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Force v Tahs, round 9 2014

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Tony Shaw (54)
Oh FFS, I didn't say the Force didn't deserve it, but the Tahs have had far more ball, field position, opportunities and the Force got an intercept. Most intelligent people watching the game might have noticed these things. Good play to them to be leading.
Are you 7 years old?

Hey that's playing the man and not the ball! You can't just slag off 7 year olds like that!! ;-)

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Simon Poidevin (60)
Tahs offside everywhere that's a try. Doesn't look short to me. Tahs look tired. 3 lazy runners created that hole


Peter Sullivan (51)
What on earth were the commentators talking about "short of the line?" he was well over it. Correct decision made anyway point of the ball clearly getting down.

Potgeiter off.

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Stirling Mortlock (74)
Geez....... the Tahs have pretty much been dominating nearly every facet of play, but they just can't bag the meat!
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