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Australian Bid for 2027 World Cup

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John Thornett (49)
How were they meant to know that a couple of guys named van der Westhuizen and van der Merwe weren't born and bred Spaniards?

The funniest part is it was in a game that they got a bp out off & he only came off the bench late in the 2nd half after they had already got the bp

Omar Comin'

Chilla Wilson (44)
I think they should add 1 extra European qualifier and 1 extra American qualifier and then select the rest through a repechage. The next best Asian and African teams have been too weak over the last few years. Kenya were hammered in the repechage tournament last year by Portugal and the US, and Hong Kong weren't much better. I don't think they should qualify automatically over the likes of Brazil and Netherlands etc.

Wallaby Man

Trevor Allan (34)
Maybe a better long term exercise would be to subjectively rank the pool games.

Pool A - Games that were close or closer than expected and could be conceived as good games.
France vs NZ, France vs Uruguay, Uruguay vs Namibia

Pool B
Ireland vs South Africa

Pool C
Georgia vs Portugal
Fiji vs Australia
Wales vs Fiji
Fiji vs Georgia
Fiji vs Portugal

Pool D
Argentina vs Samoa
Japan vs Samoa
England vs Samoa
Argentina vs Japan

Maybe some of these should be excluded and maybe some others should be added.
Did some more number crunching. I didn’t want to get into hypothetical of favs vs not fav, wanted a clear definition of the variables. So selected T1 v T2 sides

This current World Cup was 6.92 points worse in these games compared to 2019, and 6.37pts worse than 2015. It was marginally worse than 2011 (0.22) only 2007 recorded a worse points differential (+1.24).

The average T1 score was 49.13 and T2 11.42.

As for upsets only 2019 (2) achieved more than 1.

2023 recorded the most teams that were kept to 0 with 5. 2019 was the next worst with 3.

50+ scores - 2007 had the most with 11. 2023 and 2011 share 2nd with 10. 2019 (5), 2015 (7).


Jim Lenehan (48)
If you're going to talk about the results data, then you might as well provide more summaries than aggregate 'who spanked who the hardest', as the war crimes France and the ABs were committing were certainly not par for the course.

Below are summaries of the pool stage results by pool, tier, and pool + tier. Note, tier 1 is RC + 6N teams. Tear 2 is everyone else.




Largest points differentials are in pools A + B. Would dare say that France and New Zealand are currently the best teams for piling on points, while Italy imploded against both of them.

Pool B, of course, had Ireland, South Africa, and Scotland in a battle for two spots. @LeCheese talked about the importance of context, and this is likely most important in Pool B where the three Tier 1 teams were aiming to run up points - and were all able to do so. The AB's were also theoretically in danger of being eliminated by PD, but that only lasted one match (vs. Namibia). Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 is much more modest on the other side of the draw.

EDIT: More has been posted in the time it took me to make this but cbf editing anything.


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