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And The Other Autumn Internationals '22


Michael Lynagh (62)
Thought we could do with a thread for the rest of the international matches apart from the All Blacks & Wallabies.

Ireland v South Africa could be the game of the round. But I'm actually picking Italy v Samoa. The Samoan XV has some big (nay, massive) guns in what seems to be their full strength team. Saracens monster Theo McFarland with Jordan Taufau, Fritz Lee, Seuteuni at 13. Good ol' mate Rodney Iona is still clipping around at 10.

Whereas Italy are missing Capuuuuuoozzzzoooo (see: great commentary) and a few others. But have retained new Melbourne Rebel Monty Ioane. Real chance for Samoa to get one up on the Azzuri.

Games this weekend in AEDT:
Italy v Samoa 12am
Scotland v Fiji 12am
Ireland v South Africa 4.30am

Georgia v Uruguay 1am
England v Argentina 1.15am


John Eales (66)
Samoa could maybe knock over Italy, and Fiji/Scotland game could be interesting if Fiji got their best line up, though Scotland were pretty good against Wallabies last week. Poms will be too strong for Pumas I guess.
But the beauty game could/should be Ireland-South Africa. Will be watching this one live I thinking!


Geoff Shaw (53)
Italy are going to beat us going off this Samoa match.
Given that we will get pretty beat up this week, I suspect you maybe right as we will be well into the A team for personnel. I know our A team has gone pretty well, but the Italians appeared to be well drilled and able to score at will. Maybe we should have been more adventurous in our selections this week to keep some experience up our sleeve for next week to assure we got the win against Italy.
If we lose tomorrow and have to go fully A-team next week that could be two losses and Ireland and Wales to follow.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Fuck yeah, up Cheika. Great game, Argentina were awesome. Breaking a 10 match losing streak at twickenham? Hot damn. The Argentinian back row has to be the best in the game. Kremer & Isa are fearsome.

Happiest I’ve been after a wallabies loss in a while.


Peter Sullivan (51)
Tomorrow's rankings could make for interesting reading...
3(↑4)New Zealand88.64(+1.00)
4(↓3)South Africa88.41(-0.60)


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
I can’t work the France/Aus one out - there is a debit for home ground advantage, and if we had held on I think we would have got the full 2 points


Peter Sullivan (51)
I think the gap was to big for all 3 of those matches,

I use https://rawling.github.io/WR (World Rugby) (World Rugby)-calc/

for info. You can also edit scores to see what would have happened if a team held on etc.

Also good to see how next week will effect rankings, an Aus win against Italy and they can gain 0.85 points. So Aus and Wales win the Wallabies will go back to 6th. Not taking into account Eng v Jap.


Peter Sullivan (51)
I can’t work the France/Aus one out - there is a debit for home ground advantage, and if we had held on I think we would have got the full 2 points
Correct, would have got 2 points and sat 6th. France would have dropped to 4th.


John Eales (66)
I can’t work the France/Aus one out - there is a debit for home ground advantage, and if we had held on I think we would have got the full 2 points
I find them all a little confusing, the fact that there was no change for France/Australia ,and I thought that was because France were higher up the ladder and at home, yet Ireland were in same position, home against a lower ranked opponent.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Connor Murray's injury has ruled him out of the rest of the year. McCloskey and Furlong have returned to training and Sexton should be fine.