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Commonwealth Games Sevens- Glasgow July 26/27


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Fantastic piece of escape work by the Aussie 7s!

Thought it was all over at 19-0. How the Welsh kicker will rue hitting the post with that conversion.


Paul McLean (56)
Scotland left chasing again, repeat of the game against the Darkness. 21-7 to the Saffas at half time.

Hopefully we don't leave the run so late in the second half.


Paul McLean (56)
Scotland go down to South Africa, setting up Medal Semis of Australia v Darkness and Samoa v Sefrika.

Pretty Damn proud of the Scot boys,especially since most of them are converted 15s boys.

Still have to question the selections of Roddy Grant and Sean Lamont, didn't offer much the Sevens Specialists couldn't have.

Was obvious why Scott Wight and Lee Jones have been offered full time 7s contracts.

waiopehu oldboy

George Gregan (70)
NZ 19-7 Australia in one SF, SA 35-7 Samoa in the other.

England win the Plate 17-15 Wales, Canada theBowl 50-7 Cook Islands (population fuck all, well done guys), Sri Lanka the Shield 43-7 Trinidad & Tobago. Leaving for work now so will miss the Medal matches, go Aussie for Bronze & obviously AB7 for Gold.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Sefrika win Gold. NZ Silver. 17-12 to SAF.

NZ commentators generous in praise for the Saffers who were the better team.

Meanwhile, Thunderbolts get on the podium with a 24-0 victory over Samoa in the minor placings playoff.

Gold = SAF
Silver = NZL
Bronze = AUS

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Yep. The Aura is no more.

The Darkness eat, drink, belch and fart just like all the other blokes in the tournament.

There is no aura, or superhuman powers, just historical baggage.

Fitness, preparation, execution and luck go a long way to winning Rugby 7's.