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Bledisloe 2. Eden Park, 24th Sept 7.05pm NZT. 5.05 pm AEST, 3.05 WA

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Ken Catchpole (46)
Have to agree with this. A lot of league style athletes in the backline and by that I mean great athletic ability not sure what’s happening up top in the brain department. We have some rugby brains in the backline Kellaway, Foley and Hodge but next tier down in athletic ability. Have to prioritise brains over braun I think they have to call time on some of the backs.
Betting the house on schoolboy rockstars hasn’t proven successful. Maybe betting on players who have a proven ability to cut it in adult (as in everyone is over 18) rugby maybe a better strategy.
The time for throwing shade on league players for being dumb is well past tbh. Off field behaviour aside, they take their craft seriously and prepare for the work they have chosen.


Chilla Wilson (44)
So I take it you are ok with attacking the head of a player?
No, I'm not but things get missed in rugby matches and it happens when you are being hammered, never understood why but we see it all the time. Poor teams are discriminated against subliminally and it has serious impacts. Let me know how you are going to fix it?
This ref wasn't bad but I think he was let down by his linesmen ( can't call them assistants as they miss so much).
Last week many were asking for the TMO not to be so involved and this week "where was the TMO?".

Kenny Powers

Ron Walden (29)
The time for throwing shade on league players for being dumb is well past tbh. Off field behaviour aside, they take their craft seriously and prepare for the work they have chosen.
They have trainers on the field doing the thinking and strategy for them. Thinking for yourself is a fundamental skill in rugby not so much in league.
Even more so in rugby given they have limited the whole water running thing with the drinks break.

Brumby Runner

David Wilson (68)
That was really hard to take. Quite a few of the players did not perform to the required level, at least in some aspects of their games. In particular,

i) all three wingers (Koroibete, Wright and Petaia) were so far off the pace as to be liabilities. MK due to injury (I believe), and both Wright and Petaia just because they don't have what it takes. But who are their replacements?

ii) Bernard Foley tonight was back to his worst level, failing to make his tackles, poor handling and little game management.

iii) Jake Gordon just doesn't cut it at test level. Has the most inaccurate kicking game of all the No 9s.

iv) Harry Wilson is not a test level No 8. I believe he could make it at No 6 with instruction to hit the blind side in attack, but he does not have impact through the middle. The experiment with Valetini at No 6 was an out and out failure.

v) Neither Neville nor Holloway had sufficient impact in the second row.

vi) Porecki is no better, maybe not as good as FF (Folau Fainga'a). Has issues with his lineout throwing and not the impact in general play.

vii) Angus Bell still has issues at scrum time. Some excellent touches in general play but conceding multiple penalties in scrums places the team under a lot of pressure.

viii) James Slipper looks like he needs a fairly long rest - like Koroibete.

The good were :

Pete Samu again had a rousing game at No 7.

Reece Hodge was good off the bench (apart from one penalty that failed to find touch). Ran hard and kicked long, threatened the defensive line.

Valetini was better than most but not as effective as in previous games. AAA was solid.

The rest were fair to adequate.

As a team, completely outplayed, outmuscled and outthought by the ABs.

As for the officiating. I am at the point of not bothering about any games we play the All Blacks. When out and out dangerous play by the ABs is allowed without any action by the officials, there is ample reason to question why they continually get away with it. What I now suspect is that playing NZ as often as we do is the main reason we are sliding down the world rankings. Wouldn't mind that so much if we were being beaten consistently by fair play, but it is blindingly obvious that those in black are not held to the same level of accountability as the unfortunate sides opposing them. I have to say I would be more than pleased if we didn't face NZ at all between RWCs. Let some other poor foolish teams have that privilege. Like Ireland and France, if we play them less we are more likely to start climbing back up the world ladder and maybe even reach a level that we could do them over in out infrequent meetings.

Now looking forward to the EOYT and wondering where the coaches go in respect of team changes.
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The Red Baron

Chilla Wilson (44)
Steven WA: there are about 50% of people complaining about the ref and tmo. This will do nothing to improve the team if many of the supporters are giving them a psychological excuse for a piss poor performance. As a basis guys need to know how to handle the basics of the game ir kicking, passing and tackling. The game is an exercise in proving how much of a man you are and we looked like a bunch of youngsters with no idea about the rules out to have a good time and it all went pear-shaped!
Congratulations on your picking.

Both things can be right though. While it's clear that our top tier players are getting to that level without the required fundamentals, there is also an obvious consistency issue with refereeing in world rugby.

Kenny Powers

Ron Walden (29)
Wallabies simply uncoachable. We’ve had 4 pretty well credentialed coaches over the years who haven’t been able to get any consistency out of them. We have too many pro teams in Aust and too many players soaking up resources that shouldn’t be playing. Our decent players head O/S and leave behind the fish that John West reject.
the fact we still reach back to Cooper and Foley shows how broken our system is.
Have to agree with this well credentialed coaches in Deans, Chekia and Rennie with success elsewhere.
Just don’t have mentally hardened players who have had to fight there way thru to the senior levels. There is a lot be said for the mental toughness gained from a 15 year veteran absolutely giving it to you in your first season out school. You either harden up or Darwinian evolutionary theory takes over. There is no HR Department or Inclusion Officers in Rugby.
We invest in schoolboys based on performances against those under 18. Worse still when the investment doesn’t pay off Rugby Australia doubles down.

Slim 293

Stirling Mortlock (74)
Yeah, the guy who beats women should have seen a card...

The ref remonstrating with White for what should have been another blatantly carded offence was trying to watch from that moment... regardless of the result.

On the positive side... at least we're not the team that accepts players who beat women.


Tim Horan (67)
Never agree with Shiggins

Understood. But you know, this time. Honest, we are #9. And dropping. Is it enough to get your excitement up for the next rugby test? I'm much closer this year to thinking there is an answer that is not yes. Just FAR closer to thinking my interest is rugby could be handled differently.

I'm done with the Wallaby "discipline". Completely. You guys wearing the gold jersey, as judged by the world of rugby referees, you attempt to cheat. Or you are thugs. And the refs aren't having it. You've had fucking years to work this out. Years.

Talk about slow learners.

From my side, I'm also learning slowly. I've supported this shit show for years. No, decades. What happens next? No idea. But I'm never again giving the green and gold the benefit of the doubt in a lop-sided penalty count.

Sort your shit out Wallabies. Just sort it out.

Slim 293

Stirling Mortlock (74)
Anyways, the Wallabies receive the ball from the halftime restart...

WHERE THE f**king fudge IS OUR HALFBACK!!????!?!

Gordon didn't deserve to start again this week, and shouldn't be in the team next game.


Phil Hardcastle (33)
If only in 2002 we had the foresight to interbreed our best athletes and produce some athletically gifted offspring interested in playing rugby. That would be paying dividends for us right now! That would be a PLAN! Instead Rugby Australia has spent the past 20 years trying to achieve their 5 year plan from 15 years ago. They've almost nailed it!


Mark Ella (57)
Anyways, the Wallabies receive the ball from the halftime restart...

WHERE THE f**king fudge IS OUR HALFBACK!!????!?!

Gordon didn't deserve to start again this week, and shouldn't be in the team next game.

White has been poor too and Ref's absolutely hate him. Surely the refs are at least subconsciously wanting to officiate against us since half our players whinge to them so much. Nic White seems to be the leader in that department.

When is the last time we had a Captain who actually knows how to talk to a ref without pissing them off?

Time to give Tate a start.


Tim Horan (67)
two head hits for a start
?? Why do I justify or otherwise supposed head hits etc. I merely said I was leaving opinions on how test went until later .whem everyone had calmed down a bit, and somehow it got to I was justifying something
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