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2022 Bledisloe Cup. Wallabies vs All Blacks

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Ken Catchpole (46)
For tackling someone?

And to answer your first question, I took that attitude because the referee sent our 9 to the bin for making a legit attempt to tackle a player around the legs from an onside position with no malicious intent or consequences. That’s why.
I agree with your sentiment, but it's just not seen that way anymore by world rugby referees.

You and I enjoy a different sport that no longer exists, I feel.


Jim Lenehan (48)
I’ve seen enough from Foley this game to put him ahead of Noah

Sure he was smoked in defence by Richie, but I reckon Noah would have been as well
Agreed. It's not a Cooper-esk return, but it's a pretty composed return to international rugby.
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