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The best XV of players from any school

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Rothschild Banned

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    Correct there RR - Downlands it is for Morgan
  2. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    apparently he went to Ashgrove as well though.

    Terrace claim Mick Doohan (the bike rider) as an old-boy, and he was there for a little bit in year 5, so the grovers claiming big Garrick seems fair as well.
  3. Rothschild Banned

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    Garrick will always testify that he is a Downlands boy.
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  4. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    Sam boarded at Ashgrove in Years 11-12 (83-84) then went home to Townsville and repeated Year 12.

    As I recall, he played Queensland Schools in 84 and Australian Schools in 85 when repeating.
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  5. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    Should Quade be classed as an old boy of Churchie, Tokoroa High or Springwood High?

    If it was based on time spent at the school, Nudgee would be in real trouble!

    Even Paul McLean only went there for a year.

    FWIW, I think that Morgan was at Ashgrove longer than Downlands, although apparently he was a winger in the Under 15's so the food at Downlands must have been better (or at least more plentiful)!
  6. Langthorne Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    I wouldn't be surprised if he was expelled from a few.
  7. Galloper Alfred Walker (16)

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    I saw him sent off twice in 1984, but he wasn't expelled as far as I know!
  8. tranquility Banned

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    off the top of my head, ACGS

    15. David Hillhouse
    14. Aidan Toua
    13. Anton La Vin
    12. Karmichael
    10. Quade
    9. Tim Atkinson
    8. Jake Shatz
    7. David Pocock
    5. Tom Hockings
    2. Some bloke who played for Scotand

    Im sure there are many others as well.
  9. Rothschild Banned

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    Didn't Anton go to TSS and only go to Churchie for the one year after he had a disagreement with Quinton Wrigley - the TSS coach at the time?
    Any way you can have him -
  10. dobduff11 Trevor Allan (34)

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    Hillhouse must have been a pretty incredible full back to keep aidan toua from fullback although I do realise its based on the years after school
  11. tranquility Banned

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    Anton got expelled at the end of year 10 (2002) and came to Churchie. He was a very competent flanker at the time, with great pace. Dumper aka Tony McGahan who is now a very highly rated coach in Europe completley rebuilt his game as a center. In his final year at school playing with Brandon, Fuller, K, etc he was an incredible schoolboy 13 who terrorised opposition teams. Formed a very strong center combination with Lloyd Johannson that outplayed the Kiwi pair that year.
  12. Ash Michael Lynagh (62)

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    Continuing on from previous BSHS players mentioned, I'll have a crack at a BSHS team. A lot of the positions sadly overlap and others are a bit bare. I spent a little time researching this as well, yes I cheated a little bit.

    1. (no clue)
    2. David Paice
    3. Paul Amo-Emile (no idea on other props)
    4. Peter McLean
    5. Paul Morgan (???)
    6. Bill McLean
    7. David Wilson
    8. Simon Kasprowicz
    9. Peter Slattery
    10. Wally Lewis
    11. Paul Carozza
    12. Steve Kefu
    13. John Plath
    14. Peter Hynes
    15. Mark Bartholomeusz (actually a centre in schooboy rugby?)

    Scrumhalf: Jacob & Moses Raulini (Fiji), Brian Smith (Australia / Ireland), Chappy Schulte (Australia), Walter Lewis (Australia) - 4 halfbacks from BSHS (at least?) have player for Australia, and another two for Fiji.lots to choose from
    Five eigth: Paul Kahl (Australia - hah!!!), Joseph Toomua (Brumbies), Elia Tuqiri (also wing) (Waratahs), Andrew Scotney (OK a biased one, as he was finishing a few years after I started at BSHS, and if I recall correctly, his sister was an excellent swimmer) - lots of five eighths to pick from as well
    Centre: Ryan McGoldrick (Waratahs, League), Mafileo Kefu (Toulon, or was), Michael Kasprowicz (???) (cricket), Ian Healy (???) (cricket)
    Other also-ran outside backs reserves: Nathan Williams (Reds) (although he was a very very good high school rugby player), Brando Va'aulu (Reds), Charlie Fetoai (Reds)

    I'm a bit short on forwards.

    John Plath and Paul "Porky" Morgan: I am not too sure on their high school rugby positions. Anyone know for sure and can confirm? And also, what position Michael Kasprowicz and Ian Healy played in the 1st XV?
  13. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    You'd have to have Brian Smith at 10 ahead of Lewis who was not involved a lot in rugby union as a senior player. Was handy in another sport though.
  14. RugbyReg Stirling Mortlock (74)

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    I'd have Smith at 10 and the King at 12 ahead of Kefu. In fact more Kef to 13 for Plath.

    Regardless of the sport, the King was the King.
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  15. Rothschild Banned

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    he and Lloyd were very devastating and if I remember correctly Anton and Karmichael gave TSS curry that year. Although it was a 3-3 draw it cost us a premiership and both were absolutely on top of their game that year.
    Not so sure about the being expelled bit. You may be right but I never heard it before. I know his father had a disagreement wit the TSS coach and there was some ill feeling. His father was always a medling fool even after school and may have cost Anton any chance of moving upwards later in his career.
  16. Old Timer

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    ".some other guy called James Allen." - big Jim would be devastated to hear you say that - he was the Waratahs 5/8 in 1991 when the Tahs were the best provinical team in the world - bar none - beat Auckland, beat England in the lead up to the world cup - they went onto make the world cup final, and thrashed Wales - was it 78 - 0? Gave Queensland a few spankings as well. The coach was one R MacQueen - the name rings a bell for some reason - it was his first venture as a coach at the level and he was awesomely successful - people seem to forget Rod was successful before the Brumbies. Jim was a big ball running 5/8 plucked from thr obscurity of Sydney 2nd divison rugby - played for Norths, as all good Aloys boys should, when Norths were in a bit of a lull. Good player, and right royally shafted when the Wallaby selection process came about - so no, he never played for Australia, and no, this isn't him.
  17. Bowside Peter Johnson (47)

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    Well they weren't going to pick him ahead of noddy.
  18. Old Timer

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    absolutely correct, but as Knoxy wasn't in the Sydney or NSW side, you'd probably expect ahead of him - sure DK did some great things further on, but at that time and place?
  19. Old Timer

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    just to clarify - I'm talking the 1991 world cup squad
  20. The Chosen Fred Wood (13)

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    I note Bruce Ross mentioned John Langford earlier but no-one has attempted a team from their 1st Xvs.

    By way of background, in conjunction with the 2003 World Cup the Knox Rugby Community held a Black-Tie Dinner in Sydney, where over 600 people honoured Knox's Former Wallabies/Australian Schoolboys etc. I can't find my programme from the night but I think I can resurrect a pretty good team(with some added since 2003). Again I'm not sure of some positions whilst at School, but here is my attempt:

    1.Ross Turnbull

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