts. Newport v Iggies. Going to side with Newport. Looked well coached and just a team of players who all do their job running hard and tackling hard with a good set piece. Just don't think Iggies have the necessary flair or skill to break that Newport defence and will side with Newport whose attack looks solid as well.

    3rd grade. Tipping Newport big forwards to get the better of beecroft and score enough early to get a a big enough lead to win. Don't think beecroft have the speed to go around Newport who seem to have a solid centre pairing defence.

    I think on a whole any wet weather will probably be cancelled out by the full size field which has decent drainage. But if it rains during the game that could change things and would favour Newport, HAC and Blacktown.
  13. getemonsidesir Frank Row (1)

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    Div 2 Grand Finals

    4th Grade- Lindfield v Hunters Hill

    Lindfield by plenty in this one. Hunters have some big bodies so in the wet will suit but they are on the older side so expect the competition minor premiers to take this one out

    3rd Grade- Lindfield v Hunters Hill

    No has got anywhere near this Lindfield side this year. Full of experienced players who have all played in the higher grades in the past I just cant see Hunters causing the upset unless Lindfield save their worst game of the year in the most important

    Colts- Forest v St Pats

    St Pats proved that they have what it takes to unsettle Forest as they showed in the 1st Half of the Major Semi Final to weeks ago. Forest however showed their class and ran them down and then added some just to top it off. Weather always plays apart in colts fixtures but I think this Forest team will be way to good and will complete the perfect season

    2nd Grade- Hunters Hill v UNSW

    Hunters Hill the most consistent side all year v darkhorses. Uni have done it the hard way knocking over Lindfield when they were on ice skates at Scrum time and then edged out a Forest comeback last week. With Uni now out of 3rd Grade as well the fresh bench with all their "3rd Graders Wink Wink" may just have what it takes to knock off Hunters Hill. Hunters however despite having 4 grades in have proven they are a very tough resilient side. Wet weather to anything could happen. If the track is alright and the weather doesn't arrive ill go Uni in a boilover. If its raining watch the clinical Hunters Pack go to work on their opposition

    1st Grade- Forest v Hunters Hill

    This is going to be very very interesting. Forest with a massive Pack based a lot around Set Piece and Field Possession and also very physical defensive game. Hunters Hill have speed to burn out wide and a gameplan that works if their forwards are on. If he weather plays out as forecast I can see Forest just working their way up the field with their kicking game and through set piece Penalties. Hunters scrum can be a bit iffy until they put on their 2nd Grade prop. If Hunters cant find the ball to their pace men out wide and the big strong winger I cant see them beating Forest when it'll fall into their gameplan

    Going to run with Forest to take the Barraclough with them to Div 1 next year
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  14. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Div 6 - Savers versus Raptors. East v West. Beaches v Plains. Practically a home game for the Savers up at Wakehurst Park, it will by no means be easy. Raptors have some big boys and will look to welcome back their star fullback from a double-yellow red card last week. Can the boys from Mounty County win in their first year? I'm tipping they'll go bloody close

    Div 5 - I would say Engadine are going to have the measure of the Sea Lice here. They went very close to knocking off Minor Premiers Burraneer last week, and should see them again in the Grand Final.

    Div 4 - Harlequins will look to take out all 3 here, and I reckon in First Grade they should be too good for Briars, but Canterbury will be stung into action and take reserves and 3s at home.
  15. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    Wish I could be in the big smoke to see the div1 semi final on Sat. Perhaps the true GF. I'm hoping that the mountain men get the chocolates to show that rugby doesn't only exist in the Eastern Suburbs and the North Shore. Go well mountain goats.

    Hunters Hill with all grades (except colts) and the wind in their sails will have a big old day on Saturday. They may well come away with more than one trophy. Makes the club champs result all the more spicy. Bet they wish they'd emptied the coffers into the paper bags a few weeks earlier.

    I predicted big things from ROBS at the beginning of the year and I think they'll do well. Some wise heads above have predicted that the extra space of TG will suit. However, I'm sticking with my western suburbs love affair here and my love for newly promoted teams succeeding in their new comp. Should be a cracker of contest between teams with very different styles. Go Blacktown

    I'll take the Quinns in div4 but it's good to see a bit of a resurgence from Briars. Back in my day they were a good bunch, even in those horrid yellow jerseys.

    The Lions of Engadine to progress to the big one. But only just. Should be a good encounter.

    And for div6, heart says Raptors (westy pride) but my head says savers. I'll take the savers.

    Good luck if your lot is pulling on the socks this weekend. Here's hoping for drama, controversy, accusations of bastardry and maybe even a little punch up just for shits and giggles.
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  16. Nath Bill Watson (15)

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    Is that the first finals game at Wakehurst I wonder?

    I take it, it's free to get in as there's no fence(even if there was, it wouldn't be as good as lane coves)
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  17. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    2019. the year of WTF
    Balmain - WTF?
    HAC - WTF?
    And to a lesser extent
    Beecroft - WTF?
    Merrylands - WTF?

    Based on 1st grade results
  18. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    I'll chuck Epping in there too based on club champs
  19. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    All Div 6 finals have been at Wakehurst, and the reasoning is probably sound as their facilities are available to them at all times, so they're unlikely to close due to wet weather, and three-quarters of the finalists were a short drive away. Hopefully they cleared the furniture and bikes out of the Away change room before commencement ;)
  20. Nath Bill Watson (15)

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    Are they charging entry?

    If so, how?

    Or how are they enforcing it, maybe a better question?

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