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CAS 2019


Stan Wickham (3)
Predicted 1XV CAS TEAM 2019

1. Hugo Haymen (c)
2. Billy Pollard (b)
3. Aisea Aholelei (w)
4. Perry Tasker (c)
5. Olli Hughes (k)
6. Zach Zsabo (w)
7. Dan Breden (k)
8. Alex O'Reilly (c)
9. Tas Smith (c)
10. Oliver Torrance (c) (Captain)
11. Lucas Vass (b)
12. Ronald Volkman (w)
13. Sam Rechner (k)
14. Patrick Kite (w)
15. Hilton Ovenden (b)

A couple young guns in the team.

Quite a few Cranbrook boys in your predictions but what can you expect from a name like 'bigbadbrook'. I suppose a few of those Cranbrook boys might swap out for some Knox names depending on the result tonight. Definitely think that backrow will have more than one Knox name in there, and considering the strength of the Knox scrum, I would suggest a Knox frontrower. But I obviously have my bias. Agree with the Volkman shout though, always though he was more of a ball runner than a proper playmaker 10.

bobs bunker

Frank Row (1)
5 cranbrook and 3 knox .... wow Cranbrook must be better than i thought, and you left out the trinity 9 and 10 who will be the CAS 1sts combo.

J Dog Fenton

Peter Burge (5)
Gee ...if some of this banter was even half-funny :mad:

oh well . small things, amuse small minds

anyway ignore . unless remotely amusing or intelligent

unrelated ...I was a little disappointed with Waverley's crowd last weekend

I hope there is a better turn out for future games.

Any injury news ? Or have the kids scared off any intelligent folk

Hmmm maybe the school technology department will catch on and put a blocker on G&G to stop the fruitless spam.

I agree in terms of the crowd. Knox vs Waverley 2017 @ DV was the biggest CAS crowd I've ever seen, and I would have loved to see it again last weekend. It created an atmosphere that changed how the game played out and maybe Waverley was missing that.

I saw that Lamens was out for tonights game? Can anyone verify the legitimacy of that? Or was it just another kid throwing around spineless comments


Greg Davis (50)
Cranbrook won 22-19!!!! Game on for the CAS!!



Nev Cottrell (35)
Fantastic win to brook

And glad to see brook remaining contenders

Knox missed gratwich (8)... so pretty even in the forwards

Cranbrooks 4... perry tasker had a blinder

Jacob Taylor (13) also one of cranbrooks best

Big fast and knows how to pull off a bone cruncher

Tas smith (9)also excellent to deal with a backpedaling scrum

For Knox 11 Oliver Evans was electric ... and all the damage was done on his edge

The Knox 2 grobler is unlucky barkers pollard is an encumbent

Rechner (12) was 2nd best back after Evans ... and 2nd best 12 behind Waverley leaguie

Both team played awesome rugby ... well refereed

And very vocal brook crowd probably the difference

Cas 2019 is well and truly wide open.

Joker ...yes beers not cheap.... too cold to stick around for p Parker’s shout


Tom Lawton (22)
Only one team CAN be undefeated this year then. I reckon more than likely it will be a three or two way tie for 1st though. Would like to think BC can win all matches but K & W will be tough matches.