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Wallaby Man

Trevor Allan (34)
Can almost guarantee HM isn’t the only one to go in the coming weeks. I believe we will see some blood letting at the state level now. The board is fairly new already at RA and was apparently the fresh pair of eyes needed after the castle debacle, which prob shows it isn’t overly who’s in charge it’s the system that’s the issue. There will need to be people from QLD and ACT that will have to go as well for trust on their end with RA, it will work in reverse as well. Any new chairman won’t want to come in with parties showing they are willing to blood let time and time again.


Bob Loudon (25)
I'm not sure if it'll be a long term appointment or just an interim one while everything is sorted. Either way the forward direction is probably going to need to come from the CEO, where it probably should've been coming from for some time.
Exactly - the Chair shouldn’t be the one coming with the “vision”.
And nor is the CEO to be fair.
CEO sets the strategy - “alignment”
The Board confirms the strategy and holds the CEO accountable for the delivery of it.

it’s then up to the CEO to execute … and you would think to execute this strategy you’d need agreement and buy in from key stakeholders. It’s going to take the knowledge and goodwill of all stakeholders to finalise what the “vision” is. Hamish and Phil have failed to even get to this first step. They provided no detail for the strategy and failed to gain stakeholder support.

Looks like a QLD-led job. They’ve been through some dreadful boards and governance issues themselves (resulting in some truly appalling coach appointments). They’ve got themselves working well lately. Just maybe they made the right call.

let’s hope so. In the meanwhile let’s hope P.Waugh can get the strategy back on track.
If it turns out this was all to block any change - no one will trust anyone ever again and the game here will be stuffed and unable to move.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
SMH confirming Herbert's appointment is interim:

Also mentions Hamish was asked to remain on the board but chose to resign.
"Only hours before his removal late on Sunday night, McLennan posed for pictures in his North Shore home and publicly declared readiness to fight for his future as chairman"


Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Well done all involved, another chapter affirming the diabolical mess that is Australian Rugby.

But…. I’m sure this time it will be different, can’t wait to see what watered down version of centralisation that these self-serving parochialists will push out.


Syd Malcolm (24)