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Which clubs are the Class of 2010 going to?

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. lily Vay Wilson (31)

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    Agenda driven perhaps. I dont want to out someone but they may be related to a current Aust schoolboy flanker.
  2. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    Having played both and actually playing Colts while still at school I can tell you first hand there is a world of difference. After playing Colts going back to Schoolboys was remarkable. Boys vs Men. The intensity the game is played at is a far above that any Schoolboys team could produce. I entered Colts rather early (16 yrs old, no kidding) so I brought alot of that aggression back with me. It lead to more than my fair share of send off's. Two different world's of Rugby. Schoolboys I found was very structured and played under a certain ethos. Execute the fundmentals add in some skill. While Colts coupled these with aggression and intensity. You would see the new Schoolboys rock up quite self-assured at the beginning of the season and after the first couple of weeks once we got into the real physical stuff (first month generally was pure fitness which to their credit they usually are quite good at) they quickly learn that Colts isn't Schoolboys and for the most part no one cares how good they supposedly were your just any blow in trying to take their spot in the squad.
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  3. Spewn Alex Ross (28)

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    Great post.
  4. moyna

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    As an observer of Colts first grade rugby there is no way aschoolboys team would defeat the top the bulk of the competition. I must reming posters that penrith did not run any Colts sides and the bottom two teams leaked points. The bottom teams of the second grade Colts had very poor conditioning. I watched the Hills Sports high School first XV and bench. They had at least three players in second /third Colts at West harbour and onfor Uni i think . Added to this were four players who played with the U/20's Toyota Cup squads and about six others in Parramatta and Penrith SG Ball Squads. I saw one young bloke Seage who is with the national rugby sevens squad and he he could hit like George Smith except he was the No 9. That was the feature of this team . What they lacked in technique they certainly made up in the savagery of their defence and stamina. More importantly for a schoolboy team it was across the park. There playmakers were stocky and strong . That MaCallum was one little tough nut and he was thew 15!
    I know this school could not get any trials with GPs schools and played third grade West Harbour Colts side in a trial who they defeated.
  5. Drew Darby Loudon (17)

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    Exactly, Kurtley Beale is a perfect example, vaunted as the next big thing, he bypassed colts and club rugby from Aus schoolboys and found it much harder to carve up hardened professionals who had played a few years of club rugby, 20 weeks against 8, than everybody thought. He ended up warming the bench at Super level, when he would've been better served having a run.
  6. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Some kids are capable of playing at a higher level, typically 1/2 backs, however the vast majority including the best prospects (Jonah Lomu, KB etc) are not ready for fast track to professional internationals first year out of school.

    I stand to be corrected but the Darkness's captain #9 Perenara according to the commentators in the Schoolboy test apparently played this season for a Wellington Club team in first grade, while still at school. The level of 1st Grade in Wellington is probably quite high, but not full time professional. It may possibly be the same as the second string Shute shield teams perhaps. Regardless a big ask for the fellow.

    Any NZ reader to hazard a guess at the level? How many S15/ITM players are there in a Wellington Club team?

    #9's are known for their runtiness, yapping, flexibility, avoidance of contact and speed rather than brute force, so it is not impossible to survive at a higher level.

    A rugby team is not made up of #9's. At this point the theory that a bunch of semi-professional 18 year old kids can beat motivated 20 year olds falls down. Some of the schoolboys may survive, but you need all 22 to be up to the mark. Most school teams I have seen may have several boys capable, but not an entire squad.

    Colts will make mincemeat of the schoolboys.
  7. pitbull

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    What about GPS 1sts vs. A mid ranking to top colts side?

    Many of you have stated that a couple of players in each team would stand up. So surely a squad of the "best" gps players would beat several colts sides?
  8. waves Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Im not being bias at all but I find it hard to believe that any clubs in the near future can match Sydney Uni's development and attraction of players to the club, I understand this is a schoolboy post but remember the players still at colts level who are back next year, The schoolboys need to step it up another level. Just off the top of my head but the Sydney Uni pack look already hard to top off with most of them starting training in November with the Elite Development Squad (EDS)

    1. Tom Lamont - GPS (Joeys) / Joe Welch - GPS (Riverview)
    2. Tolu Latu - CHS (South Sydney) / Elliot Messara - CAS (Knox)
    3. Sam Talakai - CAS (Waverley) / Tim Sawers Combined States 2008
    4. Byron Hodge - CAS (Waverley) / Andrew Hunter - CAS (Cranbrook)
    5. Charlie Boyce - GPS (Kings) / Hugh Frazer - GPS (Shore)
    6. Pat Tully - ACT (Eddies) / James Carling - GPS (Kings)
    7. Jack De Guingand - Combined States 2008 / David Hickey - GPS (Joeys)
    8. William Skelton - CHS (Hills Sports High) / Michael Pollastri 2's Colts 2010

    Note: this forward pack on paper is and most probably will be the most dominant pack on the field in 2011 if everyone is fit and healthy already note a few players could be looking at grade spots though next year but Sydney Uni really only need a handful of players to complete a vicious combintion of forwards in both 1s and 2s colts.

    A few players already coming to Sydney Uni:
    * Nick Stirzaker - Knox 08 , Aus Schools
    * Nick Curtis - Knox 08 , Nsw Schools
    * Rhys Brodie - St Andrews 10, Aus Schools
    * Chris Ingate - Kings 10, Nsw Schools
    * Ezrah Amituanai - Newington 10, NTS (Has trained the back end of the season with 3rd Colts)
  9. rugga10

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    Are Nick and Chris Gordon Juniors and I thought Ezrah played for Parramatta ?
  10. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Sooner or later Sydney Uni will have too many of the "best of the best" in their development programme and the "almost rans" will be smart enough to realise that they will only get bench time or 2nds if they stay at Uni.

    These "almost rans" would walk in to Colts 1 in any other club and gain valuable exposure and experience that they would not gain warming the bench and playing colts 2's.

    The Challenge for Beasts, Wicks, Woodies, Pirates etc is to have something valuable to attract the "unblessed".

    From what I have seen, Pirates seem to be doing rather well in this regard. Not sure how the other clubs are doing.
  11. Jnor Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    The prob for the Pirates seems to be holding on once colts is over.
  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    I feel that this is the most moot of hypothetical propositions, about as useful as comparing the Cricket Invincibles to the Steve Waugh Championship team.

    The sports calendar is already chock full for the Schoolboy athletes, not to mention that HSC exams start this week, and is that not the prime purpose of attending school in Y12?
    With all the various rep games on after Schoolboy games finish (many of the top boys have club and/or league commitments), there is not much time for the schoolboys.

    Conversely the Colts are playing 22 rounds of footy leading up top the finals series, with no spare time to slot in an fair dinkum exhibition match against a schools selection.

    What purpose would a game of GPS 1's (or NSW 1's) vs Mid range Club Colts 1's actually serve?
  13. pitbull

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    I was commenting on your statement that only some of the boys in each team would be up to it. Therefore, would an entire team of the "best" be up to it?
  14. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    None, apart from proving the obvious: 19/20 year olds are stronger than 18 year olds.

    This particular tangent of this thread is pointless.
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  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Hypothetically yes. Will it ever happen? Highly unlikely. There are more important things in the lives of the Colts, Schoolboys, and various Administrators and development officers.

    Agree. We should perhaps close the lid on the schoolboys vs colts discussion, and refocus on 2011.
  16. observer Tom Lawton (22)

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    On another thread (or maybe this one) it was mentioned that the Goodman boys were also headed to Uni.
  17. Informer Ward Prentice (10)

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    Also Guy Millar and Matt Hume to Uni. I understand Uni balked at the terms Jed Holloway was asking and he is likely to turn out with Southern next year.
  18. WorkingClassRugger Steve Williams (59)

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    A little late in responding but the answer is no. A lot of schoolboys find the sheer agression of colts very hard to cope with. The speed is greater and the bodies much bigger. In Colts I was on the larger side of the scale as a THP but not too much heavier than most back in colts I had most of my opposition by at least 25-30kgs. A good example of Colts Rugby vs Schoolboys is a few years back my younger brother's 4th Grade Colts (mostly 16's with a dusting of 17y.o) belted their Colts 1st eqivalent (consisting of nearly all Schoolboy 1st years) convincingly.
  19. Done that Ron Walden (29)

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    Agree with most of your comment , except that the Hills team did not beat West Harbours 3rd grade colts team who as you know went on to win the competition.That game was against a number of colts players that Wests wished to remove from their training squad , & they used the game for that purpose , as they had far too many players to provide a regular game for.I think they had
    enough for 6 or 7 teams, & even in that match the score was close.
  20. PTB Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Take that wager
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