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CAS Rugby 2023

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
Great try to New as a result of another botched lineout by Barker. Rod well 15 sliced through to set up the try


Nev Cottrell (35)
17-12 to Trinity. Was 17-0 before a lot of changes made the game scrappy. Late Pius intercept made it look closer than it was. Trinity’s third try was scored (I’m told) by an Edmed. Bad news for Trinity is hooker Meagher off with a shoulder injury. Doesn’t look good.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Thoughts on Trinity-Pius. In the first half, Trinity's backs looked really sharp - one centre, Fraser I think, looked very dangerous, But the forwards supplied only scrappy ball and were penalised repeatedly at the breakdown. You got the sense that with more ball, Trinity would have cut loose. In the second half, Trinity built a 17-0 lead. But against better sides, they'll need to string more phases together. Pius stuck to their task and were rewarded with two late tries. Hatton-Ward has great vision and with more and cleaner ball would be a treat to watch.

The No3 did a lot of damage running out wide.

Trinity needs to do a lot of work on its ball retention and discipline in the forwards. But a win's a win and on balance they'll be happy. Although a lot of their go-forward came from Meagher and if he's out for an extended period, that's a problem.
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