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Bledisloe 2. Eden Park, 24th Sept 7.05pm NZT. 5.05 pm AEST, 3.05 WA

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Steve Williams (59)
Whats everyone's thoughts on taking 3 points. In hindsight if we had have taken 3 points it might be 6 or 9 to 17.


Tim Horan (67)
Am I allowed to say. although I agree it was a yc, Hollaway I thought was a bit almost unlucky, he was left holding legs when Wilson let go. I know it was early in game but I only post in breaks.


George Gregan (70)
Credit to NZ their defence has been fantastic and they look electric on attack.

Ref isn't deciding this one at all. Although that decision against Samu was criminal.

Kenny Powers

Ron Walden (29)
Why do we have to listen to SBW and Mertens? We should only have to listen to them if Phil Kearns is a colour commentator on NZ Television!

Sword of Justice

Vay Wilson (31)
Gordon has been fine.
Fine is relative to his net impact on the game which I agree has tended to the positive however my comment is in relation to the alternatives at starting 9 jersey. I do think White and McDermott have a greater upside atm. I'm especially confused as to why he is being selected ahead of White who I believe has been fair to very good for us consistently for the last several years.


Steve Williams (59)
I think the all blacks defence and our desperation might turn this game into a blow out unfortunately. Would love to be proven wrong.
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