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Force v crusaders

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This from Gregor PaUL over on NZ Herald..

Is it me or were the pitch invaders painted in red and black.. Looks like Gregor's one-eye is colour blind.
I've followed Gregor's power rankings for some time now and come to the conclusion he's a tool. Highlanders 0-7 but they are still ranked above...based on....reputation?


Mark Loane (55)
Definite Crusaders fans. One of my mates was sitting right near the group. There were 15 in total who had all planned to do it but 10 chickened out. All supporting the Crusaders.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
15 Crusaders...Hmmmm A rugby team.

Let me think (& that is dangerous sometimes).... the 5 who didn't chicken out were all single digit numbered players, and those who thought better would have been the flankers, No 8 and all the backs.:)

When there is some skullduggery going about, isn't it typical of the pretty boys to some how bail out leaving the piggies to get in the crap all on their lonesome.
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