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Concussions and Protecting Our Players


Mark Ella (57)
Missed it recently, but Leigh Halfpenny is still not back in action after the Kerevi incident during the end of year tour.

Likely to be out for up to 4 months with concussion issues.


Steve Williams (59)


Jim Lenehan (48)
Ant Faingaa the latest to retire following a series of head knocks

He joined the Fox Rugby podcast and it's necessary listening.

It's a frightening insight into the mindset of some players, particularly the Faingaa boys, who viewed concussions as a weakness.

I think he spent six weeks in a dark room after a really bad incident, before returning to play again.

Now can't jog or workout without debilitating vertigo and migraines...

Scary stuff.

waiopehu oldboy

George Gregan (70)
North Harbour have been running girls non-contact rugby for a while, apparently with some success in terms of increasing player numbers, now they're trialling it for boys & have NZR's backing:


They've also done away with junior rep teams which hasn't been universally applauded but there are now other Unions looking at doing the same & I wouldn't be surprised to see them adopt non-contact if the NH experiment keeps more kids in the game and/ or attracts new kids to it.


Chilla Wilson (44)
Do they at least teach/practice tackling at training? If so, then yeah, fine. If not, I can quickly see that either descending into a bloodbath in high school once there's full on contact, or, more likely, just see a large (total?) drop off from those non-contact players.

EDIT: Unless the long term goal is to create an entire parallel track of non-contact rugby right through from primary school to post-HS club rugby? That would make much more sense, but still wouldn't really help anyone in the short-to-medium-term entering HS without that alternative track.


James Horwill (77)
Staff member
Cooper, Genia..no-one actually cares do they

It's difficult because you have to assume they're following the RTPP properly.

Genia is looking at the bare minimum 6 days.

I guess the question is whether they generally are symptom free the day after the game or whether they're lying to game the system. You would hope that players have learned from their peers that it isn't worth stuffing around with.

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Jim Lenehan (48)