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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2015

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Billy Sheehan (19)
Given that they seemed to rest the Aussie 9 and 10 ahead of the kiwi game around half time neither got a lot of time out there. The live stream showed the 10 controlling the game really well and he threw some great balls. It was clear the Aust attack really lost its way when the 10 came off, they scored 27 pts with him on and only 12 after he left the field. Re size, I believe he is in the program at 85kg's and with plenty of international 10's like Foley playing around 89-92 kg, he's not small by comparison.

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any news on the team for Friday. surely Hawkins must go up.
i agree the structure was lost when the 10'who is vc went off .
Hewatt reminds me of Sean Macmahon - and they even went to the same school .


Bob Loudon (25)
I can see a Golden Boot heading towards Reece Hewat, as well as the McMillan award for best QLD schools rugby union player. He'll be a great Wallaby one day.

I think the NZ game will carry as much if not more weight in regards golden boot. Seems coach Phillpotts has highlighted the performance of Kennewell and
Johnson-Holmes from the Samoa match.

"Phillpotts singled out centre Simon Kennewell and prop Harry Johnson-Holmes as two of his best against the physical Samoans, before admitting an 80-minute performance was crucial against the Kiwis."



Frank Nicholson (4)
Is a great pass really enough to get a contract outside the schoolboys sphere? It seems size, speed and more size gets you in the door at least when it comes to getting a contract.

Derick Slater

Chris McKivat (8)
Is a great pass really enough to get a contract outside the schoolboys sphere? It seems size, speed and more size gets you in the door at least when it comes to getting a contract.

Well Jooste has been signed with the Brumbies, he's got the size, speed, long range kicking ability, and a great pass. Honestly I didn't think he played that well during the Samoa match though. I'd rather him as a 10/wing/15 on the bench with Loga Tarogi on the right wing and Riley on the left.

9. Goddard
10. McGregor
11. Riley
12. England <- maybe Hawkins
13. Kennewel
14. Tarogi
15. Ngamanu

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Jooste is 190cm and 94kg. I thought he looked rather lanky in his photo's but he really is pretty big for a flyhalf. When he fills out in the next few years he'll probably get even taller and 100kg+. I could totally see him as a fullback or even a big, tactical inside centre. Like a massive Matt Giteau. That's just what I think anyway haha.

He's a smaller version of Jack Debreczini and probably about the same size as him at the same age.

Plays a similar game as Jack did at school also.


Watty Friend (18)
Jooste's certainly got the frame to grow into and to do well, but he was just not that impressive at the Nationals, and from the bits I saw of the game he certainly deserved to be there but didn't impress that much. From those backs in the Samoa game, I would have said that 10, 13 and 15 were the class backs out there. Interestingly Kennewell (13) stand out in the first half, was pretty quiet in the second half when McGregor (10) went off. One things for sure he knows how to create space and opportunity which is exactly what you want from a 10. Time will tell, where these kids finish up, and their chances will come at different stages of their career. There is a lot of talent out there on the paddock and I'm sure that many of them are on the radar for the super franchises.

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Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Interesting to see Charlie Smith on the bench. Perhaps some concern about his size matching up to the bigger NZ players?

Probably - he has everything else going for him.

The NSW GPS writers voted him the Player of the Year based on play for his school, but selection for rep teams especially the national teams, is, and should be, based on upon the nature of their opponents.

There is also a versatility factor of others that may have interested the national selectors.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
Kennewell certainly looks good with ball in hand but can he pass?

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That was a limitation I had noticed in the past but he improved in the match I saw v Joeys at Stanmore. Maybe New fans can assess him better.

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Nev Cottrell (35)
That was a limitation I had noticed in the past but he improved in the match I saw v Joeys at Stanmore. Maybe New fans can assess him better.
It was prevalent in the Commonwealth 7's games as well, very good runner with the ball but shy on passing.

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
His stay in the Aussie 7's squad may be short, if he keeps the velcro gloves on his hands. I suspect he will be OK. The modern 7's games requires a fair amount of ball movement. Any hand-glue will probably be removed, or he won't be getting too many starts.

It is worth noting that some Wallaby Test Centurions have similar attributes. A bright future may beckon?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Australian Schools team to play New Zealand Schools – Friday 2nd October, 5:45pm
1. Harry JOHNSON- HOLMES – Mereweather High School
2. Tom HORTON – St Joseph’s College
3. Joel KUCHEL – Anglican Church Grammar School
4. Harry HOCKINGS – Anglican Church Grammar School
5. Ryan McCAULEY – The Scots College
6. Robert LEOTA* – Thornbury High School
7. Jack FARRELL – Brisbane Boys College
8. Reece HEWAT (C) – Nudgee College
9. Harrison GODDARD – Oakhill College
10. Jack McGREGOR (VC) – St Ignatius College
11. Nick JOOSTE – Hale School
12. Daniel ENGLAND – The Scots College
13. Simon KENNEWELL – Newington College
14. Dylan RILEY – The Southport School
15. Jaden NGAMANU – Brisbane Boys College

16. Tevita ‘UNGA WOLSKE – Ipswich Grammar School
17. Cody WALKER – Kinross Wolaroi School
18. William McRAE – St Augustine’s College
19. Max GIRDLER – The Scots College
20. Lachlan ANDERSON – Oakhill College
21. Theo STRANG* – The Scots College
22. James HAWKINS* – The Scots College
23. Sepesa LOGA-TAROGI – Newington College

* From Australian Schools Barbarians

Australian Schools Barbarians team to play Samoan Schools – Friday 2nd Octber, 4pm
1. Harry HOOPERT – Toowoomba Grammar School
2. Jack NETTLETON – St Augustine’s College
3. Teu ATIOLA – Newington College
4. Lachlan SWINTON – Knox Grammar School
5. Darcy SWAIN – Brisbane Boys College
6. Nathaniel GITTOES*– St Joseph’s College
7. Charlie SMITH – The Scots College
8. Sam WALLIS – Anglican Church Grammar School
9. Jordan LENAC* – The Southport School
10. Hamish STEWART – Toowoomba Grammar School
11. Villiami LATU – Illawarra Sports High
12. Tyler CAMPBELL* – The Southport School
13. Tony HUNT – Nudgee College
14. Len IKATAU - Brisbane Boys College
15. Josh COWARD – St Patrick’s College, Ballarat

16. Efi MA’AFU – Ipswich Grammar School
17. Sama MALOLO – Randwick Boys High School
18. Opeti HELU – Newington College
19. Zac SHEPHERD** - Brisbane State High School
20. Angus ALLEN – The Southport School
21. Ryan LONERGAN – Trinity Christian School
22. Siaosi PULEFALE – St Edmund’s College, Canberra
23. Kris VEREVIS – Brisbane Boys College

* From Australian Schools
** From Shadow


Kalala MENI – Nudgee College to Team Rehab - ?


Sydney Middleton (9)
Kennewell certainly looks good with ball in hand but can he pass?

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If the number of tries his outside men (i.e. Taukamo, Simonsson & Loga-Tarogi) scored during the season is anything to go by, Kennewell's ability to move the ball on shouldn't be questioned. The disappointing thing about the game against Samoan Schools was the lack of support for him when he made those great breaks.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
New Zealand Schools to play Australian Schools on 2 October 2015 at 5:45pm at Ballymore Stadium, Brisbane

1. Harrison ALLAN, St Andrew’s College, Canterbury
2. Asafo AUMUA, St Patrick’s College – Silverstream, Wellington
3. Alex FIDOW, Scots College, Wellington
4. Isaia WALKER-LEAWERE, Gisborne Boys’ High School, Poverty Bay
5. William TUCKER, St Bede’s College, Canterbury
6. Dalton PAPALII, St Kentigern College, Auckland
7. Slade McDOWALL, Otago Boys’ High School, Otago
8. Marino MIKAELE-TU’U, Hastings Boys’ High School, Hawkes Bay
9. Tim HOGAN, Otago Boys’ High School, Otago
10. Wiseguy FAIANE, Auckland Grammar School, Auckland
11. Sevuloni REECE, Hamilton Boys’ High School, Waikato
12. Thomas UMAGA-JENSEN, Scots College, Wellington
13. Peter UMAGA-JENSEN, Scots College, Wellington
14. To’o Junior (TJ) VAEGA, Kelston Boys’ High School, Auckland
15. Joshua McKAY, Christchurch Boys’ High School, Canterbury

16. Flynn THOMAS, Southland Boys’ High School, Southland
17. Xavier NUMIA, St Patrick’s College – Wellington, Wellington
18. Takaji YOUNG YEN, King’s College, Auckland
19. Samuel SLADE, Mt Albert Grammar School, Auckland
20. Liam GILTRAP, Palmerston North Boys’ High School, Manawatu
21. Kemara HAUITI-PARAPARA, Wellington College, Wellington
22. Caleb CLARKE, Mt Albert Grammar School, Auckland
23. Joshua BUCHAN, Otago Boys’ High School, Otago

Coach: Dave HEWETT


Samoan Schools to Play Australian Schools Barbarians on 2 October 2015 at 4:00pm at Ballymore Stadium, Brisbane
1. Paulo PARAMORE, LDS Church College Pesega
2. Sesili Fiso PUNA, Leulumoega Fou College
3. Alofaaga SAO, LDS Church College Vaiola
4. Trevor LEAVASA
5. AJ SAGAGA, LDS Church College Pesega
6. Matthew TAULA, St Josephs College
7. Jason MAJELLA TUFUGA, St Josephs College
8. Wesley PAERATA PATU, Nuuausala College
9. Lolesio VAIULA, Leulumoega Fou College
10. Ricky OSA, Mataaevave College
11. Ausage AUSAGE, Leulumoega Fou College
12. Temalu TUALA SEGI, Leulumoega Fou College
13. Vaifagaloa ASAFO MAMOE, Faleata College
14. Visesioparapa LEASI, LDS Church College Vaiola
15. Robert Wayne SIO, LDS Church College Pesega

16. Joshua GREY, St Josephs College
18. Ken TUATAGALOA, LDS Church College Pesega
19. Iutisone TUPUA, Palauli College
20. Ielu LAGAAIA, Leifiifi College
21. Frank VAESAVALI TATO, Mataaevave College
22. Tipeni FIAVAAI, LDS Church College Pesega
23. Emani PENIAMINA FAEEVEVELA, Nuuausala College

Team Manager: Peseta Taala ESEKIA, Mataaevave College
Head Coach: Etimani FAAMOETAULOA, Leulumoega Fou College
Assistant Manager: Laulu Tuugatiti LEAUANAE, LDS Church College Pesega
Assistant Coach: Aukusitino ROPATI, Avele College
Assistant Coach: Rev Fuatimu POSESE, Nuuausala College
Technical Advisor: Trevor LEAVASA, St Josephs College

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