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Coaching Options for Qld Rugby

Sandpit Fan

Nev Cottrell (35)
Can I suggest Tony McGahan?

Jolly decent of you to offer Daz, but even in this dark time for QLD rugby, we have to think of our less fortunate brethren. In the greater interest for Australian rugby, it just wouldn't be right to do that to you.
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Mark Ella (57)
QRU have to make a decision now

I'm sure they have already decided not to extend RG's contract post 2015.

Something needs to be salvaged from this season.

Caretaker coach of Stiles would do me.

Train Without a Station

Steve Williams (59)
I've been pretty pragmatic about this situation for the last year and a half. Mostly because I don't believe in effectively ending a guy's chosen career over a small sample size.

But surely the excuses have to now end. Tonight's result was not acceptable considering the players on the field. We paid the price for a first half where we never threatened enough. That's the type of result that would have been acceptable 2 weeks ago with players missing and signs of encouragement in attacking would be perfectly acceptable.

But the fact is the team has never had any sort of noticeable plan or improvement as a team regardless of the players available.

The win/loss ratio or the scores are not what bothers me, but the fact that the team looks like it's struggling to construct tries no matter how long they have to work together.


David Wilson (68)
OK fine. I'll trade in all my moral fortitude and take the job. Positives:

1) I can't be any worse than Graham

2) I'm probably cheaper

3) I don't play favourites - all of those players I find equally average. Except Slipper.

liquor box

Jim Lenehan (48)
The win/loss ratio or the scores are not what bothers me, but the fact that the team looks like it's struggling to construct tries no matter how long they have to work together.

Rather than being told we can make the finals I would happily prefer to hear the coach tell us that they will score a try in the first half of a game and that before the season is over we will get a 4 try bonus point


Mark Ella (57)
Last night was probably the strongest lineup the Reds have had in 3 years.

Time for the board to give RG "100% support"

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Anyone interested in politics knows what that means.

Bloke is obviously on life support . QRU need to be compassionate and turn it off now.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member

Both the Reds 2015 and Reds 2016 threads are being dragged down by Richard Graham talk, and not a lot of it is all that complimentary.

It may be better to discuss RG's future here and leave the Reds 2015 and Reds 2016 threads free to talk about more general team stuff. It could be less depressing for supporters to have all the negativity quarantined here.



Peter Fenwicke (45)
*if* the rumours are true and Richard Graham is retained as coach of the reds then either almost every rugby observer is wrong and he actually has some decent coaching skills that just haven't surfaced, or the reds board are wrong.

Given the latter has pretty much been discussed to death, perhaps it is meaningful to try to explore the former option and try to see what the board are seeing.

It wouldn't be the first time that fans and rugby "experts" are wrong about a player or coach. And it certainly wouldn't be the first time for me to be completely andbutterly wrong about something I was completely convinced about..........

So, what can anyone see in the mode that the reds (primary and extended squads) play that is positive?

Are the last two games a sign that the reds are starting to understand the game plan of wide running forwards?

Does Richard Graham just need a full complement of coaching staff to do all the little pieces so that he can just manage the training staff, instead of directly training the players?

Fill the team and the support staff positions with superstars, will it matter if Richard is head coach or not?

Tldr: could most of us be wrong? Those few who use "he's a nice guy", or "you should just support the reds no matter what", don't count as right because their logic is defective anyway.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
I'll start: wide running forwards is not necessarily a bad thing so long as the players commit to having multiple runners and really attack the ball.

It certainly can yield a very fast and attractive style of play when it comes off. Perhaps he just needed the players to really buy into it?

Train Without a Station

Steve Williams (59)
I agree any coach needs time in order to take a team where it needs to be.

I refuse to accept though, that any team needs to regress in order to go forward. A period of stagnating as they bed structures, update the squad and work on the culture is not unreasonable.

But you seldom see a team that has regressed in the name of progress actually achieve it.

This is one of the things Ricky Stuart used to spout off about doing as he drove yet another club into the ground.

If Graham's plan has not been effective with the majority of a squad that made finals 3 consecutive seasons, then barring him assembly a squad that is vastly superior to all others, it's never going to work.

The fact is that for close to 2 seasons now the team has rarely looked threatening in attack, and rarely been reliable in defence. I can't foresee it just "clicking" one day.
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Peter Fenwicke (45)
I am certainly in agreement with you, TWAS. I had made up my mind prior to the end of last season, but I am desperately trying to see the other point of view (the boards), and find that sometimes is an interesting exercise and can sometimes, if rarely, be fruitful.

There must be *something* the QRU must be seeing in him if they intend to keep him on (fucked if I know what it is though).

Train Without a Station

Steve Williams (59)
My only thought is they have in the past TRIED to astutely plan. Like the original Graham succession plan.

Perhaps they also realise that even if capable of more RG isn't the coach to achieve the success they desire. But for whatever reason a long term coach is not available for 2016. So they are doing the best they can, supporting RG in public, because saying anything negative won't achieve anything, but planning for after him.

I think there is too much of taking scripted press releases as gospel here as if anything they say in public represents private views.


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Just heard that Brad Thorn has signed on for next season. That has to help.

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