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AIC Rugby 2018

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Ali Barber

Allen Oxlade (6)
The overall level of fitness from Padua was poor. Their forwards are nowhere near fit enough and this pretty much told the story of the game. They butchered all the early field advantage simply because they couldnt re-line quick enough and protect their own ball more than 3 x phases. A lot of willing “oomph” in a lot of early one out stuff - but outside some physicality in a few carries - the MCA forwards werent really seriously challenged.

Padua Rugby intel is low too . With all the penalty advantage why keep opting for the lineout when you were getting towelled ( great game by Jacob Heinke btw - assuming he was the MCA 5 jumping at the 2 spot)

Downes also eye catching as were Hogan ( 10 ) and McLeod ( 15 ) as MCA’s best

Got to agree with Kick and Chase - Hogan looked sharper than Heenan - passing mechanics , acceleration - overall movement. DH had a couple of nice tactical kicks in behind the defense in the first 15m , but outside of that I think Hogan looked more complete on the day - which didn’t really have much to go with the disparity in fitness and how well drilled the MCA forwards were

Didn’t really pick up Rozka much ( ?? )
Quite literally Padua were not very good anywhere in play. The forwards although spirited for the first 20 ran out of gas and never challenged again. The backs were on the back foot and also ran out of options and to kick for touch within Penalty range was a mistake x 3 opportunities lost. A Nudgee old boy said DH was at a 2hr fitness session this morning at 7am. He can’t do that again and expect to be sharp by 2pm. Not very clever.
I fear the AIC is going to be a one horse Minx race and MCA should be gifted a run in our GPS on a couple of Bye weekends. I did hear LTW will play against Pats. Is that a bit risky, I can’t see Pats coming within cooee of Ash at the moment.


Darby Loudon (17)
Re MCA v Padua, I thought the sting went out of the game as soon as Tevaga was sent off, becoming pretty tame and predictable and even a bit boring.

However, the MCA forwards already looked much fitter and better drilled to that point, particularly in defence, and it also looked like their backs just needed to settle a bit before eventually taking control.

I thought the Ash centres struggled for combination early, which is hardly surprising given they were playing their first game together, and LTW was certainly missed. Not having Luke Ford at 9 is also a blow, although Stephens was OK today.

McLeod at 15 looks like a really nice player with good size and feet, and once KVD got over a case of the fumbles he was pretty dominant, scoring 3 tries. When LTW gets back the MCA backs should be very hard to stop.

As GO said, Roszka was reasonably quiet today, Downes and White were very busy but I thought Lachy Howse at 7 was probably MCA's best forward before going off.

I'm sure the MCA coaches would be happy enough tonight, a pretty average performance at best today but at least they didn't have to spend much petrol before travelling down to Iona next week for a tough game.


Herbert Moran (7)
Does anyone else think Bruce Tevaga was hard done by getting a red card? Yes it was a careless shot but surely that was only a yellow card. 14 players for the majority of the game is pretty rough. Marist definitely the better team. A slow start for the boys but their class class really showed as time went on


Ward Prentice (10)
No the Red was the correct call - he targeted the man not the ball. Knocked himself abt in doing it, which was justice. He was going to be taken off for that concussion in any event so red card or not his game was over. May be able to play next week given he left via the red. He really needs to focus on his attributes and become a reliable weapon and a smarter rugby player. His absence cost his team today. Not saying that it would have made a huge difference in the outcome but he is critical for them notwithstanding playing a man down for the remaining 60min was a no win situation against MCA. A day that he will always remember.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
OK after yesterday's results I have the updated Owens book as at the end of April as follows :

Marist - $1.50
Iona - $2.50
SPLC - $8.00
SPC - $12.00
Padua - $15.00
SLC - $50.00
Villa - $50.00
Eddies - $100.00

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Premiership round next week with the Iona forward pack being the only pack ( on paper ) that can challenge Marist forwards

A bit of value in SPLC - they have a couple of young guys in their team that can make a genuine difference to a result - their 15 especially , I believe , is the best back talent in AIC and is capable of game winning moments on his own - similar to what Hamiso Tabai Fidow did for FNQ in JGC Carnivals and for Brisbane Grammar while he was there.

I'll reserve my comments on the 2nd guy in their team for now - I'll only say that I believe he will be a big surprise packet to other teams this season and no one has really seen coming for the last 2 to 3 years .

SPLC have a chance at an upset or two this season


Chris McKivat (8)
Lauries were a mile off the pace yesterday. Scored first off a chargedown and then it was all Peters. Red Card to the #8 midway through the first half for a dangerous tackle (which was a yellow at worst - refs seem to have no game sense at all) ended the game, also the fact he was the only Lauries forward that had a bit of mongrel about him. Peters were already well on top at that point however. They dominated at the breakdown, had more physicality and ran through the defence with ease. The #15 looks a decent player. They will be beat teams this year but i can't see them beating Ash, Iona or Pats. Lauries looked clueless in attack, the lineout was a mess (particularly after the #5 went off injured) and the defence was terrible. It was painful to watch, although the whole decade has been painful. The #7 had a crack in the second half but he went off injured as well. Where is Lamin at the moment? A long season ahead and again the question is asked, when is something going to be done about the Rugby program and the Director of Sport - because the Old Boys and supporters have had an enough of these embarrassing results.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
How good was John Downes yesterday ?

I thought he really set the tone for the match with his defensive work rate and physicality . He looked determined and completely switched on to the task. Let's face it the only thing Padua could do was bash away one out ( must be a league thing )

Looking ahead to QLD 1 and 2 - if he can maintain that kind of physicality and effort and make gains in his set piece he will legitimately challenge for a jersey . Big competition in the front row with Zane ( TSS ) Romeo and Noah Zuna ( IGS ) Big Melvin ( GT ) and of course the Iona boys .......and that's without even referencing a couple of hidden gems in the GPS Comp most aren't aware of as yet

However ....very impressed with John Downes and Jacob Heinke yesterday and think they can legitimately challenge if they can maintain that type of consistency

Confucius Say

Nev Cottrell (35)
Good to hear regading MCA injuries, though I heard someone mention doubt over the No 10.
No 8 for Padua should really consider sitting out a week or 2 to clear his head.
Will LTW be available later in the season for MCA? Hats off to the MCA No 10 replacement. Slight kid who played above his weight and directed traffic well. MCA No 7 best onfield today.
Villa v SPC??
Looking at the latest odds, my assumption is that St.Pat beat VNC quite convincingly?

Iona strength in backs but sounds like MCA will be a tough line to crack.

Justin Mitchell

Frank Row (1)
After a solid outing for the boys of Iona, Eddies do have some real talent. No 13 and 8 are incredibly good with big tackles and hits and work around that rucks. Iona way to good on the day with some outstanding moves and tries. No 8, 6, 12 & 13, 14 look very strong... but is it enough to take down the Marist boys next week in a challenging but what will be sured a cracking afternoon of rugby.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
With Darcy Stevens and Finocchiaro upfront Iona would figure to go all right in the tight stuff . Like all AIC Teams not named Marist it depends on how seriously they take their strength / fitness prep and basic drilling re : catch /pass , on ball etc

They are some very good prospects at other AIC Schools - and who may well have better athletic capacity than their opponents ( IE the best "units" combined with raw talent over the last few years have really mainly come St Pats and Padua to a lesser degree - but - a lot of what finally happens comes down to preparation and this is where MCA have the march on the rest of the AIC at the moment

@Ali Barber - perhaps an AIC Premiers v Downlands Cup in June -the winner earns the right to play GPS Bye Rounds for that season

It might interfere with AIC ( and a large number of their students ) commitment to league in Term 3 - either Confraternity Shield or Club

The "best of" AIC and "best of" Downlands get their shot at the GPS guys ( 1, 2 and 3 ) through June anyway so not sure there would be much desire to increase more competition in Term 3 when School and Boys are moving on to other interests ( and fair enough too )

Justin Mitchell

Frank Row (1)
Maybe. Battle of the backs. What did you think of Iona forward Justin?

The Iona forwards are rather quite deceiving, although they aren't the biggest pack in the comp but they are very strong and fantastic at the breakdown, Their fitness is really god so if Iona are to win next week it will be in the second half.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Did they only pack 4x men scrums in the U16 Rep last year ?

With Blayke Rozka and Ben Geraghty representing on Red that would be 50%

Or maybe it was 3 x men scrums on White ( given John Downes is so strong he counts for 1.5 players )

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Anyway .....I hope you are right Justin . Would be good for the competition to see another 1 or 2 teams ( if Iona and Peters fit that bill this season ) that are strong on the ball and in their post defense which is where a lot of these games may ultimately be decided

Confucius Say

Nev Cottrell (35)
One additional MCA forward is from under 15 Red I believe. He is in Reds development squad with Fox and Tevaga from Padua and several GPS boys. One ex-MCA also in the squad.

The rumour is that this year there not trialling AIC v GPS game. In its place is the concept of 3 combined squads selected and will play in a selection trial for QLD I and II schools teams for national competition in Sydney.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Interesting rumour and probably one that needs to come true - and may well come true in time given the trend for more diversity

GPS Trials still going ahead on May 19 ( TSS ) and June 2 ( Wests ) for 1 , 2 and 3 teams
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