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AIC Rugby 2016

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Jimmy Flynn (14)
Seems the Villa boys have finally had enough after seeing their rubbish team get thrashed by 131 in two weeks. :p

On a more alarming note, I've recently heard that SPLC have failed to field any rugby teams in the U14's. If this is true, I'd say some serious questions have to start being asked in regards to SPLC's participation in the AIC competition, regardless of how their First XV are going.

Matt Fisherman

Frank Row (1)
Hopefully see a few new faces on the bench for Firsts this week from the Padua 16A's performance against St pats. Was lucky enough to witness a lot of talent on display and hope to see more of this in the coming weeks.


Bob McCowan (2)
This coming week we will see the 2 front runners battle it out at Marist. Padua probably have the slight edge up front but the 9 and 10 for Marist are superb. Padua will have blown alot of gas last weekend. Marist had tough games in Sydney with the last 2 weeks being nothing more than training runs. Im yet to see Padua this year. I have seen both Marist and St Pats. I was impressed with the St Pats forwards and from all accounts they play as a unit. I think Marst would account for them just. Marists inside backs are the key. Marist hold Padua in the forwards (which I think they can do with the return of Rafter and there regular hooker), and there 9/10 will control the game. Playing at Ashgrove infront of the Ashgrove home crowd will add 10 points of courage to this Ashgrove team - winning is in the schools culture, and they want it badly.
On another note whilst we harp on abt the AIC comp its probable that both Padua and Ash would most likely both finish in the bottom 3 of the GPS comp beating BGS and just possibly only one other. It is still boys v men in the semi-pro league.


Alfred Walker (16)
would have to agree. Watching BBC put 65 points on Ashgrove last year was like boys v men. And that was a week before Ashgroves 1st match and a whole term before BBC started training!And BBC only came 3rd!!And then GPS 1 beats AIC 1 by 55 at qld trials before the GPS season started.
Size is main difference most GPS schools have teams of 18 year olds

Richie Hardox

Frank Row (1)
Agree, should be a cracking game and the match of not only the round but the entire season. Concerns for Ashgrove coaching staff, is Rafter fit enough for a game of this pace. I believe he has only played 60 odd minutes of football in 6 weeks ? Decision time for Ash coaches, they need mobile fit pack to keep up with Padua. Ash backs are the best in the comp for mind, the pack needs Arndell, Fabris, Mc Call, Gavin, Wratten and Midgley to keep doing what they have been doing, although they have dominated far weaker teams, you can see that they get to the breakdown and do their job, they are well drilled and set it up for the backs. This happens then Ashgrove should get the money.

Return of the Jedi

Frank Row (1)
Re Marist game, Ashgrove will have to improve with structured plays to play to potential. I would say that only three or four of the boys would have been totally happy with their efforts on Saturday. The second XV were even more inconsistent although their opposition put up much more of a fight. There were no major issues with the refs in both games and if anything there could have been more penalties for ruck infringements from both sides.

Villa obviously has issues. The intriguing part is their 2nds appear to have a least a few boys with more ability than the 1sts. Their 2nds redhead captain was streets ahead of their 1sts forwards, ran very strong and I think he scored the only Villa try in the Opens. Possibly been injured and returning through the seconds (?) but then he didn't then seem to even be on the bench for the firsts.

The other area of concern for Ashgrove was that the strength of our scrum was not really technically tested and this does little to prepare them for the stronger teams. The 2nds did not even have contested scrums.


Frank Nicholson (4)
I would bring Rafter in for Arndell for this weekend for MCA. He was one of the standout players last season. And then I'd bring Arndell of the bench early in the second because his workrate is very impressive and he may just inject that energy that the pack will need.

I have heard that the 7 may be out for the season with an injury (hamstring). Not too sure who they'll bring in (2nds or 16A's).

I think the scrums this weekend will be fairly evenly matched, both teams have large forward packs.. however if I had to pick a side I'd go with Ashgrove just due to the size of their front row (Rafter an excellent scrummager) and the return of Fabris.

As said numerous times - this will surely be the game of the round.. Massive crowd expected too.

Richie Hardox

Frank Row (1)
Mmmmm maybe Rafter in, but not a lot of game time at all this season, which could be a major downfall. As you said Arndell work rate is very high and that's what you need in big games. Obviously coaches decision, three props there with Tuqiri maybe use him off the bench and swap with Rafter. Tough call, Rafter, yes form prop last year, but no game time and limited contact is a concern in such a big match. Tuqiri I don't think will go the entire game, could've been a master stroke last week start with Tuqiri and swap with Rafter. From what I have seen from 4 Ash games this year I would pick Arndell gets the prize for work rate, but smallish without being tiny, but will match it with most packs, Tuqiri has size but slow to vital parts of the game, Rafter has the experience but fitness a major concern.

Good position to be in for Ash coaching staff


Frank Row (1)
Villa face numerous cultural issues; The coaching over the last 5 years has simply been abysmal Also long time friend and "brother" of a large majority of 1st XV players faced a run in with Villa which resulted in him leaving - This created a void within the school and contributed to the already failing culture of the school.


Stan Wickham (3)
Majority saying Ashgrove favourites this weekend?

it's difficult to say favourite but it is only a two horse race and you have to pick one - Playing at home could be edge needed to decide this, however I still believe Ashgrove backs will have too much flair and speed for Padua - expect the forward battle to be very physical - Wratten, McCall etc v Woods, Chapman etc for the 'Testosterone Cup' will be worth watching


Frank Row (1)
May not get to see some of those match ups. Word is that there were a number of injuries/concussions from the Pats game last week amongst the Paduan boys.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Ashgrove have been doing some training sessions with BGS.
Been told that Ashgrove backline is looking red hot.
Re: Ash forwards. Chatter about the usual suspects but nobody talking about Joe Gavin. Possibly the dominant lock at the moment.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Ashgrove have been doing some training sessions with BGS.
Been told that Ashgrove backline is looking red hot.
Re: Ash forwards. Chatter about the usual suspects but nobody talking about Joe Gavin. Possibly the dominant lock at the moment.

Agreed about Gavin. Definitely underrated. Him and McCall big and ruthless in defence and the breakdown.

jeff bridges

Frank Row (1)
Ashgrove Lineup
1.Jayden Arndell
2.Aidan Fabris?(Not sure about shoulder)
3.Emosi Tuqiri
4.Ethan Mccall
5.Joe Gavin
6.Allan Wratten
7.Nick Jenkins?(possible injury)
8.Max Midgley
9.Jaz Day
10.Isaac Deflavis
11.Callum Mccarthy
12.Charlie Renouf
13.Ben Loff
14.Tyson Cooper
15.Ben Bucknell

Seems like a hot team for this weekend, however haven't had a tough game yet, will be interesting to see how they stand up to a large Padua side, either way will be a great game
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