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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. fkj Chris McKivat (8)

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    I see what your trying to do re: Halligans with those clubs with extra grades, but from personal experience a lot of the guys in those teams simply wont travel away from the rest of their club to play, they'll just put themselves as unavailable when that's on the cards. Those players will end up walking away, not just to to another club, but away from the game altogether.

    There isn't a perfect solution, thats just one of the issues unfortunately..
  2. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Lot of thought gone into that layout. I guess the main thing to understand from Subbies' perspective is they're ambivalent about a 10-club competition anywhere, given it extends the season by 4 weeks, in effect.

    As we've seen already: numbers across the Divisions aren't consistent, and going back out to 18 rounds + finals may exacerbate that.

    8 in each Division is the key I think, and then it depends what clubs *think* they have at their disposal at the start of the year, and then what actually shows up :(
  3. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    P.S. Menai can go back to the tougher competition. To dominate 4 years then disappear is atrocious.

    Also: Kings have shown they should be able to field 2 Grade regularly.

    Maybe we're just headed to a place where the lowest Grade in each division is optional?

  4. Fergus Slattery Frank Row (1)

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    I was just an interested observer, but you must be living in Narnia. Your crowd, despite an outstanding ignorance of the Laws were gobbing off at the HH players and the Ref all afternoon. To have been gifted a penalty courtesy of the Ref's lack of composure and then whine about getting the finger speaks volumes you poor grasp of reality. Never looked like giving a penalty for killing the ball until minute 80, despite the fact the ball carrier had two support players latched to his arse and Forest were never going to contest. Some great recruiting by NSW Refs in the last five years..
  5. fkj Chris McKivat (8)

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    Funny mate, I was just an interested observer myself, no affiliation to either team, so there goes that theory. Mind you this whole rant screams being from HH so maybe have a think about it champ.

    Maybe brush up on the laws about killing the ball as well. You're right, HH player had two players latched behind, and Forest didn't contest the breakdown. The HH player got tackled, support players fell on top of him, made no attempt to keep their feet, didn't allow a contest. That's basically the definition of killing the ball, end of...
  6. Fergus Slattery Frank Row (1)

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    Thanks for the condescension 'champ', usually a symptom of either being wounded by facts or the lack of a rebuttal. I have nothing to do with HH, am associated with a Shute Club, I just happened to be adjacent to the Forest crowd. Do you know under what circumstances a Ref might ignore 'killng the ball'? How about the fact that Forest elected not to contest in the previous four breakdowns and did not appear to do so on that which attracted the penalty? Have you ever Reffed at any level? Familiar with what follows on an unwillingness or an inability to contest possession? What happens in a lineout when the throw is not straight but the defending team elects not to contest? You'd be a Forest supporter alright, you're emotion betrays you old mate
  7. fkj Chris McKivat (8)

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    OK so you admit they killed the ball, thanks for the clarification.
  8. footy_footy Peter Burge (5)

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    I think you'll find that the Forest crowd aren't alone in their ways and I do agree they are pests. I will however concede that despite my dislike for Forest at times they always have a strong crowd and clearly have a strong culture. Congrats to them on a great 2019 . From my experience the St Pat's crowd is invariably obnoxious and abusive whilst Lindfield love mouthing off at anyone and everyone, particularly out the front of their decrepit club house. I'm sure there are many other examples throughout the divisions. Like it or not it seems to be engrained in suburban rugby. There is a line yes, and it does get crossed from time to time but subbies has far bigger problems than pissed idiots on a hill or a sideline.

    As for refereeing, the games done now and it's not going to change. You could argue all day long about the semantics and intricacies of killing the ball but whilst it will hurt Hunters Hill no doubt, Forest got the job done. I can't see any reason to blame the referees. There was probably 100 calls throughout the day that could have gone either way and some of the went against Forest in colts others went against Hunters Hill from 4th grade to 1st Grade. It's part of the game and don't let it ruin a thrilling finish to a very competitive Barraclough Cup season.
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  9. PiggiesLeft Bob McCowan (2)

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    I think the only thing that we can change here is that we open the competition to sponsors

    DIV 1 Sponsored by .....

    DIV 2 Sponsored by ......

    and so forth

    the funding administered by separate committee that pay for development of the competition
  10. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    ....now I've stopped laughing..do you know anyone who would pay for these competitions. Nearly all Club sponsors are either current or ex-players or part of the local community. Can you see anyone paying money for something that they have no interest or influence in.
    More importantly, even if the money could be found, what are the chances that RA or NSWRU would do what ever they could to get their cut and stuff the whole thing up.

    Love of Subbies and good commercial sense or not easy bedfellows.
  11. Seagull Butler Herbert Moran (7)

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    Ok, so from someone that wasn't just an interested observer:

    The call was rough (First time I've seen it called this season, let alone in the game with 6 seconds left) but we shouldn't have let them get back to that close to us in the first place. Whether it was right or not I don't know as I was on the ground in the previous ruck.

    Congratulations Forest for winning it and I wish their players the best of luck next year.

    On the crowd behaviour v our hookers behaviour - anything I say is going to seem like sour grapes so I'll just say that the crowd banter I heard in the 20 minutes I was on the field was beyond anything I've got playing at Melwood.
  12. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Mate unlucky with the way things turned out on Saturday. Your first grade team had a big turn around after the first few rounds to fly through to the grand final.

    To win second grade and 4th grade and have four teams in the grand final would suggest HH have had a great season after being relegated.

    I strongly believe that Forest, HH and Pats should be pushed up to 1st Division to allow a proper restructure of the different divisions.

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  13. RuggerFan1 Chris McKivat (8)

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    can someone inform with what happened with Balmain? from being a powerhouse, then to forfeiting every game?
  14. thetraitor Herbert Moran (7)

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    Balmain are returning to their original form. Pre-2011, pre-money.
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  15. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    Nothing is ever going to be perfect but I think this is as good a suggestion as I've seen. Good stuff.

    Capping grades and splitting your huge clubs I think does need to happen. I get the argument that it separates players from their clubs but in the case of Mosman, Colleagues if you still have 2 grades travelling together it should still have that club sort of feel. Could even have 5ths, 6ths and 7ths in a div 3 3 team comp if they're going to have the numbers.
  16. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    Enough of the logic and sensible debate. What's wrong with you pillocks?

    Dirty reds by 12 points. Loganimasi first try scorer. 3 yellow cards and 1 red card. Losers to bitch about the ref.
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  17. Nath Jimmy Flynn (14)

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    We should have a North - South - East - West comp.

    Where people from the North, only play people from the East or West.

    And people from the West, only play people from the North and South.

    And people from the South, only play people from the East and West.

    And people from the East, only play people from the North and South.

    Then, at the end of the regular season, despite never seeing each other, East plays west, and North play South in the grand final. The ladder is reset to 0, and all teams are free to play in the grand final, only we don't tell them which ground it's at, they have to follow a bunch of cryptic clues around the city, a bit like the amazing race.

    If a side turns up, they're allowed to kickoff, and score as many points as they can against no opponent, but if the put it out or knock on(Or even worse, give a penalty away) they wait for an opponent to turn up to continue playing.
  18. beeronthehill Frank Row (1)

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    Anyone hearing about the Newport Tens comp in March? Be a nice day down at the beach.
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  19. thetraitor Herbert Moran (7)

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    It's actually a fantastic day. Play rugby, go for a swim between games, and beers at the Arms after.
  20. HeavyB Bill Watson (15)

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    Is it just me or does anyone else see the complete and utter insanity of charging $15 to watch subbies finals?
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