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Which clubs are the Class of 2010 going to?

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Lee Grant, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. rugga10

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    Out of this years oz schools and nsw schools does anyone know where players are goin to which clubs ?
  2. Informer Ward Prentice (10)

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    Here is a best guess for NSW ones. Those in bold are pretty accurate, feel free to amend if you know better.

    John Mokofisi, St Augustine's College ??
    2. Hugh Roach, Newington College Brumbies
    3. Guy Miller, The King's School Sydney Uni
    4. Rhys Dombkins, St Augustine's College Year 11
    5. Jed Holloway, Waverley College Southern
    6. James Dargaville, Mater Maria, Warriewood Warringah
    7. Stuart Goodman, Barker College Sydney Uni
    8. Jason Havea, Hills SHS ??
    9. Ben Black, Chevalier College ??
    10. Sam Brisby, St Augustine's College League
    11. Declan Smith, Oakhill College Eastwood
    12. Jack Purcell, St Augustine's College Year 11
    13. Malietoa Hingano, St Augustine's College Manly
    14. Matthew Hulme, St Joseph's College, HuntersHill Sydney Uni
    15. Luke Keary, Oakhill College Eastwood
    16. Jack Wallace, Waverley College ??
    17. Hugh Alexander, Knox Grammar School Brumbies
    18. Allan Alaalatoa, Newington College Year 11
    19. Steve Cummins, Hills SHS Wests
    20. Gordon Broome, Asquith BHS Gordon
    21. Waldo Wessels, Endeavour SHS Southern Districts
    22. Samuel Muller, Mudgee HS Wests
    23. Asipeli Fine, Waverley College Roosters
  3. rugga10

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    thanks for that Informer, Havea played for wests this year , so I would say he would most likely go back there nxt yr
    Black is he not in the brumbies academy ?
  4. PTB Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I was pretty sure he was with the storm?
  5. observer Tom Lawton (22)

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    Not with Storm anymore. My information is he is headed to West Harbour next season but Lindommer would know for sure.
  6. the berries

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    True , but HSHS played using therir under 15s, in the majority. Hills played their c grade side. and thats gospel.A deal done to help both camps. The pirates have been fantastic in their support of our school. I just hope we can continue. I can really see the pirates developing a great following in the west. The new and futue heart of rugby.
  7. rugga10

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    what about parramatta or penrith most of the boys that go to HSHS live in the penrith/ parramatta catchment and have played for these clubs before ... Isn't Parramatta's Head Colts coach not coaching at HSHS ?
  8. the berries

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    Parramatta took a big interest in HSHS whilst Don Musson was there. He actually got a few of the boys into the game. Especially young McCallum. Yet with his moving not much has followed. McCallum actually went down to Parra but they said they might not be able to give him a game. The next night He was a Woodie.
  9. observer Tom Lawton (22)

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    Petelo Tatuila to Sydney University.

    A good prop from Hills Sports High, CHS 1 and Combined States 2010.
  10. Iluvmyfooty Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Heard Sydney Uni were starting up an academy for 16-18 year olds. Anybody heard anything about this
  11. rugga10

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    this wouldn't surprise me as a few clubs have these type of programs up and running ( Warringah, Eastwood, Gordon & Wests) , Parramatta also had a similar program for 14-17yr olds from about 2005-08 but has ceased due to a lack of funding and facilities.
  12. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    How can a university morally provide anything (other than child care for under 5s) for any young person?
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  13. I like to watch Simon Poidevin (60)

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    What specifically do you object to Lindommer?
  14. Informer Ward Prentice (10)

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    Seems like a natural progression for Uni now that they are fielding their own junior teams. It is up to the other clubs to match the efforts of Uni and I sense a few are making a good fist of it, with the head coaches at Norths and Easts in particular heavily involved in the off season recruitment of players into colts for 2011. I am very impressed with these guys who are leading the way. Rather than sitting back and bitching about how Uni has the game sewn up they are giving boys genuine options and no doubt they will be rewarded in a few years time.
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  15. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    Jason Havea: yer right there, o, Jason's with us next year.
  16. observer Tom Lawton (22)

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    That's great news for Wests. Havea has a lot of potential. Where Havea goes Sam Ahofono usually follows.
  17. Lee Grant John Eales (66)

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    Sam can play.
  18. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Continuing the theme from another thread, here is the 6 Year Report Card from 2010 Schoolboys, Schoolboys A.

    Australian Schoolboys
    Rhys BRODIE, St. Andrews Cathedral School
    Curtis BROWNING, Brisbane State High School
    Tom CONNOR, The Kings School
    Lindsay CROOK, The Southport School
    Steve CUMMINS, Hills State High School
    Tom CUSACK, Marist College, Pearce
    Clinton DALE, MacKillop Catholic College
    Tim DONLAN, St Ignatius College
    Tim DUCHESNE, Knox Grammar School
    Chris FEAUAI-SAUTIA, Brisbane State High School
    Jed GILLESPIE, The Kings School
    Malietoa HINGANO, St Augustine's College
    Lewis HOLLAND, St Edmunds College
    Jed HOLLOWAY, Waverley College
    Luke KEARY, Oakhill College, Castle Hill
    Boyd KILLINGWORTH, The Kings School
    Philip KITE, Nudgee College
    Apolosi LATUNIPULU, Newington College
    Sioeli-Pulu LUANI, Newington College
    Guy MILLAR, The Kings School
    Gary NEUGEBAUER, Hale School
    Maile NGAUAMO, Ipswich Grammar School
    Walter PETAIA, Brisbane State High School
    Sam REISER, Gregory Terrace
    Hugh ROACH, Newington College
    Dion TAUMATA, Keebra Park High School
    Michael WELLS, St Ignatius College
    Ed WYLIE, The Kings School,

    Australian Schoolboys 'A' Team,
    Jay ADKINS, Nudgee College
    Michael BERMINGHAM, Brisbane Grammar School
    Jack BRIDGES, Gregory Terrace
    Blake CULLEN, Ipswich Grammar School
    Grant DAVIES, Brisbane Grammar School
    Rhys DOMBKINS, St Augustine's College
    Stuart GOODMAN, Barker College
    Oliver HOSKINS, Scotch College
    Matthew HULME, St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill
    Stephen HUNT, Nudgee College
    Chris INGATE, The Kings School
    James KLASSEN, Villanova College
    Benn MELROSE, The Kings School
    Andy MOLIMAU, Cranbourne College
    Elijah PALUPE, Brisbane State High School
    Cameron PATRICK, Mountain Creek High School
    Georgio PHILLIPS, Nudgee College
    Andrew READY, Gregory Terrace
    Tim REID, The Kings School
    Joseph SWANN, Brisbane State High School
    Lausii TALIAULI, The Southport School
    Waldo WESSELS, Endeavour Sports High School

    In 2016, they are:

    Super Rugby Players:

    Super Rugby Squad Members:
    Sam REISER

    Aussie 7s:


    Luke KEARY

    Premier Rugby:
    Rhys BRODIE (last seen with Easts), Tom CONNOR (Randwick), Clinton DALE (last seen with Vikings ACT), Sioeli-Pulu LUANI (Eastwood, back from Loig - 9 games West Tigers, 4 Games USA, 3 games Tonga), Gary NEUGEBAUER (believed retired), Jay ADKINS (Qld Uni), Michael BERMINGHAM (Easts Qld), Rhys DOMBKINS (last seen with Manly), Chris INGATE (Sydney Uni), James KLASSEN (Easts Qld), Benn MELROSE (Sydney Uni), Andy MOLIMAU (Moorabbin), Elijah PALUPE (Last seen with Qld Uni), Tim REID (Last seen with Syd Uni), Waldo WESSELS (Southern Districts)

    Malietoa HINGANO (La Rochelle, France), Georgio PHILLIPS (CSM Stiinta Baia Mare, Romania)

    Lindsay CROOK (Last seen Aussie 7’s to U Cincinnati College Gridiron)

    Walter PETAIA
    Ed WYLIE (last seen with Syd Uni Colts)
    Jack BRIDGES
    Blake CULLEN
    Grant DAVIES
    Stuart GOODMAN (last seen with Syd Uni Colts)
    Matthew HULME (last seen with Syd Uni Colts)
    Stephen HUNT
    Cameron PATRICK
    Joseph SWANN
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  19. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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  20. Eyes and Ears Colin Windon (37)

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    Noticed Rhys Dombkins' name in Sydney Uni 3rd Grade.

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