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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2015

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Alfred Walker (16)
For those interested:

All Tri Nations Matches to be Live Streamed

by Andrew on September 23, 2015 in News
All five Tri Nations matches will live streamed. This is a first for the Australian Schools Rugby Union.
The ARU will have the links to matches matches on their website: www.rugby.com.au
Alternately you can access ganes through YouTube on the following links:
24th Sept 6:00pm Samoa vs New Zealand - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubB_RXBCJNc
28th Sept 1:00pm Australian Schools Barbarians vs New Zealand - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJxKnHV7F38
28th Sept 3:00pm AUS vs Samoa - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE3qs1JqapE
2nd Oct 4:00pm Australian Schools Barbarians vs Samoa - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FS4t86YL5as
2nd Oct 5:45pm Australian Schools v New Zealand Schools - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nQKVLBuPJM


Blue & white

Billy Sheehan (19)
I told you so !!!

2 things:
1) I will lay London to a brick that Hewatt is captain;
2) NZ schools now sending their best team : not just grade 12 as they used to!​

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
TheKing will be doing a match report of the two days of the Aussie matches tomorrow and Friday. HJ Nelson will be supplying photos for next Friday's match at Ballymore.

But King doesn't have a photographer for tomorrow's match at Terrace.

So, if you are able to take a few snaps and send them to TheKing he would appreciate it. Send him a convo about it.

If you are a serious amateur that would be great but if you can just take a phone shot of a crowd scene that would be OK too.

The main thing is that the photos you send in should be in focus, and not too bright nor too dark - nor shot into the sun.



Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Australian Schools team to play Samoa – Monday 28th September, 3pm
1. Harry JOHNSON- HOLMES – Mereweather High School
2. Tom HORTON – St Joseph’s College
3. Joel KUCHEL – Anglican Church Grammar School
4. Harry HOCKINGS – Anglican Church Grammar School
5. Ryan McCAULEY – The Scots College
6. Nathaniel GITTOES – St Joseph’s College
7. Jack FARRELL – Brisbane Boys College
8. Reece HEWAT (C) – Nudgee College
9. Harrison GODDARD – Oakhill College
10. Jack McGREGOR (VC) – St Ignatius College
11. Nick JOOSTE – Hale School
12. Daniel ENGLAND – The Scots College
13. Simon KENNEWELL – Newington College
14. Dylan RILEY – The Southport School
15. Jaden NGAMANU – Brisbane Boys College

16. Tevita ‘UNGA WOLSKE – Ipswich Grammar School
17. Cody WALKER – Kinross Wolaroi School
18. William McRAE – St Augustine’s College
19. Max GIRDLER – The Scots College
20. Lachlan ANDERSON – Oakhill College
21. Jordan LENAC – The Southport School
22. Tyler CAMPBELL – The Southport School
23. Sepesa LOGA-TAROGI – Newington College

Australian Barbarians team to play New Zealand – Monday 28th September, 1pm
1. Harry HOOPERT – Toowoomba Grammar School
2. Efi MA’AFU – Ipswich Grammar School
3. Teu ATIOLA – Newington College
4. Lachlan SWINTON – Knox Grammar School
5. Robert LEOTA – Thornbury High School
6. Kalala MENI – Nudgee College
7. Angus ALLEN – The Southport School
8. Sam WALLIS – Anglican Church Grammar School
9. Theo STRANG – The Scots College
10. Hamish STEWART – Toowoomba Grammar School
11. Villiami LATU – Illawarra Sports High
12. Tony HUNT – Nudgee College
13. James HAWKINS – The Scots College
14. Kris VEREVIS – Brisbane Boys College
15. Josh COWARD – St Patrick’s College, Ballarat

16. Jack NETTLETON – St Augustine’s College
17. Sama MALOLO – Randwick Boys High School
18. Opeti HELU – Newington College
19. Darcy SWAIN – Brisbane Boys College
20. Charlie SMITH – The Scots College
21. Ryan LONERGAN – Trinity Christian School
22. Siaosi PULEFALE – St Edmund’s College, Canberra
23. Len IKATAU - Brisbane Boys College



Chris McKivat (8)
Interesting to see Charlie Smith on the bench. Perhaps some concern about his size matching up to the bigger NZ players?


Sydney Middleton (9)
Interesting to see Charlie Smith on the bench. Perhaps some concern about his size matching up to the bigger NZ players?

His size has definitely been his biggest hinderance, it stood out quite a bit when he was playing for NSW I.


Sydney Middleton (9)
Fantastic game, the Barbarians were unlucky to go down 23-22. The Scots boys (Hawkins, Strang and Smith) were all very, very impressive, Hoopert, Leota, Wallis, Stewart and Coward also played extremely well.

The sage

Vay Wilson (31)
Well done to the Ba Ba's. A gutsy performance against a much bigger opposition. Just a kick in it by the end. They never gave in and had a never say die attitude.

On a negative, was disappointed with the referee. NZ Schools were allowed to infringe at the ruck, sometimes at will and were offside more than were penalised.

As stated previously, I thought we would have a good chance against NZ schools given the performances of the Ozzie boys to date; now just have to carry it through to the end. Well done again boys! (Loved the live feed!)

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Good weather. Good location. Good rugby. Good result. Healthy crowd.

Bad canteen. Warm "hot" food. Slow service. Soggy chips. Poor selection of drinks.


Billy Sheehan (19)
View attachment 6961

Try !!!! to Jack Farrell.

no real surprises-big strong Aussie forward pack-and Kennewell a class above most

Happy to Chat

Nev Cottrell (35)
Good games today. The Baba's IMO played well against the NZ team, Well Done boys! The Aus team started well against the Samoans, well structured, good running and passing in the first half and seemed to fall apart in the second when the changes ran on, they lacked the structure and intensity of the first half. They may have to lift their game against the NZ boys.

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Blue & white

Billy Sheehan (19)
Fantastic game, the Barbarians were unlucky to go down 23-22. The Scots boys (Hawkins, Strang and Smith) were all very, very impressive, Hoopert, Leota, Wallis, Stewart and Coward also played extremely well.

a couple of observations from todays games:
1) how bad was the aussie goalkicking in both matches!;
2) Baa Baas scored 3 tries to 2 and deserved the win but for 1 lazy kick chase and missed kicks at goal;
3) Hawkins and Strang were the best in the Baa Baas. they must have made a great backline for Scots with E nglish who is 12 in Aussie schools;
4)Hawkins gave the Umunga twins real problems;
5) NZ schools were disappointing- a lot of one out stuff;
6) leota who was 5 in Baa Baas had a good game and was still running at the end,
7) that is a very big very tall Aussie schools pack;
8) if Kennewell can play 12 then I would put him and Hawkins together

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Match Report on Australian Schools Barbarian fixture against NZ Schools from Aust Schools Rugby
by Mahliah Ivory

In perfect conditions at Gregory Terrace fields, Tennyson, the Australian Schools Barbarians battled against New Zealand Schools in a tightly contested match up.
NZ Schools came away with a marginal 23-22 victory over the Barbarians, with both teams impressing a packed out Old Boys Grandstand.
The first half saw the Barbarians concede multiple penalties against the opposition, leaving them playing catch up towards the conclusion of the first half.
New Zealand Schools flyhalf, Josh McKay, opened the scoring for his side 11minutes into the first half, after his team was awarded a penalty for an Australian infringement at the back of a rolling maul.
Shortly after, the Barbarians looked set to score at the hands of James Hawkins, who made an impressive break through opposition defence to give Australia a competitive attacking advantage.
However, the pressure of NZ’s forward pack caused a drop ball, forcing a turnover and denying Australia their crucial first points of the match.
NZ Schools had the opportunity to further extend their lead 18 minutes into the first half after conceding a penalty, but an unsuccessful kick held the score at 3-0.
Another successful penalty kick for NZ in the 23rd minute extended the visitors lead to 6-0.
Josh McKay scored his second try of the day after making a dynamic run through Australian defence, fending off tackles before finally crashing over the line.
McKay successfully converted his own try, taking NZ to a 13-0 lead.
Barbarians winger, Kris Verevis, added the team’s only points in the first half when he scored a try, which was successfully converted by Hamish Stewart.
Just before halftime, the Barbarians’ Harry Hoopert was given a yellow card after a ruck infringement close to the NZ scoreline.
The penalty kick for NZ was successful, taking the score to 16-7 leading into the break.
After the second half break, the Barbarians looked dangerous in the opening minutes, dominating at scrum time and putting renewed pressure on their NZ opposition.
NZ Schools powerhouse, Josh McKay impressed again when a clearing kick from teammate Kemara Hauiti Parapara bounced into his hands after a pacing chase down the midfield.
McKay outran the Barbarian backrow to reach the ball and dive over the line.
The Australian Barbarians opened their second half scoring with a try after a strong push through defence from the forwards, but an unsuccessful conversion kept the score to 23-12.
The Barbarians second try of the half came after they played the ball wide, giving their backs space to run the ball forward and close to the line.
The front row finished off the team effort when multiple pick and drive efforts finally led Harry Hoopert to find the line for his team.
A successful conversion took the score to 23-19, before an Australian penalty closed the gap, taking the Barbarians to a narrow trail of 23-22.
Both teams defensive line held up for the remainder of the second half, with the match rounding out with NZ Schools taking out a marginal 23-22 victory

Pic: ASRU Website (http://www.schoolsrugby.com.au/)
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