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Force V Hurricane Saturday 28th May 22:00 AEST


Alex Ross (28)
Hoping the Force can pull out a great game to mark Prior's 100 caps for the team and to see off a couple of Kiwi legends in Kahui and Thrush and Aussie stalwart Holmes. Plenty to play for with regard to overall team culture and camaraderie into the future. If by some miracle we scrape into the finals it'll be just like Top Gun.......'son, your ego's writing cheques your body can't cash'. Go the Force!

Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
Oh shit. We may have an issue here now.

It's arguably now in the Canes best interests to lose this match.

I reckon they'd rather play the Chiffs in Waikato next week instead of traipsing over to Canberra to that frozen hellhole of mauled dreams.....


Andrew Slack (58)
Anstey is on fire

Prior hasn't been his previous metronomic self off the tee of late, tho


David Wilson (68)
Seriously, why do I watch this trash anymore? Must be some aspect of my subconscious self loathing.

Currently makes Loig look high class.