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AIC Rugby 2016

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Wynnum Grad

Bob McCowan (2)
Iona College 1st 15 for the opening round last week against St Pat's

1) Joel Buningh (3rds 2015)
2) Angus Barker (Captain) (2nds 2015, bench 1st 15)
3) Tim Albion (4 games 1sts 2015, bench and 16A for rest)
4) Jerel Marchinski (16A's 2015)
5) Tom Bissett (16A's 2015, bench 1st 15)
6) Les Allan (16A's 2015)
7) Nathan Marshall (1st 15 2015)
8) Morgan Bishop (Injured 2015/16A's)
9) Charlie Wooten (16A's 2015)
10) Alex Sinclair (16A's 2015)
11) Cooper Clayton (16A's and 1st 15 2015)
12) Joe Ward (played #10 1st 15 2015)
13) Nathan Albury (16A's 2015)
14) Jay Keenan (16A's 2015)
15) Wil Feeney (1st 15 2015)

Notable absences:-

Brandt Quinn - started at centre in all 1st 15 games in 2015, played 2nds
Callum Fisher - 16A's winger in 2015, played 2nds
John Stevens - Trialled at hooker in all trials then played 2nds

A team with a lot of experience and potential but lacking in size to be competitive with Pats, Ash and Padua.

Should account for Lauries this weekend, will beat Villa and Eddies. Haven't seen Peters this year so not sure if they have made enough changes to win against Iona. A mid-field finish for Iona with its new coaches Ben Devlin and James Cassidy.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Callan Henschke replacing Aidan Fabris this week at #2 who is out with a minor shoulder injury. I imagine it's just a precaution before playing Padua next week.

Rafter to start for the 2nds.


Frank Nicholson (4)
First points to St Pats. Converted try. Nice props try. 6 for Padua yellow card. Again. Big unit but a liability.


Stan Wickham (3)
Ashgrove 72 - Villa 0.

Will go so far to say that Villanova side is the worst I've seen in a couple of years. Absolutely woeful.

Ashgrove players were solid without being spectacular with the exception of Tyson Cooper. Outstanding footwork and speed. MCA could've definitely done with some tougher competition today considering their match against Padua next week.

Rafter played 2nds and came of the bench in the second half replacing Tuquiri. Fabris also not playing, unsure why (dropped?). His replacement nothing too special.

Next week we're in for a cracker at MCA.

Wynnum Grad

Bob McCowan (2)
Iona won 13 to 12 over SLC.
2 penalties and a converted try for Iona to 1 converted and one unconverted for SLC.
Feeney went off early in second half injured.

Greg Hemmings

Bob McCowan (2)
Padua won 19-7, the game was closer than the score demonstrates, the ref was ordinary, Padua played very sloppy, a lot of drop ball and gradually improved into the second half. Pats was on their heels the whole game.


Herbert Moran (7)
A few more cricket scores this weekend. Ashgrove and Peters seem to be the most in form teams with Padua still winning but don't appear to be at their best. There hasn't been much talk about Peters. Can anyone make a comment on them? It looks like they are the real deal.


Bob McCowan (2)
No 7 for Ash injured? Any update. Ialso hrard a few injuries for Padua?

St Pats season isnt over, Its a 4 way contest between MCA, Pabua, Peters and themselves.

Who played well for St Pats?

MCA No 10 played pretty well against Villa, but hard to judge alround and how MCA are going as this Villa's team is on life-support.


Frank Nicholson (4)
St.Peters smallish pack pushing above its weight and very mobile, turning over Eddies pack a few times today. Small but accurate and quick ball scrum half, strong attacking back line. Good hands in general, few knock ons today. Overall though a squad that plays for each other as a team and most played 1st XV last year. NZ Tour pre-season was tough on the squad but looks like it helped a lot. Today the structure went a bit awry after a while but with a 50 something lead it looked like they were resorting to playing Sevens and gave 16A's subs a run.
I expect a different story against bigger packs of Padua and Ashgrove. Lauries will hopefully give a tougher test next week.


Larry Dwyer (12)
May I suggest that the Sports Directors of AIC schools place some more effort in choosing coaches for their schools 1st teams. Two weeks in a row I have witness appalling behavior form Coaches. The coaches are representing the schools just as much as the students, and from I have seen lately the students are doing a much better job than the coaches.

Today at runcorn the two SLC coaches fronted the ref. in the middle of the field at full time, the conversation was very aggressive and very poor example for the players and spectators,

One more message to those coaches, let the ref ref your job is to coach, and if you pay more attention to your coaching rather than reffing from the sideline your players will only benefit and possibly win a game or two,


Larry Dwyer (12)
Iona won 13 to 12 over SLC.
2 penalties and a converted try for Iona to 1 converted and one unconverted for SLC.
Feeney went off early in second half injured.

Yea that's really going to hurt Iona, would have been the 15 for AIC,

the standout for me was the replacement winger for iona only play for the last 15mins but had a real impact, I been told play in the centres last year in the first but due to various reason first game this season

The 15 for SLC was also impressive

Matt Fisherman

Frank Row (1)
Padua vs St Pats
Padua winning 17-7
Pats came out strong and scored points first but unfortunately couldn't hold on.
Michael wood could not be stopped with ball however got sin binned for the fourth time in a row
Game was very sloppy and like every other week for Padua it was in the forwards
Pats backs played better then Padua with paduan backs doing nothing but good defence. 9 and 10 for pats played much better then paduas halves combination. If Padua want to win they need to change that combination soon. Padua vs Ashgrove next week, expect a big game

Square Bear

Frank Row (1)
How many yellow cards in one season can one player receive before some form of consequence or dicinplary action is taken?
If rugby is to be classed as more than just a game but life lessons, then why is there a first XV player still able to take the field after receiveing three in three consecutive weeks, and now as of this afternoon four.
From a schools sport point of view this should have some form of consequence surely?
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