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AIC Rugby 2016

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Bob McCowan (2)
Ashgrove First XV

1. Jayden Arndell
2. Aidan Fabris
3. Emosi Tuqiri (U16)
4. Joseph Gavin
5. Ethan McCall (Returning)
6. Allan Wratten (Returning)
7. Nicholas Jenkins (Returning)
8. Max Midgley
9. Jaz Day (Returning)
10. Isaac De Flavis (Returning)
11. Callum McCarthy
12. Charlie Renouf
13. Ben Loff (Returning)
14. Tyson Cooper
15. Ben Bucknell (U16)
What was the final score against Eddies?


Bob McCowan (2)
Predictions for round 2???

Villa vs Ashgrove
St Peters vs Eddies
Lauries vs Iona
Pats vs Padua

Villa vs Ashgrove - Villa will have to dig deep this weekend. With ashgrove coming off a solid win i can only see them improving from now. Villa with a few injuries and maybe an injured 10 from what i heard. Ashgrove to win

St.Peters vs Eddies - After coming off an impressive win the saints spirit should be fairly high coming into eddies. Backs will dominate for Peter's. St.Peters to win

Lauries vs Iona - Very big round for both teams after losing last week. Should be a fairly close one but the experience of Iona should give them an edge over a younger lauries line up. Iona to win

Pats vs Padua - I would say the match of the round with both teams having very strong forward packs and nippy backs. Although i reckon that Padua skill in the backs and resilience in the forwards will get them the W quite comfortably. Padua to win


Stan Wickham (3)
IMHO Round 2….

Villa vs Ashgrove – hard to see Ashgrove getting beaten here – Villa struggled last Saturday and going by the wraps on this Ashgrove team on this forum it’s not whether they win but only a matter of how much they win by.
St Peters vs Eddies
– Peters surprised many last week sneaking under the radar but any time you score more than 50 points in a AIC 1st XV match you are doing something right – Eddies will be improved for the game against Ashgrove but Peters to prevail.

Lauries vs Iona – as predicted a better showing by Iona in round 1 but not sure even the super boot of their full back can get them home here – Lauries battled hard against Padua and will get away with this in a tight one
Pats vs Padua – hard to tip against the reigning premiers but if they can’t keep all their players on the field for the entire 70 mins (3 yellow cards in three weeks by the same player is poor form), they may struggle against Pats. This Pats age group has been good since Year 8 and I expect this to be a closer game than some others might think – Padua to win but they must be nearer to their best than they have been otherwise they might get a nasty shock.


Bob McCowan (2)
Easy wins for Ashgrove, St Peters and Lauries. St Pats need their front row toman up and play the game of there lives and maybe they could just prevail. If not Padua will grind them down. The teams a fairly even apart from no's 1-3, with the balance of the St Pats pack the equal of any in AIC.
Padua to win by 15 or so.


Frank Nicholson (4)
I've heard Rafter is set to play 2nd XV for MCA this weekend against Villa.. Come back from an injury (not too sure of specifics), will most likely cruise through the game, as already said - will leave a tough decision for MCA coaches for the game v Padua.


Bob McCowan (2)
MCA's whole season is focussed on Padua. Whilst StPats and Peters will be competitive they are likely 15 pts behind both of these teams. MCA v Padua is the premiership game. Rafter in the 2nds this weekend, and then maybe expect a late run on against Villa is the 1sts when the score is well over 50. If fit MCA will bet the house against Padua, he should play.


Bob McCowan (2)
The gap between MCA, Padua, Peters and St Pats and the rest of the field is enormous this year. St Pats won 29 zip against Iona on the weekend, but the penalty count against them was huge (something in the scrums) and to be honest that score flatters Iona who with the exception of one centre and there fullback were easily bettered man on man accross the park.
MCA's Cicket score against Eddies, the same for Peters
v a happless Villa, and Paduas comprehensive win against the once mighty Black and Gold leaves this years comp in a position where its very likely that as teams continue to get pulverised in men v boys games that some scores may crack the ton.
How far can Eddies fall in just 2 years ? why? Villa once were very competitive - now whipping boys, and St Lauries and Iona - Will history ever repeat?
It appears the rugby culture at MCA, Padua and St Pats is one of we are driven, we are winners. Its whats expected its what they do.
Lets hope the other schools who will get belted this year look closely at there programs and implement changes at both a cultural and developmental level for the sake of the AIC competition and the pride of the schools involved.


Darby Loudon (17)
Padua is looking Fairly set and on point going into the pats games with good kicking coming from the halves especially 10 , whos kicking game seems to be unrivalled through out the Comp. definelty an asset to Padua this year

What's the story with Ethan Pringle?

Is he back for Padua this week?

On a different note, do any of the SPC supporters give SPC a good chance of a win this week? Playing at home will be a big boost for them, but not sure if it will be enough to even the scales.


Frank Row (1)
What's the story with Ethan Pringle?

Is he back for Padua this week?

On a different note, do any of the SPC supporters give SPC a good chance of a win this week? Playing at home will be a big boost for them, but not sure if it will be enough to even the scales.

The game is actually being played at Banyo, Padua's home ground

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
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