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AIC Rugby 2019

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Lauries would have scored another 2 or 3 tries if not for some basic handling errors.

No 8, John Bryant - a barnstorming performance and the Lauries scrum toyed with Pats and had it over them in the tight. The Pats 8 also very good as was their busy No 7 who despite his size had a whale of a game .

Lauries 15 and Pats 10 other notable mentions

Both teams with stout defense . Good to see.


I know it’s not 1st 15 but the Iona 8As beat Marist 64-0.
Iona tight head prop best under 13/14 in Brisbane I reckon


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
The Courier Mail is looking to cover the AIC as they did GPS last year.

On line at least.

They cover St Peters today and there's an all time AIC team (somewhat predictable) as well.

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
Who is on this all time AIC team?

I decided to add the DNA of TAS which enabled me to include a couple of well deserving blokes

1. Neil Betts ( SLC )
2. Brendan Cannon ( SLC )
3. Dan Crowley ( SLC )
4. David Giffin ( Redeemer College )
5. John Eales ( MCA )
6. Mark Connors ( SLC )
7. Ed Quirk ( Iona )
8. Ben Mowen ( Villanova )
9. Des Connor ( MCA )
10. Cooper Cronk ( SLC )
11. Drew Mitchell ( SPC )
12. Andrew Slack ( Villanova )
13. Dan Herbert ( MCA )
14. Brendan Moon ( MCA )
15. Paul McLean ( SEC )

16. Nev Cottrell ( SLC )
17 Fletcher Dyson ( John Paul College )
18. Liam Usher ( Padua )
19. Sam Scott Young ( MCA )
20. Chilla Wilson ( MCA )
21. Rod Hauser ( SPLC )
22. David L’Estrange ( MCA )
23. Paddy Batch ( MCA )
24. Anthony Herbert ( MCA - Utility and Touring Specialist)


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member

Drew Mitchell (St Patricks)

Wingers: Jeff McLean (St Edmunds)

Brendan Moon (Marist Ashgrove)


Andrew Slack (Villanova)

Daniel Herbert (Marist Ashgrove)


Paul McLean (St Edmunds)


Des Connor (Marist Ashgrove)

Backrow: Bill McLean (St Laurence’s), Charles Wilson (Marist Ashgrove), Sam Scott-Young (Marist Ashgrove)

Second row:

John Eales (Marist Ashgrove)

Mark Connors (St Laurence’s)

Front row

Nev Betts (St Laurence’s)

Nev Cottrell (St Laurence’s)

Dan Crowley (St Laurence’s)

Coach: John Connolly (Marist Ashgrove)

Manager: Doubles Daley (St Laurence’s)


Ward Prentice (10)
MCA def SPLC in ordinary conditions. More MCA supporters than Peters. Infact more Padua boys having a look than Peters (and an SLC camera man filming the match).


Ward Prentice (10)
Game should have been called off at 3/4 time.
No for and against so a win by 1 is the same as 50.
Good to see the Marist team make replacments late. Lots of Year 11s I assume. No 6 for Marist awsome. Year 11 I think? Hope the SLC film was for the Marist boarding house????
Will be a good match up this year between the traditional rivals.


Ward Prentice (10)
Im aware that round 1 is this coming weeken and Marist played yesterday at Peters request. When did the others play or were they trials.

Ali Barber

Allen Oxlade (6)
MCA def SPLC in ordinary conditions. More MCA supporters than Peters. Infact more Padua boys having a look than Peters (and an SLC camera man filming the match).

I don't know why AIC or SPLC would allow another school other than the team they were opposing onto their grounds conducting any video recording It wouldn't be tolerated at a GPS game, nor would it be requested. Participating schools only.