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CAS Rugby 2023


Herbert Moran (7)
I'm keen to see everyones thoughts on this idea.
With the recent rise of the NRL and the subsequent downfall union in Sydney, should CAS consider a switch to the superior 13 aside game?
It would mean more opportunities for up-and-coming schoolboy talent due to the mass fan base and money in the league.
Schools such as the glorious Waves are already importing tons of league talent anyway, so it only makes sense!

Union is dead... lets stop flogging a dead horse here lads. (ignore the username)

Good luck with that.
Will never happen.
League will die within 20 years as its a limited market with viewership only on the Eastern Seaboard and parts of NZ, Pacific Islands and Northern England.
Ordinary International Game - not even France want to host the "World Cup" .
State of Origin now diluted with "Tier 2" International players allowed to play.
More former players being diagnosed with CTE ... matter of time before is a class action with regards to CTE which will send the game broke.


Ted Fahey (11)
Hi Unionlover, Bit ironic,

I agree a league format could be a great opportunity for a different style of rugby. For the sake of history I do not think this is possible. Might it be better for a union format during winter and a league format during summer?
All this would do is drive more kids to gps. The league pathways have been set up through clubs union through schools. Not all kids can play both league and Union, the last thing we need is those boys being driven off to top gps schools and further reducing the talent pool in schoolboy rugby


Allen Oxlade (6)
Does anyone have any info on Waverly 3rd XV and how they are shaping up this season?
Pretty much the same as all Waverley teams at the start of the season being affected by injuries but going into CAS a very strong team with the likes of Tobias Neilsen (VC), their explosive winger Jacob and who I'd say has been their best player so far the Cowboy Archie Mcinally