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Australian Schoolboys / Under 18s 2019


Ken Catchpole (46)
I watched the first half of the game and Pollard's long distance effort only to be denied on the try line wasn't the only forwards breakout. A second rower did the same - from inside his 22 only to be pulled down by a back short of the line.
Great pace by both hooker and lock.
Underlined a willingness to run when space presented itself. The Oz backline certainly had serious pace too.


Alex Ross (28)
Congrats this team were amazing and well done to coaching staff bar quality all round bar the line out throws were 3rd XV standard at best...

Number 7

Darby Loudon (17)
Congrats this team were amazing and well done to coaching staff bar quality all round bar the line out throws were 3rd XV standard at best.

Yes I counted 7 lineouts lost (5 first half, 2 in the second) so it was the glaring deficiency in what was a fantastic all round game. I rewatched the game last night and I would say that thge lineout problems weren't all down to the throwing - the Australian jumping pods were often stationary prior to sending jumpers up so it was easy for NZ to get in front of the jumper. That being said there were a couple over the back so there is still room for improvement.

Defence was brilliant for most of the game which is ironic given Peter Hewat was one of the worst defensive wingers the Waratahs have ever had. He must be getting good help!


Arch Winning (36)
Barker will be ok next year but to do a threepete is not realistic... We have had the privileged of having Pollard in the 1st XV for 3 years and Reimer before that. Those types of players are normally once every 20 years at any one school. we had them simultaneously..Is your boy likey to were the double V next year? I think Waves and Knox will be next years front runners. I have to do a bit more research on Barkers outlook for 2020..


I did respond, post #318, above not sure why it didn't copy your comment.


David Codey (61)
Fantastic effort by the Aussie boys. Between them and the U/20's, the pathways are looking pretty good.

Yep. And there's some really exciting talent coming up via the JGC/JRC pathway. If we can string together several years of really competitive teams at Schools/18s and U20s (winning more than losing against NZ Schools and at a minimum making the semi's of the next 5-6 JWC converting at least half of them to finals appearances) then we are in a very good place.


Steve Williams (59)
Staff member
Hopefully. New Zealand are sooo much better than us in turning promising talent into the finished product. I brought this topic up in a chat with Knuckles five years ago, he strongly opined their coaching leaves ours for dead. Himself excluded, of course. :D