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CAS Rugby 2013

Who will be the 2013 Premiers

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Bill McLean (32)
SmokinJoeFrazer and IIWII are on the money with respect to where Trinity get there players from.

Again SmokinJoe was correct at #9, and if my memory serves me correctly we saw the new enrolments of the following students at Trinity:

Junior Satiu (NSW II's and SJRU rep)
Maleke Afele (SJRU and NSWJRU rep)
Jake Roberts (NSWJRU and SJRU rep)
Amanakiola Moala (SJRU and Tigers HM rep)
Connor Finn (SJRU rep)
Roland Kotobolavu (Drangons HM and SG Ball rep)

All are performing academically well since entering the Trinity environment! I tip my hat for Trinity for a great 'QUID PRO QUO' outcome!

George Smith

Ted Thorn (20)
Angus Gutteridge (Sydney 16s) is also contemplating going to Trinity in 2013. He will fit in easily, both in the classroom and on the paddock.


Bill McLean (32)
Angus Gutteridge (Sydney 16s) is also contemplating going to Trinity in 2013. He will fit in easily, both in the classroom and on the paddock.

My 'Jury' is still deliberating on this lad! I have watched him on a couple of occasions and from what I had seen I'm indifferent TBH!

Nevertheless I wish him well for the week! I hope he proves wrong and has a blinder which inevitably leads to the SJRU clubbies winning the title!

George Smith

Ted Thorn (20)
Interesting to hear last week at the Aust U16 Champs that many thought it "unbelievable" that Dave Smerdon (Barker 1st XV, CAS U16 XV) was not "picked up" by NSW Schools.

He was brought into the Sydney team mid week to cover an injury. His inclusion gave the Sydney backline much needed balance (allowing Jack Clancy to pass to someone who knew what to do) and his kicking was excellent. The result with him was that Sydney gave Qld Red (eventual winners) a real nudge going down 21-24.


Jim Clark (26)
Not sure whether this will make any difference, but I came across this. At least they are looking at improving the Rugby program there. IMO they have dropped the ball a bit in the last few years.

What is your role at Knox?
I am Director of Rugby for K to 12 and Head Coach of the 1st XV.
What are some of the experiences you have had throughout your coaching career?
I have been very fortunate to have experienced Super Rugby, Heineken Cup, French Professional Rugby, Celtic League, the 6 Nations and International tours.
What has been the highlight of your professional career so far?
When I was Head Coach of Scotland we toured Australia playing two tests against the Wallabies. It was a very strange experience touring your own country. I have also been Head Coach in countries as diverse as Ireland, Japan, South Africa, England and of course, Australia. It is amazing and exhilirating to have the opportunity here at Knox to use all my past experiences to further strengthen the Rugby program.
What is your vision for the Knox rugby program?
To have a program that provides every boy with a positive rugby experience and to create an environment in which our elite age and open teams can regularly win the CAS competition. To instill in our students tenacity, resourcefulness and resilience to compete as the best.
What is one thing you would tell all athletes at Knox Grammar School ?
Always remember - winning does not go to the most talented, it goes to those who work the hardest.

The Chosen

Fred Wood (13)
An interesting development- first time an external Coach has come in @ Knox. Certainly a high profile one at that although some might query his record. Probably a lot better overseas than he enjoyed with the Waratahs.
Over the last 10/15 years Knox has mainly been coached by Paul Knight and later Chuck Ardron. Ardron in particular has coached several premiership teams- in particular the excellent 2003 team and the later 2008 & 2009 teams. He has always maintained you need at least 30-40 good players to win the CAS premiership and this was amply demonstrated in 2008 when Knox 2nds were almost the equal of their 1sts.
Since 2010 I believe it has been the lack of quality cattle/injury problems that have affected their results.
A new broom may well be the catalyst for a return to glory days.

Justin Macline

Ahhh predictions...well as a Waverley supporter I'll make my guesses on their fortunes. Overall, I see a tight comp due to decent 16s results and the Year 11s from last year.The roles will reverse in Waverley with the backline being weaker than the forwards with too many new faces and weaknesses in the prop and centre positions will hurt. My projected team for them is:
1. Ben Gan - Solid kid, has some size needs more, I question his motor
2. Nick Koutsoukis - Great leader of the pack, he has great awareness and speed, CAS rep player
3. No idea...
4. Matt Hooper -Improved greatly over years, plays every game like its his last, integral to the lineout
5. Barton Heeney - Tremendous worker, tackling machine, all over the field but doesn't get too many raps for it
6. Lindsey Stevens - Aggressive ball player, almost too aggressive but coaches love it, not much of a downgrade from J. Johnson if he watches his temper
7. Tom O'Connor - Solid flanker, versatile in the pack, fine tackler, also all over the field making plays
8. Ryan Powter -Sums up the pack as a fit, hard worker and never shirking his responsibilities
9. Darby Murphy - Little 1sts game time, solid if not erratic passer, needs to yell at his forwards more
10. Ben O'Donnell - CAS rep player, can scythe through defences and has the speed to go, great pass both ways and very aware of the game, goal-kicker
11. Isaac McKay - Fast and a hard runner in the open field and is often around in support. I feel he disappears sometimes and is quiet. Injury-prone
12. No idea....
13. Jordan Bracewell -Hard runner from the 16As who doesn't mind tackling and is solid if anything else. Unsure of his speed.
14. Andrew Kaine - Possibly the fastest in the CAS, he has speed to burn shown in games in 2nds.Downsides = Inconsistent hands, disappears from games,
15. Tom Duffy - Tall, lanky guy who has enough speed to get around, great at catching and kicking the ball, aware of the game and pops in the line when needed

Justin Macline

Yes this is true.
Out of interest was anyone at the CAS athletics Carnival?
I was there to see the crown taken off Trinity...hasn't been a nice year for them compared to last years. Some great performances, particularly Barker


any word on potential 1st XV teams from any other of the CAS schools?


Alex Ross (28)
I'm away from Sydney and out of the loop. I take it from some of the earlier posts that Cranbrook had a good U16 season?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
^^^^^Cranbrook topped the CAS U16 comp, but only got two players in the NSW U16's and one of them was a 1st XV regular.

The CAS U16 reps were a little disappointing at the U16 schools comp. IIRC There were only about 4 or 5 Cranbrook boys in that CAS rep team.


Alex Ross (28)
Still, good news for the brookies. I'm sure a premiership is still some decades off, but it's good to see the programme on the improve.