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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2018

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Darby Loudon (17)
Simply wouldn’t be possible (schools wouldn’t release players) and dropping a squad of First XV players in to club is only going to push the club players out. Then we lose them and the school players go back to the GPS comp and leave the clubs bare.

Are the schools allowed to prevent boys from playing club? I know they discourage them, but if your pathway to rep honours requires you to play some club as well, can the school stop you?


Vay Wilson (31)
IIRC the ASBs flew out for the UK last Sunday (no Schoolies for the truly committed). Does anyone have an itinerary or game schedule? Any idea if any of they games will be streamed? Thanks

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
The itinerary can be found on the Australian Schools Rugby website in the News section , story on the 1st of Sept has the full tour dates and games .

Not sure about streaming , most likely on rugby.com.au , but just guessing really.

D'Lite Full

Bill Watson (15)
2018 Australian Schools and U18s Fixtures

Australia v Munster Academy, November 30
Australia v Ulster Academy, December 4
Australia v Ireland U19s, December 8
Australia v Scotland Top Six Schools Selection, December 9
Australia v Scotland U19s, December 16

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
I reckon these lads will do well. This generation will renew the faith in the Green and Gold and Australian rugby

Armchair Selector

Johnnie Wallace (23)
IIRC the ASBs flew out for the UK last Sunday (no Schoolies for the truly committed). Does anyone have an itinerary or game schedule? Any idea if any of they games will be streamed? Thanks

Found the following info on Australian Schools webpage

"The results of the five Tour Games for the Australian Schools and Under 18 Tour to Ireland and Scotland will be published here as soon as they become available.
Live streaming will not be possible because of the time difference and some technical issues.
However it is expected that the games will become available within a day or two on--rugby.com.au
The games with local times indication are–
Friday 30th December–7 p.m.–at Limerick v Munster Schools Academy
Tuesday 4th December–5.30 p.m. v Ulster Schools at Queens University
Saturday 8th December–2.30 p.m. v Irish Under 16 at Donnybrook
Wednesday 12th December–v Scottish Schools Selection–3.30 p.m.–Oriam,Edinburgh
Sunday 16th December00v Scottish Under 17–1.30 p.m.–Oriam, Edinburgh"



Hang on why have we suddenly dropped a weight class? We went from playing Ireland U/19s and Scotland U/19s to their U/16 and U/17 sides respectively?

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
Typos I’d suggest, both the “tests” are against U18 national teams. The whole idea of us including non schoolboys was to bring us in line with other countries. Most the UK teams have been U18 academy teams for a little while now.


I’m guessing you’re probably right, Nomad. It seems a funny typo to make though!


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member

IN: Lachlan Ilias, Vincent Creagh, Luke Reimer, Rory Scott
OUT: Angus Bell, Zane Hogan, Will Harris, Daniel Ala
Australian Schools & U18s to face Ulster Academy
1. Harry Vella
2. Tyrell Kopua
3. Thomas Lambert
4. Max Douglas
5. Jeremy Williams
6. Thomas Van der Schyff
7. Carlo Tizzano
8. Jackson Pugh
9. Spencer Jeans
10. Carter Gordon
11. Villiami Lee
12. Reesjan Pasitoa
13. Lachlan Ilias
14. Brendan Jimenez
15. Vincent Creagh
16. Billy Pollard
17. Angus Bell
18. Phrancis Sula-Siaosi
19. Luke Reimer
20. Rory Scott
21. Seb Strang
22. Joey Walton
23. John Connolly

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
^Did you find a team list for the Munster game Reg?
Looked similar to the staring team against NZ with the exception of the back row and swapping the 10s around.


Herbert Moran (7)
I didn't, no.

Who was the 8 v Munster?

With a bit of guess work I think the team was:

1: Angus Bell (C)
2: Billy Pollard
3: Zane Hogan
4: Rory Scott
5: Jeremy Williams
6: Jackson Pugh
7: Carlos Tizziano
8: Will Harris
9: Spencer Jeans
10: Reesjan Pasitoa
11: Dan Ala
12: Joey Walton
13: Angus Bell
14: Villami Lee
15: John Conolly

16: Tyrell Kupou
17: Tom Lambert
18: Harry Vella
19: Max Douglas
20: Thomas Van Der Schyff
21: Seb Strang
22: Carter Gordon
23: Not sure

The Nomad

Bob Davidson (42)
Cheers Reg , bit of a boil over look forward to seeing the replay once it hits rugby.com.au

Does anyone know what happened to Bailey Tau-Tau? Thought he made the tour squad , no game yet ?


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
First test team.

Australian Schools and U18s to face Ireland U19s

IN: Zane Hogan, Will Harris, Angus Bell, Daniel Ala,

OUT: Brendan Jimenez, Vincent Creagh, Jackson Pugh, Phrancis Sula Siaosi

1. Angus Bell

2. Billy Pollard

3. Zane Hogan

4. Tom Van der Schyff

5. Jeremy Williams

6. Luke Reimer

7. Carlo Tizzano

8. Will Harris

9. Spencer Jeans

10. Reesjan Pasitoa

11. Villiami Lea

12. Joey Walton

13. Angus Bell

14. Daniel Ala

15. John Connolly


16. Tyrell Kopua

17. Harry Vella

18. Thomas Lambert

19. Max Douglas

20. Rory Scott

21. Seb Strang

22. Carter Gordon

23. Lachlan Ilias
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