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AIC Rugby 2016

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Greg Hemmings

Bob McCowan (2)
Padua is touring the UK and France over 3 weeks in the Easter holiday period just in time for the Rugby season. They usually take 35-40 boys every two years on this but this year just over 60 will be touring and that should definitely lift team spirit, unity and good game plans for all 16's and open teams in 2016.


Larry Dwyer (12)
hot of the press, League is coming back to IONA, and will be completing in the Confraternity Shield this year.

Blue & white

Billy Sheehan (19)
AIC 1 Prediction 2016
1. Jed Chapman
2. Liam Usher
3. Tom Rafter
4. Ethan McCall
5. Michael Woods
6. James Clarke/Nathan Marshall/Bradyn Rees
7. Sonny Ah San
8. Owen McCarron
9. Jaz Day
10. Isaac DeFlavis
11. Michael Cheer
12. Ethan Pringle
13. Morne Knop
14. Oli Fitzgerald
15. Will Feeney

This Team would dominate any GPS team during the course of the Queensland Titles.

your kidding right??
the combined score for GPS v AIC for last 2 years is 110-5
BBC came 3 rd last year in GPS and beat Ashgrove 60 to 5 in a trial


Allen Oxlade (6)
Of course it's not correct. However, they will need a salary cap within the GPS competition soon its that crazy.

Brandon Lopes

Frank Row (1)
You are all forgetting about and upcoming superstar in Edward Short out of Iona College. Edward was the top try scorer in the BJRU competition last season. He is an emerging 18U's Reds star. He has been guaranteed a spot in the 1XV Iona College linup. He is being considered a position in the College's back line, but it may be difficult for him to get a spot in the back line as it is already stacked with Brandt Quinn and William Feeney (may play fullback). If Edward cannot secure his spot in the backline he will without a doubt end up as a Flanker, as Teal Dovey is out and unable to play his last season for the College due to injury and will put Nathan Marshal into the number 4 position.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Having said that .....when you have a look at who /what got away from the Reds over time and who was retained and for why ....it's a head scratcher

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
GPS Salary Cap Sid ?


Blue & white

Billy Sheehan (19)
Of course it's not correct. However, they will need a salary cap within the GPS competition soon its that crazy.

your probably right . But your point is ????
of the 9 Qld boys in Aussie Schools team last year they were all from GPS schools.
all schools give out academic scholarships - so what is the problem.? good luck Iona this year.
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