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Force v Tahs, round 9 2014

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Simon Poidevin (60)
No advantage?????? Cheers ref. would if liked to of seen what happens. Now a tough scrum coming up. Great defence. Godwin holds his ground on these big forwards so well


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Tahs are out of ideas, attack looking clueless now. Force aggressive defence is paying off in spades.


Dave Cowper (27)
Paddy Ryan might want to go back onto the bench. Not a great start.

Fat Cat too. Props should be keeping their mitts off the ball on attack. Can't believe Chek allows it. Scrummage, clear out and that's it.

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George Gregan (70)
Well, it appears we're fucked, and following the game like this is giving me the shits.

Well done Force - you deserve it.

Cheik: you need a new plan old mate. Something that doesn't involve "chuck it to Izzy or JacPot"


Peter Sullivan (51)
The work at the break down by the Force has been excellent.

Is that the badger in again? I'm looking forward to the post match interview.

Whoever had badger in their fantasy team would be happy.
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