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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    1 from 5. FFS.
  2. Bernie Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Take heart though, the one you got right you called correctly a few months back.

    Wasn't the greatest game of Rugby ever seen. Savers missed an early penalty kick from right in front that cost them dearly.
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  3. thetraitor Herbert Moran (7)

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    Forest vs Hunters Hill was a great game of rugby. Forest were down 26-12 with 8 minutes to go, but fought back and won 26-27 in the final seconds after missing a conversion 3 minutes earlier.
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  4. fkj Chris McKivat (8)

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    Could not have happened to a nicer bunch of blokes.especially when the HH hooker stuck his finger up to the Forest crowd as he left the field with 10 to go..
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  5. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Jeeeesus, what a way to lose a GF.
  6. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Well done to Redfield too. I still don't see how it happens because we came 5th and have no issue beating Redfield but we wouldn't beat Blacktown once in 10 games we played against them..

    They fucking pumped them in the end. I guess just fitness?
  7. Singas Rugby Fan Frank Row (1)

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    I saw Iggies went down in colts. How did that halfback Jake Monkey (spelling?) go?
    Well done to all the winners on the day. On to 2020!
  8. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Yeah, fitness, but differing styles, too.
  9. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    I get the feeling I'll be needing a new club in 2020 at this stage. Thinking I'll just join the masses and fade into obscurity in the lower grades of one of those enormous div 1 clubs.
  10. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Breakers 3rd grade victory was a brutal affair. Despite the weather the handling from both sides was exceptional and the game was played at a very high standard with brutal defense. Defending a slim lead Beecroft tackled their hearts out for 7 minutes as Newport pick and drove searching for the match winner. In the end, the pressure was to much and Newport broke hearts with a try after the bell to seal victory. Wild scenes of jubilation followed on and off the field.

    In Colts Newport always looked to have Iggies measure and rain sort of killed that game a little. Iggies came close a couple of times towards the end but the Breakers defense took it up a gear. That colts side is oozing talent and with half of them moving into grade next year things look good for Newport.

    Saw the first half of Beecroft vs HAC. Some big boppers running around in that game.

    Also when I left two cops cars pulled up and entered the club. Anyone know what that was about?
  11. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    See you at pre-season at Newport heavyb.
  12. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Haha wouldnt that be quite the turnaround.. only issue is I live in the eastern suburbs now. Big trip to Newport for training.

    Not sure I could bring myself to play for Colleagues.. might just end up giving it away I reckon.
  13. PiggiesLeft Bob McCowan (2)

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  14. PiggiesLeft Bob McCowan (2)

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    So here is my suggestion for a New and Improved Subbies Format

    I think maybe we should have a new forum dedicated to this and then submit a proposal for a new format designed and voted on by players.

  15. Luke buckets Frank Row (1)

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    You seriously sound like all the other inner city wankers who just don't like losing to a club from the west. Get your facts right before you throw stupid comments up about blue mountains rugby.

    And we finish third in kentwell and you say we should be relegated. What about clubs like Balmain who couldn't even field a 4ths or Colts. Or Knox who struggled as well.

    We played mosman at back to mosman day and there was like 30 old boys and that's about it. ( great club culture) Blue mountains had back to lappo day and had over 2000 people there. Even ask colleagues they witnessed with there own eyes how strong blue mountains rugby is.
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  16. Cranky Penguin Stan Wickham (3)

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    What’s the brothers experiment? What do you mean Blue Mountains time will come?
  17. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Congratulations to Forest. I've seen the video on the Waratahs facebook page of the final kick. Very exciting. I am sure Pats and HH will be frustrated they couldn't win the big one. I think HH lost the final in 17 against HAC so they have now lost a couple in the last 3 years.

    I still think moving forward that Forest, Pats and HH should be pushed up to Div 1. That will allow Balmain to end up where they should but it will also allow Redfield, Blacktown and Newport to come up to Div 2. It should also mean only 3 grades and colts in 2nd Div.
  18. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    What happens to division 3 & 4? Merge the two competitions into one without colts?
  19. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    It would have to - asking 3 clubs to find an extra Grade each would be a bit of a bother.

    Not sure Bob cares ;)

  20. Mangoman Frank Nicholson (4)

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    I would think the way forward would be;

    Div 1 - 4 Grades + Colts (10 teams)
    Blue Mountains
    Forest (ex Div 2)
    St Pats (ex Div 2)
    Hunters Hill (ex Div 2)

    Balmain drops out for obvious reasons. Forest, St Pats and Hunters Hill come up after a solid 2019 season in Div 2 for all 3 clubs on the field and numbers wise to make Kentwell a 10 team competition again. Div 1 restructured to only 4 grades as the Sutherland Cup is slowly dying off (only 5-6 of the 10 teams can consistently put out a 5ths).

    Div 2 - 3 Grades + Colts (8 teams)
    Redfield (ex Div 3)
    Blacktown (ex Div 3)
    Newport (ex Div 3)

    Redfield, Blacktown and Newport make the jump up from Div 3 after very strong seasons across the board. Div 2 restructured to drop the Richardson Cup (4ths) so there is no extra obligation to the new clubs to put on another grade since only 4 of the 8 teams here can field a 4th grade currently anyway. Safer to go with less grade numbers than more and have clubs over extend themselves. The clubs that can field a 4ths currently would be farmed into Halligans.

    Div 3 - 3 Grades - No Colts (9 teams)
    UWS Hawkesbury
    Hawkesbury Valley
    Old Iggies
    Balmain (ex Div 1)
    Sydney Harlequins (ex Div 4)
    Briars (ex Div 4)
    Canterbury (ex Div 4)
    Macquarie Uni (ex Div 4)

    This is about where Balmain belong after their 2019 (no colts for a majority of the year and only 2 grades for the last half of the season) They should be able to find another 15 guys to run around on a Saturday arvo to make up a 3rds. Quins, Briars, Canterbury and Mac Uni come up as all clubs have proven they can hold 3 grades easily. I had to drop the colts out since 5 of 9 clubs have shown they can sustain a side. These 5 teams would form the basis of Radford Cup. Scheduling might be a bit of a pain in the ass here with a bye week but the clubs all seem to be where they belong.

    Div 4 - 2 Grades (8 teams)
    Sydney Irish
    Northern Saints
    Brothers (ex Div 3)
    Convicts (ex Div 5)
    Mosman (5th and 6th grades)
    Colleagues (5th and 6th grades)
    Burraneer (ex Div 5 - colts & player overflow creates 2nd grade)
    Chatswood (ex Div 6 - colts & player overflow creates 2nd grade)

    Oatley, Irish and Saints stay in Div 4 and Brothers join them after all their 3rds went missing towards the back end of the year or they just never had them to begin with. Relying on Mosman and Colleagues to continue their strong numbers each week to bolster up competition numbers, they would play at home on opposite weeks to their Div 1 teams. Burraneer and Chatswood make the leap after showing they can field a colts for 2019, generally the 2nd grade level is about what Radford Cup colts is so this should be a good fit.

    Div 5a - 1 Grade (6 teams - "A" graded competition)
    Merrylands (ex Div 4)
    North Cronulla
    Lane Cove

    Merrylands moves back down after experimenting in Div 4 and not much coming of it. Engadine, North Cronulla, Raptors, Manly and Lane Cove all had fairly strong showings so are graded in the "A" competition. Only a 6 team competition but is probably for the best considering adding a 7th team would put a bye week in. Less byes the better.

    Div 5b - 1 Grade (8 teams - "B" graded competition)
    Kings (ex Halligan)
    Menai (ex Halligan)
    Petersham (5th grade)
    Waverley (5th grade)

    Maccabi, Dukes, Wakehurst and Renegades all had either 50% win/loss record or less so get thrown into the "B" grade. Kings and Menai both showed they could maintain a side each week in Halligans so should be encouraged to join the fold. Petersham and Waverley both had 5 grades consistently throughout the season in Div 1 and not much looks to change here. Half times changed to 30 (possibly 35) mins for a more social competition closer to the grade that these teams should probably find themselves. To cater for Petersham and Waverley, game times moved from 3.15 to 2.10, this allows the 5ths to stay involved with their Div 1 club on game days at home (something like - 4ths @ 9.40, Colts @ 10.35, 3rds @ 11.50, 2nds @ 12.55, 5 "B" @ 2.10, 1sts @ 3.15)

    Radford Cup (8 teams)
    UWS Hawkesbury
    Hawkesbury Valley
    Old Iggies
    Mosman II
    Colleagues II
    Uni of Wollongong
    Any other clubs with a colts side not already in a competition.

    Now my knowledge of Radford Cup is sketchy at best but all 8 clubs have shown they can field a colts so having a proper 14 week competition in line with the rest of Subbies would help.

    Halligan Cup (currently 9 teams, in order of Division restructure)

    Drummoyne 5ths
    Blue Mountains 5ths
    Forest 5ths
    Mosman 7ths
    Hills 4ths
    Epping 4ths
    Lindfield 4ths
    UNSW 4ths
    Kings 2nds
    Any other clubs with a surplus grade.

    This is where the extra grades will have to try and survive. Its not ideal but it seems to be the safest way to go. If it is run similar to what Halligans was in 2018 (i.e. proper competition structure from Subbies with a draw) then this could have legs. It would allow teams to play with their main club a majority of the weeks at home if Subbies can work the draw in the right way.

    Another option is to throw teams who can definitely field a team week in and week out to be added into the Div 5 "B" grade with preference to the 3 Div 1 clubs purely for scheduling and ground purposes.


    Is it a perfect fix? Probably not. Will all clubs be happy? Again, probably not. However it seems to be the most painless and logical way forward that allows clubs to continue to exist where they belong rather than having teams like Brothers struggle to throw 3 grades out each week and seeing as though Div 1 would move to 10 clubs, not all of them will be able to safely carry a 5ths. From what is laid out above, it helps teams at the top end of town by having consistent games for their lower grades so players don't leave and helps the bottom half of the division structure by bridging the gap between Div 5/6 and Div 4 that currently exists.

    Any thoughts, fixes, questions? Is it a shit idea or does it actually have legs?
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