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AIC Rugby 2022

Torpedo Punt

Herbert Moran (7)
What a way to kick off 2022. Ambrose Treacy have a massive foot in the door with an invitation to "Fill in" wherever schools have a non contest from another school. They might be playing all over the city on any given Saturday but this will surely end up being in the seconds in the St Peters round. Not a bad thing..plenty of rugby culture there.


Bob McCowan (2)
All the First XV coaches seems to be locked in for next year. With Lauries, Peters and Eddies the only schools to have the same coaches, the rest of the crew all new. Should be an interesting year ahead. Should be another great year of AIC footy.
Chats as dead as a door knob, any predicted line ups yet, what teams have been training already, who do we think the premiership race is between this year I’ve heard it’s a close age group.


You're right Analysis 101, been far too quiet. I'll throw in my 2 cents.

Will be an interesting year. Marist have quite a few boys returning, with strong contributors from this year Harry Gould in the front row, Pat Gavin in the 2nd row, and Condon, Barry and Tierney in the backs. 2nds won a premiership with quite a few year 11's, and some big improvers in the year 10 cohort. With Anthony Mathison in the coaching group will be a threat. Laurie's must start as favourites though. Good to see they have got their act together. Du Plessis will have them ready to go and many backing up from their premiership this year. Will miss Jackson. Goss and Holt in the forwards though. Nedanic backing up will have a lot of weight on his shoulders, but very impressive this year.

Iona have always been the strongest in this cohort but didn't look so good this year, really missed Quinn at Fullback. However, They did share a premiership in the 2nds with MCA (I don't care what the AIC website says, SLC BEAT Marist in the 1st round 27-5, NOT the other way around. Surprised this has not been mentioned before). Their 10 A's did seem to drop a bit, but I still expect them to be a strong contender.

Padua will be good too, but I need input from others. Not sure on those backing up but their head of rugby has been working hard to get a solid program together and it seems to be reaping dividends with premierships in 10A's, 9A's and 8A's. Watch this space.

Of the others expect Eddie's to keep improving on results this year. Better showing from the opens teams and a good if not great year 10 cohort. Peter's have 7 forwards returning, not sure on backs depth though. Can never tell who will rock up though so expect they will cover whatever weaknesses they need to. Expect a few new faces. Pat's and Villa are a bit vulnerable. Reasonable results from year 10 has them looking better for 2023.

3 Iona
4 Padua
5 Peters
6 Eddies
7 Pats
8 Villa



Arch Winning (36)
Good post Bluebag. I can really only comment a bit on SLC - as you said some good players have graduated but I recall last year two of their best were the #12 and #13, who I’m pretty sure are back again this year as Year 12s. So that’s good from a combinations perspective. The #12 in particular had a storming 2021, so I’m keen to see how he goes in his final season.


Thanks Drewprint. Yep, Looking forward to that match up. I knew #12 Mikael Ibrahim was backing up. Wasn't sure about #13 Woods but cheers for the heads up. Both had cracking years this year, great combination and caused headaches for all teams they faced.

Tasman Barry will move from the wing to the centres and most likely will be joined by Sam Cheetham, Both in the 188-190cm and 95kg+ range and both played centres in the MCA 1st XIII league team this year. So will be a heavyweight clash in the centres.

Cannot wait to see that!
Padua can’t be underestimated aswell I feel as if they will go close but as I said earlier this age group is very hard to judge and bluebag’s ladder seemed like the most accurate result but we will have to wait and see what a year it will be. Anyone know what the tours will most likely be for the school, will be interested to see if some school opt out of ballymore cup to tour somewhere like Sydney ect.


Stan Wickham (3)
You’d have to think the dark horses are Iona, strong across most grades, a handful of Mal M league players and a fair bit of size as well. I recall watching a pretty handy fullback and centre that will be in the team.

I think Kefu is the coaching director there so he will have a decent program set up.

Any Iona boys thoughts on this years team?
Well iona won it all the years I’m pretty sure from grade 5 and onwards except grade 10 where they shared with mca, so yes if anything they should be the favourites for premiers but now it seems as if Laurie’s have the strongest looking team


Sydney Middleton (9)
Congratulations to the 4 AIC boys from the class of 2020 who have been selected in the junior Wallabies squad.

Floyd Aubrey and Nick Baker (MCA)
John Bryant (SLC)
Keynan Tauakipulu (SPLC)

Well done lads.
Just have spoken to a few people I know around MCA they still do have a few options such as Gilbert Donaldson he played a few minutes for the firsts last year and also there’s a chance Toby Anderson could slide into the second row