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CAS Rugby 2023


Allen Oxlade (6)
Does anyone have any info on Waverly 3rd XV and how they are shaping up this season?
Pretty much the same as all Waverley teams at the start of the season being affected by injuries but going into CAS a very strong team with the likes of Tobias Neilsen (VC), their explosive winger Jacob and who I'd say has been their best player so far the Cowboy Archie Mcinally

Eyes Up Footy

Allen Oxlade (6)
Great game of rugby tonight. Auggies tried hard but Cranbrook’s defence, especially on the line, was incredible and their attack flowed much better than 4 weeks ago. Auggies 15 was electric again, definitely the stand out for them. For Cranbrook, Ah-Colt was massive with his carries, scoring the match winner as well.

Will be very interesting next week at Queens Park


Ward Prentice (10)
Cranbrook pretty solid around the park
Augies 15 can be electric if given space.
Scrum occasionally pushed Augies off.
Even game but errors low for Cranbrook made a big difference.
both sides have good direct attack with good ball handling skills
Great game.


Sydney Middleton (9)
Great game tonight, especially without the wet conditions. A lot less errors, and great defense on showcase from the Brook. Auggies (15) showed great skill on the ball, and was their standout player. Most boys from Cranbrook played well, my standouts would go to (3) Ah-Colt, (5) Rose and (15) Melvey, The prop with great carries and the second row made some good tackles. The fullback played a very smart game whilst being very electric. As I said from the first round, Cranbrook were unlucky, but I was still proved wrong as Auggies showed a lot of heart to stay in the game. This all stacks-up nicely for next weeks fixture against Waverley.


Bob McCowan (2)
A couple of minor injuries aswell:

Jaxson Allen (10) with what looked like a knee or ankle injury reasonably early in the game saw him on the bench for the remaining minutes.

Also, Cameron McKenzie (playing out of his normal position of 6 at 8 due to Noah Jackson’s absence) copped a slight knee injury in the final 10 minutes but was able to play effectively for the remainder of the game.

Both players should be starting next week.

Overall, great attacking skills from both teams but (as mentioned before), Cranbrook’s defence especially on their own try line ensured them the win.

Looking forwards to hearing the results of tomorrows matchups.



Stan Wickham (3)
A great win for the 16As, 2nd XV and 1sts XV for Cranbrook last night. Shows how far all 3 teams have come from getting beaten the first time (2nd xv by 30, 16As by 15) against Auggies. Next week is shaping up for a tight matchup at death valley for all of these teams.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Cranbook vs Auggies last night was a great watch. Though there wasn't as much of a crowd as I expected, there were some great moments from the game(s). The 1XV match had a lot less errors, and a bunch more tries. We got to see how far Cranbrook has come since their first trial against Auggies at rat park. Cranbrook vs Waverley will be a great game next week at death valley. Hats off to Auggies who I can see will be very strong in this years ISA comp.
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Syd Malcolm (24)
Good luck with that.
Will never happen.
League will die within 20 years as its a limited market with viewership only on the Eastern Seaboard and parts of NZ, Pacific Islands and Northern England.
Ordinary International Game - not even France want to host the "World Cup" .
State of Origin now diluted with "Tier 2" International players allowed to play.
More former players being diagnosed with CTE ... matter of time before is a class action with regards to CTE which will send the game broke.
Union is also growing in the US as it understands that sport & culture in America is tired to the college System .. It has strong roots there which have been growing rapidly recently Along with the implementation of scholarships . Also a national competition that’s has been creating a buzz .. not saying it’s going to overtake nfl or nba … but the US is market is big enough for a successful comp . Union has understood this far more than league who is just randomly doing a game in Vegas next year - which will be forgotten about in a day