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England v Australia - Twickenham, 14 Nov, 4:30am AEDT


James Horwill (77)
Staff member
Yeh, although I re-read the Fairfax article and it wasn't categorical. the headline was (states both "set to miss" the game), but then the article itself just states its a real possibility, so who knows. I assume the wallabies are still hopeful that AA will pass the protocols but are planning for the worst. seems like a lottery

The 6 day turnaround makes it very hard to pass the concussion protocols in time as there are six stages and each stage is a minimum of 24 hours.

It effectively means that the player must be symptom free immediately after the concussion and then not have any setbacks during the week.


Jason Little (69)

The locks, if they front up, will make up for not having any recognised tight heads? Against England?

Pfitzy, Pfitzy, Pfitzy - where are you bro? I'm on my way and I want some of what you are smoking.

Slipper's first scrum at THP was solid - he's capable. LHP to THP is easier in many ways if your aim is to just lock down and hold. Different if you need to attack.

Not going to help if the second rows have piss-poor technique. Arnold is a massive giraffe but needs to work harder.

from a scrumming perspective? Abso-bloody-lutely.

Watch those early scrums and see how terrible Arnold is packing. Thats the lack of combination that picking from outside the squad provides

^^ This guy. This is the guy.


Larry Dwyer (12)
According to the World Rugby Protocols each player will have to pass a six stage process with each stage a minimum of 24 hours and unlikely any journalists know what the final result will be..

As they played on a Sunday it will be a close call to get either props cleared in time:

"World Rugby’s six-stage Graduated Return to Play protocol must be followed before a player is cleared to participate in full contact training or playing.

Key features of the protocol include:

After a player has been diagnosed with a concussion, they are monitored and may only commence the return to play protocol when symptom free
Progressing to each new stage also requires that the player remain free of symptoms. Should any of the activities defined in each stage trigger recurrence of symptoms or signs of a concussion, the activities should be discontinued and the player must return to the prior phase in the protocol
Every player is treated as an individual and objective decisions about treatment are made based on the current injury, past medical history, risk profile of the player and the player’s response to each stage of the return to play protocol
This return to play protocol features a medically supervised six-stage process, starting with complete rest followed by light exercise with gradually increasing intensity culminating with contact training. Each stage is a minimum of 24 hours but often longer
The player must remain at the pre-concussion baseline level clear of signs and symptoms during activities outlined in each phase and remain so after before being cleared to move to the next stage
Having completed the six stages, a player may only return to play when they have completed a comprehensive neurocognitive test.
This return to play protocol, combined with the Head Injury Assessment (HIA) process used to assess head injuries during and after a game, has transformed the identification, removal and supervision of players with concussion in elite rugby, an approach followed by other sports."


John Thornett (49)
Or the maul, tbh.
Mate what's there to know? The push against each other and the ball squirts out (or it doesn't). There's a "front row union" and halfbacks don't feed straight. Ref blows his whistle and flips a coin about who is at fault. Rinse and repeat.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Nothing about their game plan utilised the muscle power of leota, arnold, valetini, tupou, skelton.

They never tried to develop momentum of the middle, they went wide too early and it didn't pay.


Peter Johnson (47)
I'm tipping the concussed blokes won't play. Isn't the whole concussion stuff in the news again? Carl Heyman and some other English blokes with their class action.


David Wilson (68)
If they pass protocols why not? That shit is a problem for WR (World Rugby) and their protocols. As long as the Wallabies operate within those rules they are fine.

Of course, they may feel it best for the players not to play them.

Sword of Justice

Darby Loudon (17)
It is possible to pass a concussion protocol test and then fail one hours/days/weeks etc later.

Also they may be excluded from training which gives squad members an opening if coaching staff wants the team drilled together for as long as possible.


James Horwill (77)
Staff member
Also they may be excluded from training

This is also a key part with the return to play protocol. Particularly with the short week they're not going to be able to participate in the normal training sessions.

It's not until the day before the game that they'd be able to do a full session which is when the captain's run is on which isn't a full session.

They would be unable to do the main session or two of the week so in order to pick them you're weighing up the fact that they haven't really done any of the training the team has done that week vs their replacement who will have done those sessions (but is an inferior player).


David Wilson (68)
I wonder how much value is lost if two players who have been involved with the squad all year miss training.


Colin Windon (37)
Whoever picked this touring party has a bit to answer for. The obvious problem of building a game plan around players who weren’t going to Europe wasn't a great idea. And this front row issue could’ve been avoided. Pone didn’t (I think) play any Super Rugby TT because of injury and hasn’t recovered? That was a long time ago and Surely the medical staff would have an idea of recovery time, but he’s still not good? I’m sure he’s not happy with being injured, but we have flown him here, there and everywhere when he’s never been physically ready to play. It’s not his fault, but who picked him? People may ask who’d I’d pick instead. Anyone who is fit capable of playing would be a start.