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The best XV of players from any school

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Nusadan Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Rob Clarke, fullback
  2. Snort Banned

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    Trinity has a fairly meagre crop of representative players to pick from. But this isn't a bad side..

    1 Scott Sio (Wallabies, Brumbies)
    2 James Bullock (Waratahs, 1999-2000) or Ben Roberts (Waratahs, 2011)
    3 Either Christian Burden (Australian Under-21) or Cameron Orr (Australia Under-20, Gloucester) or Dene Glasson (Waratahs, 1984)
    4 David Emanuel (Wallabies, 1957-58)
    5 Roger Davis (Wallabies, 1974)
    6 Roy Hoskins (Wallabies, 1924)
    7 Brad Pillinger (Sydney, NSW B, 1991)
    8 Fotu Auelua (Brumbies)
    9 Jimmy Harris (Waratahs, 1956)
    10 Reg Sutton (Queensland and Waratahs, 1962-63)
    11 Cam Gordon (Waratahs and Wallabies, 1927-29)
    12 Jason Madz (Waratahs, 1994-97)
    13 Rory Sidey (Waratahs and Force)
    14 Henry Clunies-Ross (Lyon)
    15 Jack Debreczeni (Rebels)

    There's a bit of cheating. Emanuel (at Grammar) and Davis (at King's) started school at Trinity but finished elsewhere. You could replace them with say Harrison Orr (now with Newcastle Falcons) and Michael Abbott (Australian Schoolboys 1994-95). And Debreczini isn't really a full-back, but Sutton was a high-class 10: he was invited on the 1963 Wallaby tour to South Africa but was unavailable for it. He represented NSW, Queensland, ACT and South Australia - moving around in his career in the Army.
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  3. southsider Arch Winning (36)

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    No way should Peter Gilmore ever be in a "best of" team
  4. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    I didnt say he should be - the gentleman who provided a full list of names (not a team - just players) wanted to know positions. See above.

    I thought Jordy Ried may have also been included on his list but didnt see him?
  5. southsider Arch Winning (36)

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    And I didn't say that you did say that, ease up turbo
  6. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    Cool - turbo i definitely aint :)
  7. Paddogreen Herbert Moran (7)

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    And Norman May commenting the match
  8. rod skellet Arch Winning (36)

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    I would add recent school leavers Harry Jones and Tyson Davis to the Barker list.
  9. Por Namatjira Frank Row (1)

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    Cranbrook School (Bellevue Hill)

    Yeah.not many from our school. I was going to do just a bit of research but became intrigued with this idea. So here goes:

    1. Will Ashton ('97 - Aus Schoolboy. He would have played higher level of footy if he didn't pass away shortly after finishing school).
    2. Paul Darveniza (62' - Wallaby).
    5. Anthony Abrahams ('62 - Wallaby).
    6. Hugh Summerhayes ('14 - Aus Schoolboy. NSW Gen Blue).
    7. Dominic O'Neil ('94 - Aus Schoolboy).
    9. Richard Fogarty ('99 - Aus Schoolboy).
    10. Christian Warner ('94 - Waratahs, Leinster, Australia A)
    11. Ian Williams ('82 - Wallaby).
    14. Ed Stubbs ('06 - Aus 7s, NSW Eagles, Brumbies, Force)
    15. Daniel Batman ('98. Also attended Scots - Brumbies. Competed in the 200m for Aus at the 2000 Olympics. Died in a car accident in 2012).
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  10. Johnno2500 Frank Row (1)

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    Put Dave Allen(96) in the back row. He played 1st grade in shute shield at Easts, and pro-rugby in Ireland, he was a backrower could play "6/7/8" muscular guy about 5'11/6-foot kinda like Richie McCaw-SBW build, in between that build but shorter than both, He was solid player captian of Brook 96 side. Andrew Heath(wallaby prop 1996-98) was a school-teacher back then at Brook in 90's lol. Martin Switzer(97) played a bit of 1st grade at Easts shute shield. He was a lock 4 or 5.
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  11. Spieber Bob Loudon (25)

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    Not a great academy but had its moments. Ian Williams is somewhat rogue - not a very long term resident. You could slot Mike Maxwell into 4 (the invincibles 77/78).
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  12. Johnno2500 Frank Row (1)

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    In the backs there are a few options.
    Brook 1st 15 captain Mark Southwell-Keely(93) was a very good schoolboy level player. He played CAS 1sts, may of played for NSW 1sts or 2nds. He may of played a bit of Shute 1st grade or 2nd grade after finishing high school. Good 90's centre combo Sam Meares(95) at 12 and Jack Mesley(95) at 13. I think Jack Mesley played a bit of NSW 1sts or 2nds. Both these 2 centres played CAS 1sts. Also there was a good 10 in 90's Nick Abrahams(96). I think he played NSW 1sts or 2nds as well as CAS 1sts. He was a 10 who could play at 12 sometimes. A small guy like Gits, but very skilled. There's a few guys to look at. I'd put Sam Meares at 12 and Mark Southwell Keely at 13. That would be a reliable centre combo. But all in all Cranbrook is a funny one. They have had some good results over the years(in the 80's I think they are only school who had a better head to head record vs Joey's they were joey's bogey team despite joey's having some great sides). They pushed the Scot's 93 centenary side hard in a trial and were unlucky not to win. They won CAS in 94, beating Barker 94 which had a good side(Ben Darwin) and beat Knox 94). They almost beat Knox 95 who won CAS and had a great side probably best schoolboy side in OZ in 95. They beat Waverley 97 in a side that contained Ryan Cross/Adam Frier, 5-3 the scoreline was from memory.
  13. Teh Other Dave Nev Cottrell (35)

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    I had no idea that Daniel Batman had passed away. He was very talented. Sad to read of it.
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  14. Johnno2500 Frank Row (1)

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    Batman was good rugby player to, could of played NRL/or Super rugby, if he choose footy not athletics.
    He's apparently Australia's best all round men's sprinter ever. He went to Olympics in 400m, I think he won australian titles in both the 100m and 200m to, but he was good at all 3 sprint formats, which is rare in athletics at elite level. Most are good at 1, some are good 2,but to be world class at all 3 is very rare. He was a handy cricket player to.
  15. Johnno2500 Frank Row (1)

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    Here's some lists in general, about Cranbrook rugby players.
    Australian Schoolboys
    Andrew Strathopoulos (1969) Michael Maxwell (1977) Toby Jones (1979)
    Paul Flemons (1981 and 1982) Ian Williams (1982) John Pilton (1982 and 1983) Mark Patterson (1984) Justin McDonald (1986) Ben May (1990) Dominic O’ Neil (1995)
    William Ashton (1997) Richard Fogarty (1999) Hugh Summerhayes (2014)
    Not sure what positions the majority of the Brook Aussie schoolboys played.

    The 98 captain of Brook was Dave Oliver a prop, but he did nothing in his rugby career, maybe he played CAS 1sts or 2nds I don't know.
    Another Wallaby of the school Barry McDonald (1960) made his wallaby debut in 1969. He was a flanker not sure what (6/7/or 8). The school has only produced 4 or 5 Wallabies max. Test cricket player Ed Cowan was the schools 1st rugby captain in 2000, didn't know that. I think he's the only test cricket player Brook has produced. Don't know what rugby position he was or if he played CAS rugby or NSW schools.
  16. Johnno2500 Frank Row (1)

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    Al Baxter went to Shore to, he must be on the lists, but has been forgotten and led toff this list. Tom Bowman I think had a cousin who went to shore.
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  17. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Geez this old thread has some legs - just started it one day when I was bored.

    Lived in NZ for 8 years in the olden days including all my high school years. Played against Fergie - and with him in Canterbury junior rep teams. Hard bastard; even then he took no prisoners; he played first-five then; didn't think he'd ever be an All Black though.
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  18. Quick Hands David Wilson (68)

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    Although Paul Flemons was at Balgowlah Boys High School in 1981. Repeated Year 12 at Cranbrook in 1982.
  19. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    He died in a car accident in the Northern Territory. Incredibly sad.

    The best all round sprinter bit is by adding up the PBs for 100, 200 and 400m and Batman's overall time is the quickest.

    He was an excellent all round athlete. Good at any sport he attempted.

    He played some 1st grade Shute Shield for Eastern Suburbs and then did a fair bit of coaching (and still does).

    I think Ed may have played fullback. Not certain though.

    Cranbrook's other current first class cricketer Will Somerville was also a good schoolboy rugby player (played 1st XV from year 10 onwards). I think he played lock.
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  20. Breaks_Away Sydney Middleton (9)

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