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  1. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2018

    Good idea and team but they would destroy KQ as most of the KQ teams are pulled from all senior grades (even subbies) not just 1st grade.
  2. ikaletahi

    QLD TEAMS 2018

    So hes good enough for NRC but not good enough to play against GPS? fascinating.
  3. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2018

    totally agree - let the people have their milton mangoes on the hill!
  4. ikaletahi

    Reds 2019

    why has this forum moved to talking about children who wont or cant help the Reds win next year?
  5. ikaletahi

    Round 18 - Reds Vs Rebels - Jul 6, 7.45PM

    ....but they all still butcher every other Pacific Islander name with more than two syllables.
  6. ikaletahi

    Hurricanes v Reds

    Why would a winger run straight at a lock like that? what did he think was going to happen?
  7. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2018

    Souths wouldn’t let them score more points apparently. How dare they!
  8. ikaletahi

    NZ Domestic Rugby Competitions 2016

    I really hope those Otago and Southland jerseys were a one-off because they were horrible! They make the mid-90s Auckland jerseys look good ;)
  9. ikaletahi

    Brisbane City - NRC Team Official Thread

    Barring the travesty with Felsman, I think some people are confusing the difference between a real terrific team performance with individual performance. Fans of the filth would probably only be happy if all 15 guys from Brothers made the team but lets not forget that Souths won the premiership...
  10. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2016

    we gace
  11. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2016

    So will Elia be coaching on his own then?
  12. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2016

    I still can't fathom how some think that Dammers did a good job. All the mess that everyone says he fixed was completely his OWN doing.
  13. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2015

    Filth, i haven't been following the exact make up of the top four lately but I think that Uni and your boys will meet again in the GF. I actually think Brothers may be good for the title although the loss of those guys to o/s contracts may derail that - For a team of supposed silvertails, there...
  14. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2015

    hold the phone --- AJ Campbell didn't single handedly manhandle a pack of forwards this week?? sorry Fritz, I am going to agree with TOCC, his analysis of what went down is pretty accurate which is surprising as I feel Sanday is one of the better if not best THP in QPR. For mine, I can only see...
  15. ikaletahi

    QLD Premier Rugby 2015

    apologies - bit off topic but I think this needs some attention and this forum attracts a bit traffic - as much as we all love QPR, spare some thought for our State Womens Team, who are being asked to fork out $1000 for the honour of representing our state! I came across this issue via a...