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AIC Rugby 2022

Torpedo Punt

Herbert Moran (7)
What a way to kick off 2022. Ambrose Treacy have a massive foot in the door with an invitation to "Fill in" wherever schools have a non contest from another school. They might be playing all over the city on any given Saturday but this will surely end up being in the seconds in the St Peters round. Not a bad thing..plenty of rugby culture there.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
yeah - they'll be a 'guest' for athletics, swimming and cross country and a fill in for other areas - likely cricket, rugby and perhaps football, basketball and volleyball (if that is in AIC?)

A small step...


Bob McCowan (2)
All the First XV coaches seems to be locked in for next year. With Lauries, Peters and Eddies the only schools to have the same coaches, the rest of the crew all new. Should be an interesting year ahead. Should be another great year of AIC footy.