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Force V Hurricane Saturday 28th May 22:00 AEST


Andrew Slack (58)
Not really convinced there's any coming back mate.
It needs money, to state the bleedin' obvious...

Does the money exist for rugby in Aus? I say it does. The problem is more that rugby doesn't want it.


Andrew Slack (58)
One offload away from a try and then Gus blows his Whistle in the first 4 min. Kahui tackle. Take the tackler put so his arm doesn't get stuck behind the other player. It's still a shoulder to the head. Makes no sense.


Andrew Slack (58)
So thrush gets a card for lazy running. Didn't hurt anyone. But kahui can't play anymore from a shoulder to the head and there isn't a card. Figure that out.


David Wilson (68)
I mean, the knock on from the canes before that was there for all to see.

Rugby really plumbing the depths of 'professional'.


Andrew Slack (58)
Been saying it about prior for a long time. On advantage he does the stupidest things. Never looks at attacking options.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Can someone who watches WF games closely tell me how Pasitoa is going? I want to like him but he looks fairly average so far.