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Waratahs 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, May 9, 2019.

  1. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    Nice piece on Harris in the SMH


  2. Rugby Head Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Hearing reports that the Tahs have cut Jed Holloway from their squad.
  3. John S Bob Loudon (25)

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    If true no real surprise there, he's had his moments but don't think he's really stepped up. Having seen a bit of him in SS years ago, thought he was a good pick, and had been overlooked previously by Cheika, but never really lived up to expectations for me.

    Plus it's been so long since I've seen any actual rugby, I think he's been shifted around a bit - possibly trying to fit a square peg in a round hole at the Tahs?
  4. Derpus Simon Poidevin (60)

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    It wouldn't make sense to me. He covers lock reasonably well (and looks better there than at 8 or 6). Australian rugby is not overflowing with locks at the moment.
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  5. upthereds#! Bob Davidson (42)

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    Fairly sure he was under contract next year so I'm sure he hand a hand in his decision to leave. Bit hard to 'Cut' someone when they have a contract and you don't have the $ to pay it out.
  6. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    I would be massively shocked. Unless he's just released because he has a contract elsewhere.
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  7. Up the Guts Paul McLean (56)

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    Doesn’t really seem like a guy who would get into off-field drama.
  8. molman John Solomon (38)

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    I'm not sure I've ever been totally sold on him as a lock, he's always looked more comfortable playing 8 or even as a flanker. I thought he looked decent in some of the NRC games back when he was running around for the Rams and had a few good showings for the Tahs around the same time but as you say he has struggled to step up consistently. Unfortunately, it just all got a little congested with better players probably taking his preferred spot.
  9. Rugbynutter39 Tony Shaw (54)

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    Conclusions from Reds vs Tahs game

    Youngster step up..

    Harrison clearly now owns the 10 position and one to watch
    Ramm was really good
    Marky Mark - moreso needs to develop
    Swinton - a beast
    Maddocks - 15 is yours baby on the wing but tonight at 15 you were superb
    as you were otherwise missing in action playing on the wing!!
    Joey Walton and Newsome - they were ok - not superb - but thought not a disaster

    Front row - Angus Bell got smashed but yes Tupou and also weak NSW lock combination in scrum may negate criticism here - and to suggest he still does not have bright future is just bonkers

    HJH looked ok as was faulkner when came on.

    Mitch Short - can't recall his game - hmmm

    Hooper good - but is he worth $1m a year in current environment ( something to consider once and if and when get broadcast agreement and how much $'s).

    Will Harris - not sure sighted enough of him to comment - may have just missed? Thoughts.?
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  10. molman John Solomon (38)

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    Agree with much you've said.

    Nawaqanitawase - Still not sure of him in defence. Always makes me nervious.
    Walton - looked nervious and over eager. Needs more game time.
    Newsome - feel he played fair in a position may worry about him in.
    Swinton - Love the agro and feeling, will need to find that line of not letting the penalties creep in.
    Hooper - I still think he's an outstanding player. What he's worth in the market I'm not sure.

    I actually thought Abel had a reasonable game, outside the scrum (which is hard to say how much was him). You could see some deception and plays they had obviously been developing which didn't always come off but it was good to see them trying things.

    Hanigan looked like someone who hadn't played much Rugby in awhile (plus rather pale). Hopefully he can work his way back into some form.
  11. Rugbynutter39 Tony Shaw (54)

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    Yeh agree Abel looked ok.prepared to be gentle on Hannigan who only just coming back - but concern is not been ever seen as strong on scrummage side (along with Simmons as known concern area - ie latter brilliant on line out - scrum - hmmm)
  12. The Honey Badger Peter Johnson (47)

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    Funny, the 2 quietest games came from the 2 they talked up the most. Wilson & Harris. Wilson did get an easy try but didn't really make a mark on the game, Harris a couple of touches but didn't stand out either.

    I thought Swinton played out of his skin
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  13. Rugbynutter39 Tony Shaw (54)

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    Yeh Swinton was immense.to me Jake Gorden replacing mitch short and Karmichael Hunt replacing Joey Walton means should have an improved Tahs side.

    Again on Harris - I just can't recall much from him either way - but yeh Swinton played super game and if (BIG IF as so early days) - played every game at that standard he would be in the national team of interest category..
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  14. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    He is also an accident waiting to happen, too many penalties lat night

    aggression is great, but more discipline\thinking is required
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  15. KOB1987 Steve Williams (59)

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    I was reasonably happy with that performance last night. The 2020 Waratahs are like a young racehorse, you don't expect it to conquer the world straight away but you want to see consistent improvement (strategic/physical/mental) from race to race.
  16. Dctarget Peter Sullivan (51)

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    If you can keep hold of those youngsters in Harris, Harrison & Bell you’ve got a real nice core for a long time. Throw in Maddocks & HJH and it’s something you can build a really decent side around. All it’ll take is two or three decent signings and you’re nearly there.

    Watching your young players is great, they don’t seem to give a fuck about reputation and get stuck in. So good having these guys with seemingly unlimited energy & acceleration.
  17. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Bell coped it in the scrum but I thought he was very good around the field.
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  18. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    I thought the Waratahs were substantially better than I expected. After McDermott scored the soft try following Bell's yellow card I thought the flood gates could have opened and the Tahs lose by 40.

    The scrum hasn't been strong for years. Bell will improve over time but the whole scrum is fairly weak. I don't think it is down to any part of it alone. The Reds have had on of the most powerful scrums for years now.

    I thought most of the Tahs players were better than they were early in the season. Ramm had an excellent game and looked really threatening and I also thought Newsome did well at 13. His best game for a fair while. Maddocks was obviously excellent at 15 and Harrison is getting better every game. I think he will be our long term 10. He really has a well rounded game.

    Swinton played probably his best game for the Tahs. He still made one or two handling errors which he needs to cut out of his game. His error rate has always been too high. The pass he threw to Maddocks was sublime though and his physicality is really important.

    I think we will struggle not to come last in this comp but I thought we played a whole lot better than we might have. Hopefully we can snag a win against the Force this weekend.
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  19. fatprop David Wilson (68)

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    I expect Bell to be less effective around the field as he has to invest more effort into scrummaging, same has happened to TT, less 50m crashing runs because has prop work to do

    and then as the prop work starts to become good, the general play starts to grow again
  20. molman John Solomon (38)

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    Being at the game Reg, did anything else stand out for the Tah's? Hard to get a full sense of players positional play, how quick they get back in the line etc.. just from the TV, particularly when we often only see the tight camera shots.

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