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Brumbies v. Highlanders Super Rugby R9 2013

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The Red Baron

Chilla Wilson (44)
Brilliant counterattack by Speight, Brumbies retain the ball only to have Tanaka force Nic White to lose the ball while clearing.

Penalty to the Highlanders. 39m out from the Brumbies line.


Ken Catchpole (46)
A good try denied. :(

Highlanders just not getting a break even when they have earned it.


Trevor Allan (34)
When the point of the ball hits the ground, he is never going to retain control the instant it hits. His hand is going to slide off immediately. Should have been a try.


Ted Thorn (20)
Thought there was no way that was a try until I saw the replay, looked like a try for sure on the replay. Rubbish call.


Jim Clark (26)
who is the commentator - justin something? he is like an aussie in the sense of being a bias. it is funny seeing it from the other point of view. it must be SOOOO annoying for non-aussies watching an aussie game, even aussies hate aussie commentators so the kiwis and saffas must really really hate them hahaha


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Terrible call by Keith Brown; it was under his control in the grasp of his hand and wrist
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