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GAGR 2016 Awards

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Nick Farr-Jones (63)
Staff member
It's been a little while, but we thought it'd be cool to have a few GAGR Forum awards this year. Nothing too serious, just a way of saying 'onya' and having a bit of fun.

And hey, it's 2016, what could go wrong with a little democracy?

So it doesn't become a ball-ache, we thought that some would be chosen by the mods and a few we'd put out to the vote.

Those that'll go to the vote will need nominations first. These will close Friday morning 16th.
Then voting will open. That voting will close Sunday night 18th.
Award winners will be announced early next week.

The award categories are (*=open to vote) :
Most Valuable Forum Member*
Most Valuable Foreign Member
Funniest poster*
Grass roots guru* (includes schoolboy)
Rookie of the year
Lifter not leaner

You can nominate in these threads:

Vote early, vote often!

The torpedo

Peter Fenwicke (45)
Also - when do noms. and votes for most valuable foreign member, rookie of the year and lifter not leaner (what does the last one mean?) open?
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