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CAS Rugby 2015

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Chris McKivat (8)
Knox will win the CAS Premiership this year. They are too big, too strong and too fast. This will be the year that shows what a 40 week rugby program can get you.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
The CAS draw still isn't up.

The R1 fixtures are supposed to be the same as R6 last year and R2 the same as 2014 R7 etc.

So, can someone confirm that this week that the fixtures next Saturday are T v A, B v C, and W v K? Not, should be - but are, definitely?


And if not what fixtures are known, for sure?


Rugby Addict

Herbert Moran (7)
LG - Same as round 10 last year.

Cranbrook v St. Aloysius
Knox v Barker
Waverley v Trinity

Round 10 is the return fixture for Round 1, then 2 and 6, 3 and 7, 4 and 8 and 5 and 9.


Dave Cowper (27)
I can't confirm the draw. Fortunately the 2015 isn't up for the soccer either, so it isn't as if it is just a rugby thing. I do know that Knox host Barker this week. So I am guessing Cranbrook at home to St Aloysius and Waverly hosts Trinity.

I have only seen one side and a couple of games. But jusdging by trial results (very dangerous) my predictions for this week are:

Knox over Barker. Though some good results from their Queensland tour, it doesn't look like Barker's year. At full strength Knox will should grind down Barker in the forwards.

With Waverley and Trinity I think the teams' strengths will be different. Trinity in the forwards and Waverley in the backs. Waverley have had a good pre-season and are always difficult at home and appear to have good depth. But with the weather promising to turn wet again Waverley may not get all their way. Especially if Trinity plays smart and to their strength.

Aloys and Cranbrook should be an open and flowing affair. I am leaning towards Aloys as their side has a bit more 1sts experience and should be confident from their pre-season.

Final rankings? I could be the kiss of death. Knox and Waverley should be at the top. Aloys and Trinity to shade Cranbrook and Barker. But I think it should be a close season.


Frank Row (1)
Knox will win the CAS Premiership this year. They are too big, too strong and too fast. This will be the year that shows what a 40 week rugby program can get you.
I'm sure they will be strong, but you really could of said the same thing last year. And in my eyes, the Knox side of 2014 (at least on paper), could of dusted up the 2015.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Staff member
One last time.

Are there any forum members who would be interested in writing match reports on CAS games this year?

We try to get a three-page blog out every week with a match on each page.

Or maybe you take photos during a game and you can forward a few. They can be added to somebody else's writing and lift the whole report.

Would anybody interested in providing writing or photos please send me a "convo" by clicking on Inbox and then on "Start a new conversation."

Thank you


Nev Cottrell (35)
my predictions for the weekend:

Knox will blow Barker off the park ... winning by 30+, not even slowed by a wet track.

Cranbrook will go down in a close tussle with Aloys.... with Aloys showing they are going to be the surprise packet for 2015

Waverley will have an arm wrestle at QP, and their zippy backs will prove the difference.


Dave Cowper (27)
Some numbers for my predictions this week. Not that I am a betting person.

Knox $1.70 Barker $3.10 Draw $12.00
Waverley $1.85 Trinity $2.30 Draw $12.00
Cranbrook $2.65 St Aloysius $1.90 Draw $10.00


Nev Cottrell (35)
Cranbrook has named its 1st XV for Round 1:

1 Tom Hill
2 Jack Suriano
3 Alexander Rathie
4 Will Stenmark (c)
5 Mack Matters
6 Josh Kemeny
7 Beau Mayer
8 Oskar Szangolies
9 Harry Doyle
10 Darcy Searl
11 Harrison Stewart
12 Angus McNiven
13 Ed Renton
14 James Coppola
15 Noah Busteed

Studdy and Wilson, whom I assume would have been first choice at 14 and 15, are out injured. It's slightly worrying that Cranbrook's depth is already being tested in Round 1. The forwards will really need to dominate if they are going to start with a home win against St Aloysius.


Herbert Moran (7)
The Knox teams had a tough workout against Christchurch Boys' High, currently rated number 4 in NZ and best in the South Island. Don't have the scores, but they won the 16as and lost in the 1sts and 2nds.

They also sat in on a Crusaders training session and attended the Crusaders vs Highlanders match.


Nev Cottrell (35)
the Tom Waterhouse odds are changing ... the slop is the great equalizer

forget about the pacey backs ... bring out the long studs

so will be needing new odds .... and curious to know of other (run-on ) team lists

Waves team? Trinity team? Etc

what are rules re reserves, assume they have to have played in an earlier fixture?

PS Where is the super-human Spira, that Cranbrook keeps talking about?


and although we already know the draw, does anyone actually work at the CAS office to put the draw up officially?


Frank Row (1)
Aloys side announced today
1. Hampton
2. Stene
3. Nikopolous
4. Nolan
5. Halliday
6. Denny
7. Sheil-Dick
9. Hayes
10. Dainton
11. Sheil-Dick
12. Lawson
13. Slaven
14. Diamond
15. Dunlop


Stan Wickham (3)
I'm also curious about this. A kid that size should be a shoo-in for 1sts.

Rumour out of Cranbrook that Andrew Spira was dropped from the 1sts and 2nds, after refusing to go on tour and displaying poor attitude in Pre Season training. He is now choosing to focus on the 'gym' Such a waste at 110kgs....
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