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Beale to Tahs, where?

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George Gregan (70)
Staff member
Beale off to the NRL. If he was/is on a drinking ban, the ARU had no option but to kick him out of the game.

Your are presuming he is on a ban, he is in re-hab, not playing. Now if is slaughtered in public there may be an issue, but a beer or two?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Grog and poor behaviour under the influence of such is almost endemic in parts of mungoland.

I fear for Kurtley's long term health if he ends up surrounded by the wrong crowd in mungodom.


Arch Winning (36)
at a rugby function this year I was reliably told by a waratah player that KB (Kurtley Beale) was on about a mil. The mungos are really, really stupid with their cash, but KB (Kurtley Beale) must have copped a massive pay drop from the ARU for him to consider career suicide and play with a club known around the world for its gang rape allegations.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I don't think there's such a thing as an NRL club know around the world.

If it's true it's a pity to lose such a talent from Rugby but the way he's headed we might have already seen the best of him. Still wish him all the best in NRL and hope he's a success as that should also mean he finally sorted his life out.


Dave Cowper (27)
Just done some googling and the rumours about 'beale to the bulldogs' may relate to a Gerard Beale (whoever that is) and not Kurtley???

dont really know


Geoff Shaw (53)
If it's true it's a pity to lose such a talent from Rugby but the way he's headed we might have already seen the best of him.

The pity is the lack of heart this guy has, needed to come out and prove the critics wrong on the field and restore the fans faith in him. But taking the easy way out just show's that he really does not have what it takes to play Super Rugby and for the Wallabies.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
2+2 could equal 5.

We all expect KB (Kurtley Beale) to turn out for the Tahs, 'cause the Rebels don't want him.

We sort of want him, but not with any baggage.

Our Coach is not a baggage handler. That is good.

Like Izzy, KB (Kurtley Beale) has not signed any contract with us yet.

Is this "rumour" another part of the circus that frequently happens around contract negotiation and finalisation time?


Ron Walden (29)
Actually I believe Folau has signed with the Waratahs. He has not signed with the ARU thus if no signature occurs, the Tahs contract is invalid but if he's in rugby, it's with the Waratahs.


Dick Tooth (41)
That Triple M rumour is hilarious! Which one of you guys took the Growden challenge to the next level? If I send in a photo of me and SBW to Triple M can I claim that the Roosters are signing me on an international rookie deal?


Michael Lynagh (62)
Gerard Beale is a wing/fullback who played for the Broncos before switching to St George. Currently out with a long term injury (actually, he's been out most of the season), I think, hence why the Dragons were desperate for Dugan. Played a few games for NZ. Still rather young. Not a bad player. Not the player that is the source of the current rumours, however.

Rush Hour on MMM last night got a "denial" of sorts from the Bulldogs that they had signed Beale, when they chased it up. However, there appears to be plenty of smoke to the rumour. We will just have to wait and see.

We will know that Beale has signed for sure with the Tahs only when he signs for both the Tahs and the ARU, which is hopefully soon.

If Beale has been drinking, it's pretty sad. While on rehab you are not supposed to be drinking, period. I would expect that his new contract with the Tahs and ARU would be well short of $1M.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Just released on the Tahs Website.

"Kurtley Beale will be back in NSW colours next season after today announcing a new one-year contract with Waratahs Rugby and the Australian Rugby Union.

Now 24, Beale made his provincial debut back in 2007 at the age of just 18 and went on to represent NSW on 68 occasions in his the five seasons that followed. After two years in Melbourne, the Sydney-born back returns to his home state next season, excited by the opportunity to write the next chapter in his state and international career.

“I’m really excited to be coming home and to be playing under Michael Cheika and the coaching team at NSW,” said Beale.

“I feel at home in Sydney, it’s where my family are. The Waratahs are a team going places and I’m really looking forward to playing some good consistent rugby."

More here: http://www.waratahs.com.au/News/NewsArticle/tabid/157/ArticleID/10076/Default.aspx

ESPN reference here:


John Thornett (49)
Personally, I'm glad to see him back. Yes, he's been a bit of a dickhead, but it seems to me that he has an alcohol and discipline problem, rather than the JOC (James O'Connor)-esque egomania. I hope Cheika can help with the latter, because it's how to deal with the former too. We've all seen what Beale can do when he gets his shit together and -- astonishingly -- he's still only 24.

One-year contract is good for all concerned. If Beale goes off the rails or doesn't prove himself, he can go elsewhere or to the NRL and the Tahs can quickly move on.
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