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And The Other Autumn Internationals '22


Michael Lynagh (62)
Also Richard Hardwick went well in Namibia's win over Canada 43-37, sounds like a fun game, in Amsterdam too.


Geoff Shaw (53)
Interesting results from these matches. My tipping, for all my study of the teams and performances to date, would have been better done by flipping a coin.
Who would ever have thought Wales would get beaten by Georgia? Who picked Samoa to beat Georgia. Does Samoa now beat Wales??? Who picked Uruguay to beat Romania? Who picked Argentina to beat England?
And then there's picking the margin.
Talk about a reality check!


Frank Row (1)
just watched rugbychannel's south africa vs england match; loved it except for the english commentator as kept on having a go about scrums wasting time; supporting those that want to do away with scrums; why not do away with goal kicking as takes just as long and is just kicking a ball whereas set plays involve more than just the one ...