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Commonwealth Games Sevens- Glasgow July 26/27

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Mark Ella (57)
In all the excitement, we seem to not have a match thread!

Results so far:

New Zealand 39- 0 Canada
Australia 62- 7 Sri Lanka
Kenya 28 - 0 Cook Islands
Samoa 33 - 14 PNG
Wales 52 - 0 Malaysia
South Africa 36 - 0 Trinidad and Tabago
Canada 66 -5 Barbados

Live Stream for those in Aus is here: http://tenplay.com.au/sport/commonwealth-games/glasgow-3

Pools are:

New Zealand

South Africa
Cook Islands
Trinidad and Tobago


Sri Lanka

Pools A & B cross on Day 2, as do pools C&D.

Carn Scots and Aussies!


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
19-0 as v uganda

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Mark Ella (57)
24-0 now, Jeladouv has a hat trick. Slicing through the Ugandan defence, albeit not unexpectedly.

Half time.

England v Sri Lanka to follow, then New Zealand v Scots.


Mark Ella (57)
England beat Sri Lanka 57 - 0.

17-0 to the Kiwis at Half time of the NZ/Scotland Match.

Looks like a silly team out there for the Scots really. 1 Sevens specialist in the starting side, the rest converted 15s, albiet Jones and Wight are moving into full time Sevens roles.

Need to improve on this to beat Canada, consistently offside.


Mark Ella (57)
Extremely Unlucky from Scotland, scored a couple of good tries, forced a pair of yellow cards, and arguably should have had a third.

While its unlikely to come down to points difference, 17-14 is a much better result than the Canadians 39 point shellacking :p


Mark Ella (57)
Games take about a 3 hour break. Not for any REAL reason, just to sell 4 separate ticket allocations rather than 2.

Australia have won their first 2 games, they've only got the England one to go.

The "big 4" matches: Scotland v Canada, South Africa v Kenya, England v Australia and Samoa v Wales start at about 6am AET, I plan to emerge from my Slumber for them.


Phil Waugh (73)
Yep, I believe they've even gone back to their hotel and are taking a nap to be refreshed for the game. It's certainly not ideal


Cyril Towers (30)
Jonathon Davies commentating. Whining negative chappy that he is. All we need is Austin Healey and my night is ruined.


Cyril Towers (30)
Yep, I believe they've even gone back to their hotel and are taking a nap to be refreshed for the game. It's certainly not ideal

Canada and NZ napping too. Not ideal agreed, but FA anyone can do about it. Kiwis and Canadians had early game too, but respective coaches not moaning about it.

I would have thought you'd have an advantage over the kippers as there isn't that much time between their matches against Uganda and OZ.


Phil Kearns (64)
That was a great performance. I was a bit despondent when we were only 10 - 7 up after scoring two tries, but the Dodgers were just never ever in it after half-time.

The Thunderbolts looked far more composed and organised in both attack and defense. Was it the Dodgers' ineptitude, or are we are a better team under Geraint Jones? Having Stannard back does make a big difference, admittedly.


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
I got to talk to Michael O'Connor last week and he talked up the new physicality we'd have with McMahon, Cusak and Gill. Which I think we've seen.

He also said with those 3 we'd focus on attacking kick offs, which we haven't been able to do for a while. He said McMahon in particular was the best attacking restart player in 7s.


Mark Ella (57)

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