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AIC Rugby 2020


Bob McCowan (2)

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Bill Watson (15)
Wow, what a week of posts on this thread. Not much teaching going on some days clearly!

A week is a long time in AIC so I expect a few more twists tomorrow with the absence of round 1 nerves. Pats will be out to make amends for the 2018 loss at home - a game they led at half time by 1 point from memory but then MCA too strong in the second half. Ashgrove looks very strong and this game will reveal much about Padua's chances next week.

I am looking forward to seeing the Villa boys bounce back from an unlucky result and whether Lauries can continue their winning run. I am tipping another 2 close south side games with still plenty to play for, especially if Villa and Peters win!

Eddies would have learnt plenty from last week and will give Padua plenty to think about, particularly if they are not switched on for this game and thinking about the Marist game.

Hoping for good open, clean rugby and no more serious injuries. Good luck boys, coaches and parents.

Any team lists for tomorrow yet Reg?

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Bill Watson (15)
Out of interest, does anyone know the Finals schedule for Opens?

Will the First XV final (Pool A First v Pool B First) be a standalone game that everyone can attend?


Sydney Middleton (9)
Scout, any chance you have the links for todays games? Cheers.

MCA 8A's won about 60-0


Colin Windon (37)
I’m a good luck charm for SLC. Just flicked on the SLC-St Peters rugby stream - tuned in with 20 to go, Lauries down 22-6. Came home flying, scoring a converted try on the siren to win 23-22.


Colin Windon (37)
Yeah, I’d love to get some comments from someone about the first 50 mins of the match. Peters has clearly built up a good lead but from when I tuned in SLC were rampaging home. Again, like last week, the Lauries #8 was immense. Some huge runs, scored a try, and maybe 3 or 4 ruck turnovers? SLC #15 looked good too.

Some big boys in the St Peters pack. The #6 and #8 are huge lads and played well from what I saw.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Villa 19 shut out Iona 7. Iona bombed a couple of long range tries at the start, then couldn't win a lineout to save themselves. Villa's defence won the day + they took points when they went down into the Iona 22. Iona's only points came 6 minutes from the end. 2nds went to Iona, which means both the 1sts and the 2nds southside pool is still up for grabs.

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Peter Burge (5)
A cliffhanger at St Peter's. Lauries getting up at the death with a conversion. Massive St Peters pack were very physical but SLC wanted it more I think. SPLC best were 6band 8. Lauries was a mighty team effort. 15 looked good today. Strong win by the SLC seconds too.

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Bill Watson (15)
Watched the replay. It was the story of two corner shops going at each other - Laurie's Pick n Go v Peter's Wall.

Peters were clinical early and raced to a 22-6 lead. Curious tactics from Lauries to have three shots at penalty (kicked 2) because they didn't get many chances in Peter's half again. Peter's lost both wingers - one in the first half to a head slam (SLC 12 lucky to stay on the field) and then their 14 had a brain snap and was red carded. This was telling as Peter's tired and SLC took the chances against 14.

Worth a look at this game if you haven't seen the replay. The SLC 8 must have sore shoulders tonight - he was enormous with attack workload and made some key breakdown steals.

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Bill Watson (15)
Pats gave Ashgrove a scare early but were then dominated by a classy XV with some outstanding tries from all over the park. MCA lost their captain to injury and trust he will be ok for the future games. Too much depth for Pats in the Marist team but Paddies never gave up.