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Wallabies 2018 Spring Tour

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by KOB1987, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Strewthcobber Mark Ella (57)

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    JP Smith played as a sub for Western Province against the Blue Bulls in the Currie Cup semi on 15/10/2016.

    Is it 3 years from then?
  2. Up the Guts Tony Shaw (54)

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    Wouldn't mind seeing Matt Philip, we've really lacked a bit of mongrel in the pack and he has a bit of rabid dog in him when he plays.
  3. KOB1987 Mark Ella (57)

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    Isn't Brynard Stander a Saffer? Or has he qualified for residency?
  4. dru Andrew Slack (58)

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    What I like from Reg's selection is that it tells teh current squad that we are simply not interested in having to gee them up for the jersey. I like the proposed squad from start to finish.

    I doubt it reflects what Cheika is thinking though.
  5. Ignoto Chilla Wilson (44)

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    The Queensland Motherland applauds your selections Reg!
  6. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    mostly it's fatigue, and I think mental fatique. Like I said on the pod, the inside word is these guys are feeling the pressure for the first time under Check. I think and extended off-season away from that pressure would be good for them.

    In saying that I also think this has been the poorest form we have seen from the likes of Foley, Hooper, Coleman etc
  7. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    Signed with the Force in 2014 and has been there since. I am not aware of any previous representative honours that would disqualify him from the Wallabies, and he looks to easily meet the 3 year qualifying period.

    Has been in really good form for the Force in the NRC and imo would not disappoint with if given an opportunity in the Wallaby squad.
  8. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    Reg, good to see you putting a lot of store on NRC form. Sadly, I don't think that will be the way Cheika goes with the EOYT squad. He will want wins, as Barabarian says above. I expect he will pick pretty much what he sees as being the strongest squad as I believe that he hasn't shown any interest in the past for developing players, not even as backup in positions where we are especially weak.

    I don't think Sa'aga will make the squad, with the other two props being Kepu and Ainsley. Cheika might intend to rest Kepu as much as possible on tour but will want him there in reserve in case of injury to his other front line props. Ainsley seems to be the next annointed despite some less than convincing appearances at Super level.

    Much as I'd like to see Swain make the trip as a development player, I don't hold out much hope. I do think Coleman and Rodda will both be there.

    In the backrow Alcock, Stander and Cottrell would all give a good account, but I'm not so sure that Ben Hyne has the game to make it at test level. Alcock is very good over the ball and carries good, and the other two both have a lot of abrasiveness about the way they play. Would be good to see them, or a couple of them, given an opportunity.

    Really like the inclusion of Ian Prior. His play and goal kicking has been outstanding in the NRC. Wouldn't disappoint, I'm sure. But really too soon for the likes of McDermott. Surely both Powell and Ruru would be on the plane before Tate. But, of course, Genia and Phipps will beat them all to seats.

    You're brave nominating Quade for a spot. Foley will be there for sure, and Stewart and Deegan would battle out the backup spot if Cheika relents and finally accepts that Beale is not a No 10.

    Couldn't find a spot for Kerevi? I see there's some thought that he might be right for next weekend's game against the Vikings.

    Rod Davies is simply yesterday's man. He still has some good pace but I have not been impressed with his involvements in the NRC. Sure, he can still score tries, but he doesn't impose himself in any of the tight stuff.

    I like a lot of your fringe selections but despair that none of them will get a gig in the forthcoming tour.
  9. Joe Blow Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    I thought I read somewhere that Slipper will not be considered? Quade is a good call if Toomua is rested. Dempsey and Cottrell should both go. Not sure about Timu.

    Would like to see a Cottrell/Pocock/Dempsey combo with Hoops on the bench.
  10. Joe Blow Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    Oh yes....and Jordan Petaia is a must even if Kerevi does go
  11. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    Swain and Philip have both been impressive in the NRC, but I'm not sure if they'd be improvements on the locks that are already in the squad.....

    I also don't think Cheika has worked out what his best locking combination is yet, which is made difficult by none of our locks really playing all that well.
  12. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    Refs for the Wallabies games on the EOYT

    Vs NZ: Romain Poite
    Vs Wales: Ben O'Keeffe
    Vs Italy: Pascal Gauzere
    Vs England: Jaco Peyper
  13. Wilson Bob Davidson (42)

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    There's another consideration for longer periods of interrupted time:


    Based on his wiki he moved to Australia in 2010 after playing for western province. Additionally he is a TGS old boy, and was there for two years:



    The question becomes where was he pre-2006 and from finishing at TGS in 2007 to starting at WP in 2009. By my count he needs about 2 more years from these periods to hit the 10 year mark. It may be significant that this period is defined in years while the cumulative period is defined in months, it may mean there's a bit more flexibility in how it's counted.
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  14. Strewthcobber Mark Ella (57)

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    Surely he doesn't get to count 2015 & 2016 when he was playing rugby in South Africa though?

    In any case, don't think he's going to be eligible by the world cup by the look of things
  15. Wilson Bob Davidson (42)

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    I have him being in Australia for some portion of 2006,2007,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 and 2018. That's 9 years and 2019 or any others he may have been here for make 10, possibly in time for the world cup (though he wasn't here for the entirety of each of those years, so it really depends on how they count them). I'm not sure this rule has been ever used as I've only seen it appear alongside the new 60-month regulation 8, not the old 36-month one, so there maybe room to test it if we're inclined. I didn't really expect them to, but with the Robertson injury they may start to look at it.

    Pretty sure they'd leak a story about it out through rugby.com.au/rugby confidential/the cauliflower/etc. and use that to see how world rugby would take an application first though, so I'm guessing it's not yet in the works.
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  16. Derpus Andrew Slack (58)

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    Rotated, like the All Blacks have been doing.
  17. Derpus Andrew Slack (58)

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    He won't bench Hoops...

    Why not just Hooper, Pocock and Dempsey?
  18. Up the Guts Tony Shaw (54)

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    Indigenous jerseys likely to be worn at Twickenham.
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  19. Jimmy_Crouch Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    With only seven tests before the RWC I highly doubt many players would be rested. Give them the first month of super rugby off if you want to rest them.
  20. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    Our Japan game vs the ABs maybe quite experimental from the ABs

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