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Blues vs Highlanders, Super Rugby QF, Sat June 4th 2022

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Dismal Pillock

David Codey (61)
T-minus 8 hours for ignition sequence start on Operation Lucy Charlie Brown Football Banana Skin Sudden Death Barkays Fakatava.

Valves, stable.

Boosters, stable.

Weather's looking real nice up here Houston, all systems are a go.


"Checking command modules".
Coach Leon: "Guidance is internal"
Akira: "I'm going to chase that f******* Crossword Frizzle coward into the South Stand and beat him like he beats his women"
Houston: "Copy that, South Stand stewards notified to form a beatdown cordon"
Akira: "No need, that pea-brained motherf****** won't be able to see where he's running through his torrents of tears"
Houston: "Copy that, Godspeed The Boomfa Beatdown".

Dismal Pillock

David Codey (61)
Choat stepped up and gave Michael Hooper a torrid time of it the other week. I fully expect him to fill the breach versus Billy Harmon The Kids and Hugh Renton Dirty Vids.


Trevor Allan (34)
As a Highlander supporter I have mixed feelings about the game. I would love them to come out and be more than a speed bump for the blues but torn between expecting a loss or a record loss. At least reading what Dismal orgasms into the pages of this forum afterwards will be some consolation.

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Notorious Loss Bleus fan boi Anthony Johnson in the Comms box, there goes any chance of a fair & balanced commentary. Shouldn't be allowed, really. God, they're still in the tunnel & he's talking them up already... where's that fucking mute button?

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Classic damning with faint praise by TJ: only time Loss Bleus have lost a playoff at Eden Park was the '98 GF v CruSadists; but to be fair they haven't had too many home playoffs since...

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Surely that was a try?

And surely that's a Red Card?

Yay I'm 50/50.

I wonder if Loss Bleus would rather the try or the extra man for 20?

waiopehu oldboy

George Smith (75)
Oh @Dismal Pillock, oh @zer0, wherefore art thou? Thou Loss Bleus Coronation Procession doth appear somewhat discombobulated...

Edit: until THAT happened, if course ;)

And that.

Meanwhile in a parallel universe Marty Banks finds touch & Clan go into HT a point down...

Edit: my bad, misread game clock as 38min when obviously it was 35. Banks should still have found touch, though.
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John Thornett (49)
It'd be nice if the forwards get stuck into the breakdown more.
It'd also be nice if not everyone could get injured.
It'd also also be nice if Barrett did some first-fiving.

EDIT: Finally. Just get the big cnuts lined up running at them and they'll break quick enough.
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